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Two Young Men Shot Dead In Vieux Fort


Saint Lucia police are investigating the fatal shooting of two young men on Sunday at Savannes Bay, Vieux Fort.

Both deceased are believed to have been in their early twenties.

Initial reports indicate the two men were on a scooter when they came under heavy gunfire.

Police responded to the shooting report at about 8:30 p.m. and recovered multiple spent shells from the scene.

Saint Lucia has so far recorded fifty-nine homicides for 2023.

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  1. As I have stated repeatedly, there is no hope for Saint Lucia apart from humbly turning to Jesus Christ in genuine repentance! The slaughtering of the young will not come to an end until we come to recognize our need for divine help to change the heart of the nation. All the talk, and over-night emergency meetings, and rehashed policies, and extra policing, etc., etc., etc., will not take Saint Lucia out of its hell-hole! Repentance and a turn to God is the only way out. That’s the truth. Accept it, or reject it.

  2. The ex SLP Prime Minister of St Lucia Kenny Anthony declared Vieux Fort to be a “Mecca of Peace and Love”
    24 hours after that a man was murdered in Vieux Fort.
    A few weeks later another 2 men are now gunned down in Vieux Fort.

    Do St Lucians not get the inherent evil of the St Lucia Labour Party.
    Do you not understand that this man who is the ultimate leader of the SLP can be such a blatent six for a niner. Yet some of you still dream of the man.
    This is how the SLP leadership function- lies, mismanagement, clueless, incompetent.
    They have NEVER delivered on anything they have promised. Not on security, not on the economy, not on tourism, not on prices of goods, not on jobs, not on assistance for abused women, not on jobs and opportunities for the youth, not on corruption, not on the fight against drugs, not on road rehabilitation.
    But you all go to the ballot box and give them a ti croix. And many of you arrogant UWPs stay away from the polls because you too selfish and ask for too much or what you do not deserve.

    What a life we live in sour St Lucia!

  3. To tell you the truth, anywhere you see two little meg fellas on a scooter, just understand that they are up to nothing good. Alot of these murders are committed by these zehgehlegs on scooters.

  4. Come on my people. We are better than this. Let’s cheerish and respect our lives and the lives of others. Killing does not solve the problem. It creates more problems. We should trying to break the cycle of poverty and social problems. This violent act has nothing to do with SLP. Stop killing our brothers and sisters.

  5. “There shall be no peace” in Vieux Fort unless:

    – The now useless district representative and his government get off their arses and do what needs to be done to solve that problem once and for all. These so called gangs and their members need to be dealt with a sledge hammer. Confiscate all the assets which they cannot account for. Destroy the properties built on state owned lands without approval. Those caught in gang activity should be sentenced to prison for life. But any politician reading this would say – not under his/her watch will this happen. You know why because these same gang members determine who wins that seat and also finances the political campaigns too – Oh what a dangerous wed we weave.

    -The lazy police officers at the View Fort police station patrol the town and surrounding areas. All they do is sit at the station and it they do go out you see them hiding in all the establishments in the town. When you go to the station at nights to make reports you meet them sleeping at the front. They don’t even have the presence of mind to remain alert to safeguard themselves so you think is we they will protect.

    – We the people start snitching on those criminal suckers amongst us. All they do is destroy the town. We have had enough.

    But one thing I know is that the Rep was right when he predicted that there will e no no peace in Vieux Fort. And I will add until he departs.

    To the Burt family I extend my condolences. But don’t tell me you didn’t see that coming. We all in the town expected it. If you live by the gun, expect to die by it.

  6. ANON.People may call you all kinds of names but they cannot argue when you have spoken the gospel truth.Well said and don’t apologise to anyone for putting the truth out there.

  7. “THE” Thank you for the good words.
    Do not worry. The individuals who support my viewpoints are men and women of character and recognize the perils that St Lucia is engulfed in at this time.

    Those who do NOT support my views are part of the morally corrupt who wholehearted support criminals in Cabinet and will take St Lucia to hell, as long as their party of thugs are in control.

    St Lucia is no longer a pleasant civilized country for those of us who live here.
    For tourists in their air conditioned enclaves going from beach to restaurant to trips down the coast it is paradise, but we know better.
    Why should we Lucians have to deal with the loss of civility as we go about out daily lives, especially in this summer heat?
    Why do we have to acknowledge these vulgar charlatans we have to call minister.

