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WATCH: Saint Lucia Consumers Urged To Exercise Their Rights, Report Errant Merchants

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Declaring that there is strength in numbers, the National Consumers Association (NCA) President has encouraged consumers to know and exercise their rights and report errant merchants.

Dr. Thecla Fitz-Lewis spoke during a recent airing of the Government Information Service (GIS) programme, Issues and Answers, hosted by Marvin St. Louis.

Fitz-Lewis highlighted what she described as the illegal and unconstitutional ‘No Exchange, No Refund’ policy of some commercial enterprises.

In addition, the NCA President spoke out against medication and commodity use instructions appearing in a language the consumer does not understand.

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Some of her comments during the programme appear below:

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  1. I sincerely hope that the NCA has done THEIR exercise in holding some retailers accountable for their shortcomings where consumer communication is concerned. It is not for US, the consumers, to report the unforgiving merchants, but the them, The NCA, to deal with them directly. I hope this is in their duties to achieve. They should be helping us to help them.

  2. Question where and how can we know Our Rights. How do u expect the lil person in a community to get to know their rights? Now we hv some things called Constituency Councils, maybe they should be passing around with a pamphlet stating Our Rights in there. Or maybe they can be made available at the HRDCs. Just saying.

  3. This is a timely reminder. Too many people have suffered under some merchants illegal ” No refund Policy.” A merchant ought to make his/her policy based on the law. I had to argue with a merchant for him to refund me my money after what he sold me was defective. He said it was the policy of his establishment not to refund. I retorted that , ‘ Your policy, sir is not according to the law.’ Having asked the Ministry responsible to get involved and to educate the business man that I was correct, only then he refunded me my money. So I am calling upon my fellow consumers, be weary of some of those merchants who want to make merchandise out of you.

  4. @LAB
    exactly. they should be on the ground as well going into different business places to see who is doing the illegal stuff and not just leave it on the consumers back cause at the end of the day the NCA themselves go and shop for themselves and their families.

  5. @wow lets bring some sense in the process please. Customers knowing their rights are simple, learn to read in the labels. Often people will hold a product and yet ask what is it made of. Consumers affairs is just one leg, consumer have to play their role, eg. some times will be place on shelf with a different price it could be cheaper or higher. Your advantage is base on your pocket. Regardless if massy is paying cheap money are being spend on employees to carry out their duties, often the supervisor for the isles don’t even do a proper job, very often i bring to their attention some silly things. Rotten vegs and apples among other things which only manifest its way further. If one doesn’t know how to read god help their soul. NCA also cannot bark for everyone unilaterally… you have a skull with brain use it.

  6. Can it be explained how goods with only foreign language on their labels reach the shelves of stores or supermarkets for purchase? Why is the onus on consumers to report these? Where are the Authorities to ensure that these don’t get approved for purchase in the first instance? SMH!

  7. @Chanel Wallace … spot on!! Labels in a foreign language, I leave on the shelf. But, yes, the onus is on the NCA – AND – the Bureau of Standards to ensure that these goods are safe for consumption … you know the rest.

  8. Now what about the banks? Asking for all sorts of ridiculous information and holding people money hostage


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