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Chastanet Reiterates Call For Crime Command Centre


Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has reiterated a call for the government to establish a crime command centre, declaring that criminal activity threatens citizens’ lives.

The United Workers Party (UWP) leader spoke at his party’s Town Hall meeting in Anse La Raye on Sunday.

He had proposed establishing the Crime Command Centre in a December 8, 2022 open letter to Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre suggesting several anti-crime initiatives.

“When they had crime and we said take the lessons we learned from COVID because we treated COVID as a serious threat to the lives of the people of Saint Lucia. That is exactly what crime is doing to us today,” the former Prime Minister declared to Sunday’s Town Hall meeting.

He recalled that a Command Centre was in place under his administration to manage COVID-19.

“We said the same way that we put a Command Centre in for COVID, put a Command Centre in for crime,” Chastanet said.

“Make it that your Commissioner of Police – all of your key technocrats every single morning at 8 O’clock they meet to discuss what is happening with crime,” the Micoud South MP stated.

He explained in that way, the gathering could find solutions, and there could be immediate coordination in implementation.

However, Chastanet indicated that the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) rejected the Crime Command Centre recommendation.

“What did they do with the plan? In the garbage bin,” he told opposition supporters.

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  1. You have it all wrong. Let’s say for census statistics calculative mistake that we are a population of 200k. Our island is less than 240square miles but they crime is escalating out of quantum proportion. In lay man term that translate to governance is just a sham and fake in it’s indentity. Command center my ass. Let an independent body become the secret agent to investigate and make public outside the confinement of St. Lucia you will be surprised how you’ll become a bat.

  2. Pierre is not too bright of an individual. Tonight, I listened to his comments on the latest criminal activities in SLU. The man thinks these homicides are a Pandemic. They are all over the world. He thinks he should do nothing because it affects all other countries in the world. It is very unfortunate we do not have Journalist in SLU. Those guys were all hired by the current government. There is really no one to question Pierre on issues that really matter.

    Pierre has done nothing to combat the crime issues in SLU. Additional vehicles for the Police and the help of the Regional offers were not solutions. We need Pierre to come up with some actions – a command center would be a great start while you have a group of people work on a more long term plan. Right now giving speeches will not work. Staying silent when there are things to say means you are liar. At the end of the day, the survivors and good citizens of SLU will not remember the criminals. Instead they will remember you Pierre who has been trusted to do something to safe guard the nation and you did nothing. History will hold you accountable for all those crimes.

  3. SMH another useless man who had the chance and failed , since he cannot lead by example he will give bad advise instead SMH. Waste of opposition which is sad for the country .

  4. Clearly, this idea of a Crime Command Centre did not originate with ‘dim son’ Chastanet. Rather, it was tendered from LaJahBless (Prudent, his lean & hungry look renders him unelectable), who copies ideas wholesale from the US. There, every societal ill conjures up a war that must be fought (you know, nail, meet hammer); where the cowardly generals waste money & time piling on layers upon layers of bureaucracy between themselves & the actual fighting. Blame for any losses are placed on the non-commissioned officers, but the laurels of victory are retained for generals only!

    We do not have an organic society in St. Lucia, where civic ‘structures’ were erected solely to satisfy the needs of the populace. Instead, we have mimicked, by inheritance, the civic structures that were used to control us for the benefit our foreign masters. Supposedly, we are now our own masters, but the populace is still divided into a majority of field hands (doing productive work, for subsistence wages) & a miniscule minority of house servants (doing administrative work, reaping benefits that disproportionately out-strip their level of effort).


    These laws were originally written to keep restless field hands at bay; they were adopted, without amendment, to sate the extreme connivance & cupidity of the house servants (or in modern parlance, the PROFESSIONAL MANAGERIAL CLASS). These leeches (red and yellow, both) then compounded their treachery by deliberately setting the mass of field hands against each other to win the scant crumbs that were allowed to fall to their level, while they sucked away the life blood of the nation, unimpeded! How do they do it? Via the divisive partisan politics they learnt and adopted from their former (some say, current) masters, and paid for, with the paltry sum of a chicken leg & a Piton (these days, maybe, a snort of whiskey).