    So we live in hope knowing every dog has their day but every day ends and there is a dawn!

    Defined by the ones who governs her. They twist and turn depending on the lies told them either by this or the other Party; a mass of people who can’t think, so are fooled by any of the smart-asses who ones were, are now and whom ever will be, because they are easily swayed by the wrong Spirit – void of divine wisdom, divine love for one another, apathetic to the Law of the civil society – QUO VADIS ST. LUCIA?

  9. Lucians you all crying, you all have alot more crying to do. Just now 6pm is you all curfew. Crooks.

  10. Yet we want a change, but still we are dwelling on the past,
    We are like impossible which means nothing ❗
    Coward and moving backward ❗
    Fear God ❗
    With God everything is possible ‼️

  11. You already know the script.

    Folks, our country has been lost since 1997 when PM Kenny Davis Anthony took over from the late Sir John George Melvin Compton. The shocking fact which most people do not realize is that the homicide rate in 1996 was 8 per year and increased to 40 per year by 2002. This represents a 400% increase. Similarly the Debt to GDP Ratio increased astronomically in that same period to little benefit for the country. The SLP government has be in power for 4 of the last 6 terms, they are responsible. You can find these facts with a simple google search, please go make yourself wiser.

  12. Just watch those desperate comments LMFAO. You all raising lil pigs and expect Kenny to prevent them from rolling in the mud ? Stop with the desperate comments they not gaining you all any new supporters the evidence is clear.

  13. Instead of feeling sorrowful for the state of affairs in our country, some are using it as a political campaign, when they and the rest of us know that politicians on either side, do not have the solution. We keep on recycling the same failed politicians. Double triple murders started under the opposition’s watch.

  14. I have heard many Lucians say – “life is not easy in St. Lucia.” Where in the world is life easy for anyone ??????? – in fact you are at an advantage because you do not have to contend with winter months.

    In addition, if you persevere without envying others and engaging in voodoo, obeah and witchcraft, without getting involved with the wrong crowd – you will be able to survive. “Rome was not built in a day” — the government cannot help you make a decision for your own life – adults should be able to make their own decisions and know that they will ultimately have to live with the consequences (good or bad) – stop looking for handouts and make your way in life. Some of you keep having kids which you cannot afford – make that make sense.

    If you are unable to function academically, go learn a trade/skill and make a life for yourself – excuses, excuses, excuses they build bridges to nowhere and nothing…give me a break.

    “Early in life I learned, just through observation, that right always wins out over wrong. If a person has good intentions in his heart and wants to do the right thing, then there are certain ways that any obstacle can be overcome.” by Monte Irvin

  15. Honestly Why would anyone want to absolve the responsibility of a govt to PROVIDE SECURITY for it’s citizens. Don’t we know that is govt main priority. TO KEEP IT’S CITIZENS SAFE. Enact lawas to protect us and provide enforcement and penalties. That’s why there is a Highway Code etc. It’s to protect. Vfort is starved of Economic Activity. The young men have very lil to no avenue of Proper Employment. Hence the result wil Always be a Life of Crime. Why are the Party Hacks Red or Yellow always shielding govt ministers from doing what they suppose to do. All this money and initiatives on stuff like STEP, patching roads, jazz is not helping the yutes. Spending time in parliament attacking Chastanent is not helping the yutes. Btw the Givt has provided security for the gang leaders form Vfort in Cap Estate.

  16. …this is sad. I’m terrified to even venture outdoors these days. But instead of addressing…..

    Meanwhile Thursday night “Chastenet, Chastenet, Chastenet”

  17. I blame it on the lack of investment of law enforcement.The Royal St lucia police needs to be disbanded and reorganized a K-9 unit needs to be added a proper coastguard needs to be established with more boats to patrol St Lucian borders and also proper training needed for police officers .Saint Lucia spends the least on their National security in the whole Eastern Caribbean,that’s what’s happened when you do things on the cheap .

  18. Re Article and comments, Folks the toothpaste have left the Tube, crime is rampant all over the world, and it is for the same reason..A Lark of purchasing power ,, Shortages of spending money,.
    All business should pay their workers a fair living wage,.. We can no longer afford to pay the cost of living on Slave wages… It’s to the wealth with their workers and their Families and to avoid more killings and also criminal activities..
    I endorse my thoughts and observations..
    We need financial help Asap… Raise the minimum Wages ASAP.


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