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Grieving Aunt Of Homicide Victim Urges Violent Young Men To Put God First


The grieving aunt of Saint Lucia’s latest homicide victim has urged young men intent on perpetrating gun violence to turn to God and stop the violence.

Fedora Valcin urged young people to put God first in everything they do.

“Stop the violence. We need prayers. They have to pray,” Valcin declared, adding that the battle belongs to God.

“Let God have his way. Don’t do things of you all own,” she told reporters.

The aunt said the death of her nephew was painful for the family and disclosed that he was on his way to work at Cap Estate when he died.

Twenty-eight-year-old Patrick Joseph, alias’ Prince,’ died Thursday after being shot multiple times at Barre St. Joseph.

Officers at the Marigot police station responded at about 6:00 am after learning of the shooting.

On arrival, they found Joseph’s motionless body along the roadside and several spent shells at the scene.

According to a police release, a medical practitioner pronounced him dead after unsuccessful efforts by Saint Lucia Fire Service emergency responders to resuscitate him.

The police have appealed for information regarding the fatal shooting, urging individuals to contact the Criminal Investigations Department at 4563770 and 4563817 or the crime hotline at 555, to give information anonymously.

Headline photo: Fedora Valcin (Centre) and sisters at the scene of the homicide.

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  1. These thugs are not going to voluntary lay down their weapons; not for one minute. All the protests marches, meetings, outreaches and so on will do very little. Those guns must be taken. The thugs and their dependents have too much invested in keeping the status quo.

    The state has to act firmly to pry those guns out of their hands. The likelihood is that force must be used to do so. How can a few dictate to a huge majority? Meanwhile, the state’s agents are constantly huffing and puffing, threatening to do harm to them. It’s time we grow up and realize that strong measures are required to solve this very serious problem. The bandits will not fade away or be wished away.

  2. its true they need god but this country has hid its face from God . When you try to tell them about God they will deny the very existance of God but they will want to instill all Satanic agendas like lgbtq and other things. The only time we know God is when things are going down hill. I not even hearing any of the church leaders at least saying anything

  3. The legal system is just not equipped to effectively deal with those gangsters and folks that carry illegal guns. Our democratic system of justice is just too liberal or lenient. Those who commit those heinous crimes and shootings must be apprehended by any means necessary and prosecuted. When their friends and copycats know there is no bail and long prison sentences that will serve as a deterrent.

  4. In your 238 square mile area – you Lucians are all too very familiar with each other. Even if a covert operation is planned with St. Lucian operatives – those involved in the operation are friends/family/my girl/my boy/neighbors — I need not say no more.

    The government needs outside (non related/non connected) military style assistance with this issue of violence in St. Lucia – and because you all already know who the criminals are – simply provide the military operatives with the necessary details and let them determine the best course of action without your St. Lucian involvement (for reasons already stated above) until the operation is complete….just saying.

    It has already been proven that these criminals will stop at nothing – including murdering innocent little children. To those who say they are fighting each other and they need employment ??????????? — $$$$$$ they are certainly not looking for a regular job – please understand bullets don’t have eyes and these criminal idiots/malveetayes/menaces to society will stop at nothing – gangs have taken over Haiti which is much larger than your little 238 square miles – people open your eyes and do the math -clearly the writing is on the wall for all of you to see and there is something called – crossfire. I honestly wish St. Lucia all the best –

  5. As a Christian I don’t believe in violence, while some say, ‘an eye for an eye’
    now enough is enough; the Law is the Law, that is why from the very bebinning it was required that there should be a Police unit to keep the people in order; so much so, THE ALMIGHTY gave us a commandment, ” THOU SHALL NOT KILL ” but remember, while the CREATOR said something, the devil is busy at work saying ‘through the voice of some of his believers, that there is no God ‘ and the battle of good and evil is at work, very much so in St. Lucia & why St. Lucia? a well blessed Island since way, way back. Some have asked, is there in the cabinet some enabler to the whole affair? we wish not, but remember someone of high calibre from a much larger Island accompanied with an International group of witches, chose St. Lucia for a convention to practice what they’ve known best what to do. I find it amazing that immediately after their convention plus, a whole lot of evil doings happening, a child about three in Soufriere deaf & dumb disappeared in thin air, come on. Murders numbered in historic numbers from G. Islet to V/Fort, surprisingly at Soufriere? and the Band keeps playing and the demons keep dancing; some call it Carnival with near naked women unbeknown that some spirit of the evil kind have possess of them. I blame everyone of the preachers, Priests, Pastors etc who are afraid of the Drug Lords, and scared to go on the High ways & By Ways, the Street Corners, the Market places, the Community sessions, for fear of criticism. LORD HAVE MERCY, CHRIST HAVE MERCY, LORD HAVE MERCY.


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