    Knowing the real reason for crime in St. Lucia, the solution becomes quite simple: Eradicate the leeches within our midst!

  5. Crime Command Centre is the Royal St.Lucia Police Force. There is no need for another non essential bureaucracy. You have not provided any evidence to support your recommendation. Let criminal justice experts do their job. Lucian’s need to calm down, think and stop killing each other.

  6. Bring back operation restore confidence. Where is Mary now. We need to hear your voice and your recommendations, god don’t like ugly. Those police officers during operation restore confidence were protecting us and the country from those thugs. They and other civilians were being targeted because they were doing their job with honesty yet they were condemn by the government and their very own in the police form. U all treated them like dirt push them aside. I promotion .god is deliberately letting the very same breed destroy u all. Those of u who destroy yr brothers in the police force for promotions are u able to sleep peacefully or go through every days life with a peaceful conscience. It was under the slp government those officers suffer that harsh fate by protecting Stlucia so why don’t the labour government have America send their soldiers to do he job right in stopping the crime. Karma is real and the tears of those officers and the best police commissioner we had have to be upon this land. The criminals too have not forgotten operation restore confidence and they laugh at our leaders. Make peace with god and with these officers that u all hurt so badly and maybe then u will see a change . These officers are human and even today their hearts are still bleeding for doing what they vowed to do and that was to protect our people and our land and yet have been outcasted because of that. Again we need to hear yr voice Mary as this is one sin that will follow this land for a long long time. Learn to be your brother and sisters keeper not their downfall over material things. Peace and love

  7. Allen give up already and save yourself and family the embarrassment. According to Shawn Edwards sa hot.

    A crime command centre is your recommendation, so what’s wrong with Police Headquarters?!

    Or are you looking for more of Daddy’s properties to rent out.

    The COP and key technocrats can have a daily morning, mid-day or evening meeting to discuss crime at Police HQs or any other meeting room adequately sized – Police Training School.

    Stop reiterating or regurgitating BS, lets hear some of your proposed policies if you want to contest elections.

  8. Let me first state

    !. I am neither UWP or SLP

    However, in your 238 square miles where almost everyone know each other or they know someone who knows someone etc. etc. etc. Your citizens are very well aware of who the gang bangers/good for nothing/malvaaayyes/murderers are – some are the following: (friends/family/relatives/neighbors etc) They will not turn them in – instead, they wait to take photos of graphic scenes/bloodshed and post it all over social media for the world to see – how pathetic……..what good do you think this does for St. Lucia?????

    Some family members are also accomplices in that they encourage their good for nothing unemployed children to be menaces to society and wait home for ill gotten gains…KARMA IS AT YOUR DOORSTEP FOR SURE.

    How do you change the mindset of people who have decided to live a life of criminal activity?. Do you expect any government to change a mindset????????? Each individual need to make that 360 decision for themselves and very often they are in too deep. They failed to utilize basic common sense by not getting involved in criminality in the first place. “show my your company and I will tell you who you are” Charity begins at home – the government is not your provider/therapist/social service/mentor/land provider/problem solver etc. etc. – some of you folk are unrealistic in your thinking – you need to help yourself and do right for yourself and your family.

    Stop having kids you can not afford with Tom, DIck and Harry and then blame the government when you have insufficient food/resources for your family – hello that was your choice not the governments decision !!!!!!! – yet you are first in line to join the carnival band ??????? – taking out loans for carnival – who in their right mind does that????????- how about the school books, uniforms and supplies.

    I honestly believe that you Lucians needs serious outside intervention – you guys are all too familiar with each other – therefore resolution/solution of this issue of crime in St. Lucia is an exercise in futility. Put all egos aside and seek/solicit outside help before it is too late for Helen of the West and its citizens.

  9. A lot of the woman know that their sons are involve in criminal activities but they does benefit when the criminals bring money in the house instead they encourage their sons to go and look for a job .


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