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Threat Of A Major Hurricane One Of Pierre’s Biggest Concerns


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre is concerned about the devastation a major hurricane could cause in the Caribbean.

“That is one of my biggest concerns – the threat of a major hurricane hitting our region, particularly Saint Lucia,” Pierre told reporters on the margins of Monday’s Cabinet meeting.

“I lose sleep over that. Something that we have no control over, but something that is reality because of climate change,” the Prime Minister stated.

Climate change was among agenda items for discussion at a Caribbean Community (CARICOM) leaders meeting this week.

Last month, Prime Minister Pierre called on the local media and Saint Lucia to pay close attention to climate change, disproportionately impacting Small Island Developing States (SIDS).

Asserting that the climate change threat is real, he declared that Caribbean people must prepare.

The Saint Lucia Prime Minister is CARICOM’s Lead Head for Sustainable Development and Climate Change.

He reiterated his climate change concerns on Monday, one day before Tropical Depression Thirteen developed into Tropical Storm Lee in the Atlantic.

Forecasters expect Lee to become a major hurricane by Friday.

And the Saint Lucia Meteorological Services said interests in the Leeward Islands should monitor the storm.

United States weather experts meanwhile expect Lee to continue strengthening into a 145-mph storm by Sunday.


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  1. sir please. stop drinking the wine of the world’s fornication. the elites have rallied all you and indoctrinating you all with that climate change hox.

  2. there is nothing new under the sun .what you see now have been before. not because your generation have not experienced it don’t mean it was not so before. they are using climate change to usher in some of the laws they want to impose on human beings. I tell you covid was nothing. it was just to test the waters. climate change laws and lock downs will be worst. just wait and see. some of you hopefully will remember those words

  3. No one wants a hurricane, yah, than we don’t have to pay the Saudi’S back thou’ right!!!!! An the USA keepin a keen eye on dat delivery fo sure….an plus 5 million USD a month now from what deall again???plus plus!,, pay attention to WASCO, without clean water no one’s drinking or bathing, not locals or the paying precious foreigners…..

  4. Things I am more afraid of than hurricanes:
    1. Corruption.
    2. Malfeasance
    3. Nepotism
    4. Politicians
    5. The roads I pay road tax to keep repaired damaging my car
    6. Taxed do death to pay debt politicians amass.

  5. Padna if earth’s climate were not changing constantly the planet would not be able to support life. Carbon dioxide is absolutely necessary for life. Anyone asking to eliminate CO2 from the planet is asking to end life on the planet. The planet would become lifeless like Mars. You’re part of a death cult.

  6. You want to know what keep me up at nights? Those bad roads. I spent almost $4,000 on suspension parts and labour not too long ago. I eh see no road improvements since that time.

  7. Hurricane major or minor should not be your concern; those shall come as its necessary for us that they should come. Earth must replenish its self from creation, now and will continue for the generation after us. Today you fret, the ones later will enjoy a more glorious morning, as it was in the beginning, so it shall be again till a bigger storm return to make all things new again. May I humbly suggest a more immediate concern that is, our Roads have for a long time been the cause for many deaths and crippling accidents; someone is at fault; is it bad design, faulty and shoddy construction, cutting of corners to save money, lack of proper supervision, corrupt contractors or what? let the Minister tell you, if he can’t, some ting wrong. Create work by demolishing that ugly and useless Stadium, replace it with Nurses Residential/School/higher tech.Training/ complete the unfinished modern Hospital, create trade training on the job there, get V/Fort working again – if not the higher powers of that hurricane will cause nightmares. As an advise, have you informed “Global Port Holdings” that if and when this hurricane hits, you can kiss this contract good-bye. How’s the buyers of ‘CIP’ feeling? my advise, keep singing:-‘Nearer my God to thee’ over & over.

  8. Mr. Prime Minister, you are displaying a fear that you have no reason to, as though St Lucia has never had a hurricane before? but today with T.V. everywhere at arm’s length and modern Technology is able to show you things before it happens; sorry to break the News to you, yes it will happen over and over again as it has from generations past.
    May I tell you an open secret? I am not afraid if I were to perish, now, tomorrow or later; but why are you because the Science is showing you the facts of this life? it is necessary that death happens, the Trees so that fresh ones grow, that the Sharks & Wales keep a balance at Sea, though Hospitals be built to keep the sick bones of man alive & brand new Hospitals have been deliberately stoped because of small & narrow minded little men acting as spoiled children. But to delay death by Meds, the sheltered Castle, you and I will die, today, tomorrow, not to say never; we shall all be changed in the twinkle of the eye. P.M. while you are still P.m. saver the moment. Build, improve & repair the Roads, before you demolish homes, build better ones, create or find jobs as promised to the young hopefully to keep them out of trouble, but even that has failed, but ofcource its the sign of the times universally. My most simple and humble advise -‘ Find and love the Lord’


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