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Police Probe Discovery Of Suspected Narcotics In Container


On Thursday, September 7, 2023, the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force received a report of a suspected narcotics discovery inside a container, in the north of the island.

Police Officers proceeded to the scene and commenced investigations.

The Officers observed a storage container on the compound of the premises in question. Within the container were some boxes, and several large black bags. The contents of one of the bags were examined, which revealed plant material.

The Police Officers seized more than three-hundred (300) packages from the bags
after inspecting them. The total weight of the bags and the packages was over

The packages are being analysed for further investigation and more information will be shared as the case progresses.

Drug trafficking is a serious crime that poses a significant threat to our society. The
police are committed to clamping down on this illegal activity and bringing those
responsible to justice.

We urge the public to support us in this fight by reporting any suspicious activity, or providing information that could help us identify and apprehend drug traffickers.

We also understand that drug trafficking can be a source of concern for many people, but we want to reassure you that we are doing everything in our power to keep our communities safe.

We are of the firm belief, that together, we can make a difference and put an end to drug trafficking.

SOURCE: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force

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  1. 👍 STLT, now…… instead of disposing of this Marijuana flower and God Given, Gifted Plant Medicine, Will Govt? ,…can Govt allow this green gold score to be utilized properly for sale of CBD Oil and plant based food products for IBs, CancerNaseau!appetite stimulant,calming flower to be sold to the public here in STLU like Pancho’s newly formed 1100$ for membership cannabis collalition is tryin’ formulating with some foreigner!!!?…? Start something govt for cannabis and the youth production like Heineken 150!????

  2. Again, the big wigs bring in and the big wigs will remain free. Just like the previous container and just like the “several barrels” nothing will be done.

  3. Now tell us what happened to the drugs found in that business place near the gros islet fire station. Or the drugs found in the container in that business place in Bois D’Orange. Or about the guns in the fridge the customs officer discovered. Now you see why the boys on the block will never stop. They see the criminals in high places get away with all sorts of crimes they get booked for.

  4. Why do I feel I already know the outcome? Just now the lips of the authorities will be sealed, and nothing further will be disclosed to the public!

  5. The COURTS and its judicial system are all part of the drug ring with many top level beneficiaries. This sequel as expected will just evaporate into thin air!

  6. o yes we all know. if it was the little man on the streets his name and pictures would be part of that news article but it’s a big fish so you cannot mention name and you want crime to stop in this country. these are the things that piss me off with the authorities and the midea

  7. the police know exactly what’s in those packages but not even that they want to disclose to the public. and you expect the little hustler on the street to stop not that I am saying crime is right but be real.

  8. It could be a fake setup too… perhaps how many tons ain pass via that importer and trying to show a clean slate.

  9. How do I have a feeling this case is over – no one will ever get arrested for the Narcotics. Imagine a shipment has made it through the ports of St. Lucia. It has actually gotten inland and the police has not arrested anyone – how about the owner the container ? An email from any computer in the world can be traced back to the writer and the computer from which it was originated.

    A 40 ft. container cannot be traced back to the sender and also the receiver – only in SLU this happens. I have a strange feeling this case is dead upon arrival.

  10. I need the police to stop insulting our intelligence: they have the audacity to tell us about another container with drugs “Up North” without any follow-up/information on the previous one with a similar “find”! 🤔 … Lord help us 🙏

  11. they know very well whos own it is cause is only big business men that bring down containers but they wont say nothing about just like the one they found some years ago close to courts

  12. At this point I think the Saint Lucia Government both past and present are under the control of criminals. Last time the excuse was that they were looking to track person higher up in the chain, I wonder what stupid excuse they will give this time.

  13. Why make citizens feel that this case and those before are being or will be investigated. Everything in St Lucia has a price. Everyone knows it’s those with name and in the system that have connections to the trafficking of drugs and ammunition. Arrests are made when one is caught with much less weed . So this is a closed case that will be swept under the rugs.

  14. Police needs to complete their investigation first before giving any information out there to the plublic don’t want those responsibile know what the police knows until its already to late for them to react like disappearing without a trace


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