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Fourth Man Arrested For Daring Massy Choiseul Break-In


Police have arrested a fourth man in connection with Monday morning’s break-in at the La Fargue, Choiseul outlet of Massy Stores Supermarket.

The latest detainee is suspected of having aided and abetted the break-in, during which bandits smashed their way into the outlet by reversing a Suzuki Escudo into the entrance.

The bandits had earlier held up a security guard.

Once inside the supermarket, the intruders stole several items, tied a Bank of Saint Lucia ATM to their vehicle, and, after several attempts, dislodged and escaped with it.

Police found the Suzuki Escudo down a precipice at Victoria, Choiseul.

About one hour after the 2:00 a.m. break-in, investigators caught three suspects driving a Suzuki Swift in Soufriere.

Law enforcement officials expect to charge the trio shortly.

Meanwhile, another suspect, believed to have been the driver of the Suzuki Escudo, is still at large.


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  1. These guys are too detailed and bold. I don’t think it’s their first time doing dirt. They should be interrogated thoroughly for unsolved serious crimes. I believe this time that the cops have hit paydirt. Hope this is not another bail bs.

  2. How did 2 containers loaded with weed, marijuana….get cleared to leave customs??? Especially if it’s right by the door………… why not mix things up in customs Commisioner and allocate outside infiltrators and forces to infiltrate the traders in our own home country Customs offices!,,,,……………?………plant hidden cameras… hmmm why has this not happened as of yet RSLP and Politicians???

  3. With all due respect – some individuals are beyond rehabilitation. They have decided in their heart to specialize in criminality and no one else can help them. It is a crying shame – there were criminals when I was growing up in St. Lucia – but we were taught to stay away from trouble and from all negative influences. Our parents instilled in us – “show me your company and I will tell you who you are” today I am so grateful that I heeded their advice and I have since passed it on to my children – Amen.

  4. We need more information on these criminals. Where are they from ? Some times they will have a local accomplice who gives them information on the crime spot. They are organized criminals who are mostly from the north. It is important to know more about the criminals so we can better protect ourselves.

  5. Some Lucians are condoning the criminals robbery of Massy and it is sad. Every business is in business to make a profit. In areas where thefts are high, very often items are priced higher. In the end the customer will be at a lost every time.

    In addition, 1/2 a loaf is better than none and had it not been for Massy some Lucians would be unemployed. Let us be honest – the criminal malveetayes in St. Lucia do not want to work a legitimate job regardless as to how much it paid on hour. Condoning their criminal activity because it’s Massy or anyone else is very disheartening .. WRONG IS WRONG – your home may be next

  6. Legal professionals have yet to convince me why the names of suspects cannot be disclosed to the public. For this reason I often believe that alot of lawyers magistrates and politicians are not genuine about wanting to solve or curb the crime situation on island!


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