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Dominica Prime Minister Cautions Against ‘Haiti Fatigue’


Dominica’s Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has cautioned against ‘Haiti fatigue’ as Caribbean Community (CARICOM) leaders prepare to meet virtually to discuss the situation in that country, where security is rapidly deteriorating.

“We have to guard against any semblance or any attitudes of Haiti fatigue from various quarters around the world,” Skerrit stated.

He spoke Wednesday at a news conference in Dominica.

Skerrit told reporters that the main agenda item for next week Wednesday’s CARICOM Heads meeting would be Haiti and the situation there.

But he disclosed that climate change would also be on the agenda.

“For me as Chairman of the Conference of Heads, I have indicated very sincerely that the Haitian situation is my number one priority,” the Dominica Prime Minister said.

“We owe it to the Haitian people and it’s important that the entire Caribbean Community, not only Heads of Government, but the entire Caribbean Community is engaged and be seized of the issues that are confronting Haiti,” Skerrit stated.

He also spoke of the need for collective moral commitment and support to Haiti.

The Dominica leader recalled that CARICOM had some months appointed an Eminent Persons Group (EPG).

Former Saint Lucia Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony heads the group, including former Prime Ministers Bruce Golding of Jamaica and Perry Christie of the Bahamas.

Skerrit noted that EPG has been engaging a broad cross-section of Haiti’s population and representative groups and discussing with the United Nations and other stakeholders in the United States and Canada.

He told reporters that CARICOM Heads at their meeting would assess what has transpired thus far and receive a report from the group Dr. Anthony leads to determine further regional support for Haiti.

Two CARICOM countries – the Bahamas and Jamaica- have already said they are willing to provide personnel.

The United States has also indicated a willingness to put forward a Security Council resolution to back a deployment.

Kenya has committed to deploying 1,000 police officers to help train and assist Haiti police in restoring the country’s normalcy and protecting strategic installations.

The Dominica Prime Minister told Thursday’s news conference that his country is willing to provide support, especially regarding translators.

Saint Lucia and Dominica speak French Creole or Patois, which is widely spoken in Haiti.


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  1. The Chickens Have Finally Come Home To Roost. The Caribbean Countries Cannot Even Find A Solution To Their Own Crime Affairs , So All The Ta!k About Assisting Haiti, Will Never Worked. The Solution To Hati’s Problem Are The French Repaying Haiti It’s U.S. $1B One Billion Dollars Stolen And The 2010 Earthquake; Bill Clinton’s Fundraising Scam Of Over U.S.$410M Four Hundred and Ten Million Dollars, Haiti Never Received A Penny.

  2. By “the entire Caribbean Community” I hope Martinique and Guadeloupe are included, as well as the lesser French Antilles. French Creole, or the French patois is also spoken in these French islands.

  3. Here’s a hint for Kenny; along with a contingent from Cooly town, empty a great percentage of young Inmates from the loony bin and send them to Haiti to teach them how to behave. That will save his Government a sizeable amount of money. The Tonton Maco is still boss.

  4. Kenny is not a forward-thinking individual, why paying this chap more money and you’ll never get results value for your money. Kenny cannot find a job so he continues to leech on the tax payer.

  5. @Calvin Lakes it’s more than one Billion they owe Haiti. People who bash Haiti are not well read and they don’t understand the level of wickedness France and the US has infringed upon Haiti. The African countries under France rule are going thru the same turmoil as Haiti now the people have gotten so tired their is uprising RISE BLACK PEOPLE. Africa is not poor neighter is Haiti their wealth has just been stolen. Why is Africa largest bank HQ in France of all places. Did you know even in 2023 any African countries under France if they need to sell any of their resources to say St Lucia they must ask France first and if France says no there is nothing they can do but stay poor France can’t live without Africa and with the change in technology everyone wants their minerals. Don’t give them much give them more guns keep them poor and dependent. That formula work the same in Haiti and for the Caribbean. If China just announced it’s building a road in Haiti tomorrow eyebrows would raise and suddenly the US would say let’s fix Haiti. Just imagine as it’s been circulated the US is watching the Andrew Holness administration he is dealing too much with China I guess he passed a set limit and they want to rope him in people you got to pay attention. Kenny and crew their intentions are well intended but I would not make much out of it, Caricom see him as an elder statesman in the region they would not approach an unseasoned politician like Allan Chastanet for such a position never send a boy to do a big man’s job.

  6. @ma malay the creole is the almost the same they pronounce one and two words a little different but it doesn’t take much to adjust to understand what each other is saying. Dominica Haiti and St Lucia could easily live on one rock Haitians are just more rebel because of all they been thru. Haitians more established than St Lucians in the states a lot of them are doctors, nurses, lawyers, politicians, and small businesses owners. They have their own newspaper The Haitian Times and Radio Station in Miami and New York Radio Sole that’s why I don’t knock them because when they get the opportunity they run with it while some Lucians are just jokers……not even a restaurant.


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