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Pierre Defends ‘Protecting The Victory’


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has defended the ‘protecting the victory’ slogan, first adopted at a 2022 annual general meeting of his Castries East Constituency group.

The opposition United Workers Party (UWP) has constantly criticised the PM and the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) over it.

But Pierre has rejected the criticism.

“I make no excuses for saying that we have to protect the victory. No excuses,” Pierre declared.

He spoke at the Castries East Constituency’s 35th Annual General Meeting last week.

Pierre explained that protecting the victory meant safeguarding the gains made by his administration.

He asserted that the opposition never believed that Saint Lucia and its economy would be where it is today, with unemployment at its lowest level in a long time.

“They never believed that civil servants would get their back pay,” Pierre said.

“I make no bones about it. We have to defend the victory,” the Castries East MP told his constituency event.

“That victory is for the people of Saint Lucia. That victory is for the young men and women from Morne du Don, from Bagatelle, from Arundel Hill, from Trou Rouge, who will be able to go to university because of the policy of one university per household, ” Pierre told his audience.

He also said the victory was for parents who cannot afford to pay CXC fees for their children.

Pierre recalled that his administration, which had paid for English and Maths, would pay for at least five CXC subjects for the children of Saint Lucia before the end of the school term.

“Protecting that victory is for the workers of Saint Lucia who very shortly will have a livable minimum wage to feed their children. That is what protecting that victory is about,” he declared.

He mentioned several other measures implemented by his administration.

And acknowledging that he would be vilified for it, he put a mission before the party faithful to ensure that the UWP, under current leader Allen Chastanet, never becomes the government of Saint Lucia.

“I make no bones about it,” Pierre stated. “We cannot take Saint Lucia back to where it was.”

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  1. We have a clown for a PM thats all i have to say. Talk about min. wage where is that? this fool think he can fool ppl ain it

  2. The difference between animals and humans is animals would never let the dumbest of the herd lead them.

  3. Politics should be service oriented. It is not a game as the misguided PM thinks. That slogan should be roundly rejected by all right thinking St. Lucians.

    This slogan ‘Protecting the Victory’ connotes selfishness, hyper partisan political division and narcissism. It gives the distinct impression that all the ruling part cares about is retaining power at all cost. The seeds sees noting wrong with it. This shows tat he lacks discernment.

  4. Tell them Most Honorable, kick sand in a Yellow Bway face and MAKE NO APOLOGIES FOR DOING SO YOU HAVE TO GANGSTER ON THEIR ASS. Things are not perfect, as Buju would sing “IT’S A ROCKY ROAD” but you are prevailing in your endeavors and perseverance IS A MUST. There is much work to be done, stay the course it’s not easy for a country with no resources and great dependency YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO PLEASE EVERYONE, BAD MIND ALONG WITH THE YELLOW DEVILS ARE ALIVE AND WELL, and be mindful of Judas amongst us. St Judes will be built, Castries Harbour refurbishment is poised to enhance our most important industry, you funded the police not DEFUNDED THEM, school start all little Ishmael have a laptop, GOVERNMENT PAYING FOR CXC UNHEARD OF (History), civil servants get their money, LIVABLE MINIMUM WAGE COMING (History) poor people can finally eat better and provide a little more for themselves and family. PROTECT THIS VICTORY BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY WE ARE NOT GOING BACK TO WHERE ST LUCIA WAS “JUST FOR SOME “. You are doing a good Job Sir, five more years, five more years, five more years, five more years, five more years. Making St Lucia Great Again.

  5. You cannot keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. That is the definition of madness!

    The SLP record is that of incompetent, carelessness, cluelessness, lack of empathy, immorality and corruption.
    With each iteration of an administration they campaign on the basis of just gaining power with no idea of what to do if they gain power. No plans, no management talent, no follow up, no feedback on the copious amount of money spent.
    They literally are footballers taking part in an equestrian event- they do not even know how to get on the horse.
    Yet you all vote them back in over and over again then lament and wail when things mash up.
    Internal security- horrendous!
    Illegal drugs rampant.
    Guns rampant.
    Murders up.
    Crime up.
    Food prices up.
    Bread prices up.
    Electricity up.
    Phone bills up.
    Jobs down.
    Visas nonexistent.
    Roads in horrible condition.
    Vulgar behavious up.
    Cities hot and dirty.
    Welcome to SLp lala land.

  6. 2.5% is slowly unraveling. Just wait until the livable wage is implemented. Lord help us! That is all I will say for now.


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