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Homicide Victim’s Sister Calls For Swift Justice


The sister of a man who died after a stabbing incident at the Gros Islet bus stand in Castries on Monday has called for swift justice, telling reporters she hopes the killer would not be back on the streets within a few weeks.

Bus drivers said the deceased, Chessie Sealy, 30, assisted them as a ‘Board Man,’ registering the order in which buses arrived at the bus stand to facilitate orderly boarding.

He also washed buses on the stand.

According to reports, an altercation involving Sealy and a Gros Islet bus driver over the boarding procedure led to the fatal stabbing.

The driver was in police custody.

Sealy’s sister said she learned the tragedy could have been avoided.

“They could have said ‘Hey, Chessie, watch your back,’ because the man go in his vehicle. More than ten drivers see the man go in his vehicle and come back with a weapon to stab Chessie. So why nobody didn’t say anything? They allow it to happen. But still, it’s nobody’s fault. I not blaming anybody,” the sister stated.

“I hope the police don’t disappoint us and let us feel they’re going to fail us another time again and we get the justice that we need for my brother,” the sister said.

She said she did not want to see the killer back on the road either in two weeks or a week from now.

The sister also acknowledged that her brother had his flaws.

“There will be some things that people will hear now that he die and you know, that’s things that will come up,” she said.

Nevertheless, the sister pointed out that Chessie had a family and she would miss her brother.

She said he met his death for merely writing a vehicle number in the wrong place.

In addition, the sister asserted that unbiased bus drivers would admit that the alleged killer ‘had a lot of rage’.

“You cannot speak to that man. A passenger couldn’t even say a wrong word to that driver,” she told reporters.

Headline photo: Chessie Sealy – Deceased

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  1. To the bus driver.. was the peg really worth taking a life? What did you accomplish? Will you maintain your manliness and respect when sitting in jail? While life outside goes on without you….

  2. I always thought that the Association was afraid of that driver, and no one did nothing. And its not only him thats arragont on that Gros Islet bus stand. Alot are reckless on the road, I can relate cause I travel on them daily for years. Its like the drivers seem to like what he was doing or just dont give a dam, every man for themselve, We live in a island where people no longer have love for one another, No remorse. I dont blame them, we see w=how the Leaders f the Land operate, The same vulgar behavior, They have divided the people for years now.. They dont trust the justice system too. It has failed many. That means you cant talk to anyone about their wrong doing or eles you can be the next homicide victim. This is St.Lucia. Its very sad times here

  3. my girl dont you worry when the Judge hears the reason he killed your brother they wont have mercy on him. Now I blame the bus drivers to some extent because you guys have a board and someone in charge . If the majority of you knew this is the kind of person he is always raging and passengers cant even talk to him why was this not brought up in your meetings or what have you cause I am sure that there is ought to be some code of conduct that has to be upheld, this guy should have been expelled a very long time ago because of his stinking attitude. with that type of attitude he could have well been a Government Worker.

  4. He who has no rule over his own spirit is like a pitiful city whose walls are broken down! That murderer had it coming because if you fail to control your rage, then your rage will control you! Some foolish people believe that rage us strength, but in reality, out-of-control rage is a clear sign that the person is so weak that his rage will grab him by the balls and lead hin all the way to the gallows!!! We need to teach these things to the population!!!

  5. 1 Peter 5:8 – Be sober, be vigilant, because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.

    These are the times in whish we are living in; without the Holy Spirit within us, you become a Target to be used by him, or one to be attacked by him. [ seek the LORD now ]

  6. Followed by@Fox
    We lived in the mist of déception in our deceit to shares blood to cover the earth ❗
    With our mouth each speaks cordially to his neighbor, but in our heart,we set a trap for them ❗
    Comfort, comfort ❗
    On behalf of the sister pleads with God,even now your wittnes is in heaven ❗
    O I wish of your love ❤️ and ⚖️ justice to you O LORD,
    I will sing praise to you O LORD.

  7. Will she also admit how her brother also aggravated his death upon himself when he a 30yro slapped 48yro twice and put a broken bottle by the driver’s neck and told him if he tried anything he’s gonna shoot him….the driver was wrong to give up his life there but I stand by him when someone much younger disrespect you and also made threats on your life ….eff dat!…most drivers that was there saw exactly what transpired but they all have negative vybz for the killer all because of his attitude so they would rather not speak up or say the truth.

  8. Re Article, based on John public’s comment,it seems that the Deceased provoking and disrespect the Angry Driver.

  9. Bunch of emotional men, they can’t de-escalate a situation, can’t express themselves, can’t get their brain cells to work long enough to think of the repercussions of their actions. Nope just run for a weapon. These animals need to be put away.

  10. First to begin with,if any man who is sinless cast the first stone on the knowing the character of this bus driver with a violent history and an anger problem should’ve stayed away from him because with a man of this bus driver’s history I would’ve taken the chance to slap him twice put a bottle to him and frightened his life,you have to be a gangster to do something like that so without a doubt you look for your death.i say free the driver…yes I said it freedom is a must everyone speaks like the victim was a saint.


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