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Chessie Sealy’s Mom Wants Twenty Years To Life Imprisonment For His Killer


Chessie Sealy’s mother has welcomed news of a murder charge in her son’s death and wants twenty years to life imprisonment for his killer.

“I hope he takes a lifetime or twenty or thirty-something years,” Christina Sealy said.

“That’s a good step,”  she said regarding news that police had charged Riverside Road, Castries resident Alison Wilson with her son’s murder.

A postmortem examination found that Chessie Sealy died from a stab wound to the heart.

Criminal Investigations Department (CID) officers charged Alison Wilson on Friday with causing Sealy’s death, and a City Magistrate’s Court remanded the accused in custody at the Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) when he appeared for a bail hearing.

However, the deceased’s mother  expressed concern that the person who killed her son might serve a short jail term.

The mother said her 30-year-old son unexpectedly sustained a stab wound.

She said a doctor explained that the knife penetrated her son’s heart.

“The knife penetrate the heart and the knife jook something behind the heart,” Christina Sealy said.

She said the doctor informed the family that her son suffered internal bleeding and there was no way he would have survived.

She asserted that the individual who killed her son  stabbed him with ‘a force’.

The mother told reporters that the killer is evil, possibly reads ‘old books’ and likely deals with the devil.

The mother said she believes the killer deliberately targetted her son’s heart, knowing it would cause Chessie’s death.

“He wanted the boy dead and the boy didn’t do nothing to deserve that, “Christina Sealy stated.

Bus drivers said the deceased, Chessie Sealy, 30, assisted them as a ‘Board Man,’ registering the order in which buses arrived at the bus stand to facilitate orderly boarding.

He also washed buses on the stand.

According to reports, an August 14 altercation involving Sealy and a Gros Islet bus driver over the boarding procedure led to the fatal stabbing.

The deceased’s mother revealed that her son was planning to give up his ‘Board Man’ job.

“He had said that peg thing he would have leave it alone because the drivers have no understanding, they does argue when he send them for their peg,” Christina Sealy recalled.

Headline photo: Chessie Sealy -Deceased

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  1. I am very surprise to hear the parents of a victim ask for a very stiff penalties for the accused only in the usa/ canada I hear these things guess st lucia has become a us territory while I left but anyway that been said I hope the justice system will listen to her cries and do the right thing and same time send a very loud and message to those wannabe bad boys and those good 4 nothing out there
    And to you mum I didn’t know your son but please accept my sympathy and my his soul rest in perfect peace

  2. Christina Sealy your son look for his death had he didn’t slapped the bus driver he would be alive today

  3. In the St. Lucia we live in today, though its a small price to pay, I would be surprised if you get your wish. The description of this killer tells me, he should be kept away for a very long time; but is he alone like that in St. Lucia? sooner or later, ‘Find Christ Jesus’.

  4. Only way to settle dispute in Lucia today is to see who will kill who 1st. I do believe bus drivers should be train and certify to drive a commuter bus and also be rated within a register system so we the public commuters can then decide which bus we board and the mental ability of the driver. That will save us all a better and to also understand the need for customer care in a tourism world. RIP bro

  5. Sorry for her lost.. She should have taught him to respect others and keep his hands where they belong.. otherwise he paid for the Lark of respect..
    I hope that the killer gets some councillors to help him to understand why and how he was provoke into killing another human being…. Boys and Men please stop killing each other and spend the rest of your life feeling sorry for our Actions while we are prison in all forms…. We need a purging boy’s we can change anger to love and we all win and no kill..
    Stop killing each other..BOYS….


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