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No Decision Yet On Sending Saint Lucian Translators To Haiti


The Saint Lucia government has yet to decide on sending translators to Haiti.

“We have been asked to do that. I haven’t discussed it with my cabinet,” Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre told reporters Monday.

“As you know, Dr. Kenny Anthony is part of a group of wise men who are right now in Haiti to see if they can work with the different groups in Haiti. But it is a decision I have not taken,” the Saint Lucia Prime Minister disclosed.

Former Saint Lucia Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony heads an Eminent Persons Group (EPG) appointed by the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) some months ago.

The group includes former Prime Ministers Bruce Golding of Jamaica and Perry Christie of the Bahamas.

The EPG has been engaging a broad cross-section of Haiti’s population and representative groups and  holding discussions with United Nations, United States and Canadian stakeholders.

The group is expected to present a report to CARICOM leaders at their meeting this week, with Haiti as a top agenda matter.

Based on the EPG report, the CARICOM leaders would determine further regional support for Haiti.

Prime Minister Pierre explained that Saint Lucia is working with CARICOM on responding to the situation in Haiti.

Recently, United States Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Caribbean Affairs and Haiti, Barbara A. Feinstein told a virtual news conference that Eastern Caribbean Creole translators could be helpful to a Kenya-led multinational force to help police in Haiti fight armed gangs amid a worsening humanitarian crisis.

The US official observed that certain countries have the same or similar Creole to Haitian Creole.

Within the 15-nation Caribbean Community (CARICOM), Saint Lucia and Dominica are two countries that speak Creole or Kweyol.

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  2. Ok may be I didn’t comprehend what I just read and I do understand that we need to try to help our neighbors however how the hell is KA part of this when the man cannot even help his own constituency especially with the crime please someone enlighten me because I just don’t get it? By the way if we send our people over there who is going to guarantee their safety? The gangs are killing their own people rapping the women abusing little children etc …

  3. No decision yet? What a load of $#ite! It is all pretense from Pip, the pretend leader of St. Lucians!

    The decision was long-made in early June, when Caricom accepted US$100 million to buy their complicity in re-enslaving Haiti, using black-faced invaders from Kenya, and creole translators from St. Lucia! The US (in the person of the Clinton cabal) is licking its chops at the prospect of taking ownership of Haiti’s oil so they can reap profits of hundreds of billions of US dollars by inducing Caricom to accept a ‘caca dent’, for averting their gaze from the daylight robbery to take place in the Caribbean.

    And this pip-squeak of a man deigns to ‘mamaguy’ us & hide his treachery from us!

    Pip is pretending that he is now conflicted about making a firm decision; but I already knew that his passive-aggressive non-decision would come soon after the end of Tradewinds 2023. Why? The Biden Misadministration is desperate to seize the Haitian prize for Viceroy Clinton, before the political winds of change blow him off the political stage (since he is too demented to volunteer a quiet exit & does not want to share his Ukraine booty with his fellow Democrats – Hunter has an expensive drug habit).

    Please see my related comments from previous articles:

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  4. Wast of identity, time, money and pure recklessly wasting tax payer money. Kenny can’t fix his own home you have any DNA of believe that he can worm his way to fix anything in Haiti which is 1million time worst than his lil fishing village. No offense to the people

  5. KDA is there obviously because he is a former 3 time PM. U think the outside world knows of his failures in his constituency. The ppl voting for him and they will also vote for him next election. Now wait for the Big Decision that PJP has to make about sending translators to Haiti. Btw his children he sending or his constituents. Anyways, also wait for the solution that KDA and his crew will come up with.Just wait.

  6. The pm can’t sweep the garage in his front yard but he wants to clean someone else’s back yard, always biting more than he can chew that man is delusional just saying?

  7. We need to help our comrades the best way we can. We can rely on our African brothers to provide protection for our mercenaries whom I think should be none other than our convicted criminals. I believe that members of our police force should join the Kenyan force for hands on gun training.

  8. al u all writing there are flambeau non entities. if it was chastenet that went to haiti, ohhh. what praises there would be. guess what. chast cant speal kewyol but kenny can. pay jowl zor. day ban enitill. kenny is like a tick up ur asses. continue scrating

  9. I don’t mean no harm – the larger countries are asking all their citizens to leave Haiti asap – due to the gang activity, voodoo, ongoing instability and kidnapping etc. etc. etc.

    We all can certainly pray for Haiti from a distance – please don’t place your people in harms way. In addition, you all have your own issues in St. Lucia to deal with.

  10. KDA is not an ordinary citizen like most of us are. The man has international stature and appeal. This will not be his last invitation to manage external affairs. Just get used to it, and learn to appreciate your own. Who else can give us or the region better representation ? Get !


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