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39 Saint Lucians Get Taiwanese Scholarships


Thirty-nine Saint Lucians have been awarded scholarships to study in Taiwan this year, an increase of ten over last year’s total.

This year, 155 Saint Lucians applied for the scholarships, for which the Government of Taiwan provides airfare, tuition, accommodation, and other benefits to applicants who are successful.

The Taiwan Scholarship Program was established in 2007, and is now widely known for the achievements it brings for Saint Lucian students, and has won its reputation over the years. The scholarship application process usually runs from January to March each year.

This year’s Taiwan Scholarship Awarding Ceremony was held jointly by the Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the Ministry of Education, Sustainable Development, Innovation, Science, Technology, and Vocational Training, at the Finance Administration Centre, Pointe Seraphine, on Friday, July 28, where awardees received their certificates.

Following is a list of the 19 awardees of the 2023 MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) Scholarships:

  • Alisia Mya Mathurin
  • Kirton Sean Hubert
  • Mauya Nadine Ermia Gajadhar
  • Jovon Barthelmy
  • Derron Terrell Williams
  • Tyrese Calan Camillus Alexander
  • Xandelle Faith Daphrose Adonis
  • Nathan Ansel Ian Frederick
  • Shaquan Liam Harrow
  • Andre Jean
  • Troya Shanine Tiesha Gajadhar
  • Shahid Darius Bachu
  • Cassie Alicia George
  • Anakrista Mya Louis Stevens
  • Akalan Paul Brouet
  • Rena-Jayne Zoya Isabella Sanganoo
  • Shania Jeanil Elisee
  • Raynetta Moesha Felix
  • Dana Beatrice Murray

Following is a list of the 12 awardees of the 2023 ICDF Scholarships:

  • Laricia Tatiana Joseph
  • Sherqwayne Jaihad Prudent
  • Elijah Frederick Albertson
  • Myrta Ignacia Fontinelle
  • Joseph Rupert Vitte
  • Aliyah Verlin Henry
  • Cherish K Kyeyune
  • Nakija Charnika Ghirawoo
  • Maria Leona Edmund
  • Martina Kendra Shanice Leonce
  • Darwyn Darius Headley
  • Jn Neil Nereus Alexander

Following is a list of the 8 awardees of the 2023 MOFA Taiwan Medical Scholarships:

  • Britney Eugene
  • Keemany Pierre Hinkson
  • Mervan Dylan Joseph
  • Jonelle Doriane Thomas
  • Janii Madglene Gaspard
  • Roxanne Kerie Alexander
  • Meghann Alana Pultie
  • Anyka Annabelle Holder

His Excellency Peter Chia-yen Chen, Taiwan’s Ambassador to Saint Lucia, highlighted the significant increase in scholarships awarded to Saint Lucians this year, noting that it was the highest increase ever. He stated that the selection process becomes increasingly competitive annually, with the number of outstanding applicants outpacing the number of scholarships available. Nevertheless, he said the Taiwan Government agreed to increase the number of scholarships to help cultivate the wealth of talent that exists in Saint Lucia.

Ambassador Chen also congratulated the awardees, telling them that they are now representatives of the profound friendship that exists between Taiwan and Saint Lucia, and urged them to make the best of the opportunities being offered.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest,” Ambassador Chen told the awardees. “I think education is the best investment for a family and a country. All of you are bearing great expectation from your families, and even from your communities. We hope all the awardees, once you complete studying, will come back and use your knowledge to contribute to your family and motherland.”

Ambassador Chen added: “I know some of you may feel nervous. Cultural shock and home sickness are inevitable when stepping out of your comfort zone. But rest assured, friends, universities and warm-hearted Taiwanese people will do their utmost to accompany you on the journey.”

Hon. Shawn Edward, Minister for Education, Sustainable Development, Innovation, Science, Technology and Vocational Training, thanked the Government and people of Taiwan for continuously making scholarships available to deserving Saint Lucians. Hon. Edward said the enormous cost of the annual scholarships should inspire the awardees to make the most of the opportunities they have been granted.

“We all will work diligently to ensure that we find the opportunities wherever they are in the world and to bring them to you,” Hon. Edward told the awardees. “We understand how critical an investment it is in nation-building when we avail higher educational opportunities to our young people.”

Hon. Edward said the Taiwanese scholarships contribute in a major way to Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre’s long-term vision of having at least one university graduate per Saint Lucian household.

The Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in Saint Lucia congratulates all the scholarship awardees and wishes them every success in their endeavours.

SOURCE: Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in Saint Lucia

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  1. Good luck and best wishes – study hard and remained focused on your goal. Use this opportunity which you have been provided wisely – for indeed this is second to none —

    “Government of Taiwan provides airfare, tuition, accommodation, and other benefits to applicants” – what more could you ask for. Amen

  2. I hope these scholarships were given to both Labor and UWP. I don’t want these scholarships to be give to only Labor just like when uwp was in power. Remember only uwps used to get the scholarships.

  3. @ troy that’s not just a fact but what tends to happen is that only close family, friends or payback method being applied as a form of paybacks. While it is a big pill to swallow for just these 39 successful candidates at the same time there are quantum need in rural areas that agricultural individuals needs training. What areas are these scholarship being awarded to and for 3 months how does that benefits the island with such a short program. I bet the taiwanese are laughing at us. Our negotiating skills are so poor

  4. A great thank you, to the people of the République of Taiwan 🙏
    For giving most generously and kindly.


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