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Guy Joseph: Philip J. Pierre A ‘Master Politician,’ But ‘Lousy’ As Prime Minister


Former Castries South East MP Guy Joseph has described Philip J. Pierre as a master politician whose Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) ran a good election campaign.

But Joseph, the Deputy Political leader of the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) declared that Pierre’s performance as Prime Minister was poor.

“We know the Prime Minister as he indicated. He is a master politician. Nobody can take that away from him. But he is a lousy Prime Minister. He is not a leader,” the former Economic Development Minister asserted.

Pierre’s SLP won a landslide victory when the electorate voted the party into government at the July 26, 2021, general elections.

But Guy Joseph explained there’s a difference between winning an election and governing a country.

On Wednesday, he told the DBS Television programme Newsmaker Live that Pierre had proved incapable of the latter.

“That is why Saint Lucia is in the state it is in today,” the former MP told programme Host Timothy Poleon.

Asked whether Pierre being a master politician would not result in the SLP’s return to office, Joseph responded, “We’ll leave that to the people to decide.”

He said he trusted the people of Saint Lucia to do the right thing.

“The labour party promised a lot in opposition. They attacked a lot and at the end of the day, they now have a chance to prove themselves. And these two years look like twenty-two years already. That is how much people are suffering,” Joseph told Newsmaker Live.

However, he said he was not overly focussed on what labour had been doing.

Joseph said the UWP was assembling a team and working on things the party would have to do when it regains power.

The former MP disclosed that other than being an election candidate, he never contested any position in the UWP going back to 2005, when he joined the party.

He said he wanted to help build a team to rescue Saint Lucia and give hope to the country in a hopeless situation under the current SLP administration.

“We had our own internal struggles within the UWP. There were lots of people we couldn’t trust,” Joseph explained.

He said people were leaking all the inside party information.

“It appeared that what started with Stephenson King was still continuing with certain members of the executive,” Joseph stated.

But he said there have been major changes and improvements since the election of a new executive.

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  1. The UWP insiders and campaign finance providers were determined to get rid of Guy Joseph, but the election survey results conducted by a well-known St. Lucian, contradicted their unscientific conclusions about Guy. The survey results revealed that out of 150 respondents from across the 7 polling divisions, only 2 participants from the one polling division that includes Morne Fortune, blamed Guy for the party’s defeat at the polls. it is clear, therefore, that Guy is a well loved politician and should regain his seat whenever the next general elections are called.

  2. At least he is a world class leader compared to the disgrace y’all had there. Ch-ASS, is his name. Emphasis on the last three letters.

  3. Highgrade the jokes on you. Richard only has a diplomatic visa because he is in government and our PM went on his knees like a mendicant begging for him to get one. Once SLP is not in power he loses it. Tell him to enjoy it while it lasts.
    Over to you Invader, tell us what will happen this Christmas.

  4. @Judas SLP To the bone the man got back his visa…and masetro why was your Guy denied one even when your yellow government was in power ?? Why your head clown did not beg for him when he was bending over for Trump ?? Could it stem form the same reason after Pojah Letter fiasco whenever he left the island to panhandle he NEVER put him back in charge ??? Can’t be trusted oh well.

  5. Re Article and author..
    Why don’t get together and discuss how we are going to solve our current situation..
    Exposing hate and silly verbal excrement makes you look silly,, Folks! Becareful what comes out of your mouth without proof or Fact. . Stop assuming and help organizing a fair living wage system to the people of $10+ per hour based on hours worked..
    Smell the roses Guy

  6. Guy Joseph you jumping from radio stations to tv stations since that Panama 20 million. Soon you’ll end up on Y& J ZAFE NOUS EN STE LUCIE. Lord have mercy GJ REALLY WANTS TO BE ON Y AND J SHOW

  7. What we need to know now and tbe coming days as budiness of the dsy gor the people and government ofst. Lucia is where and who was the recipient of the 20mil Us tax.
    Which account did it went to in Panama?


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