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‘A Succession Plan Will Not Work In The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force’ – Source

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A well-informed source acknowledging the need for organisational succession plans has asserted that they would not work in the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF).

The source cited political interference as one factor that would affect such a plan for the RSLPF.

“No matter what succession plan is in place, parties forming the government have persons they want in certain position,” the source, speaking anonymously, told St. Lucia Times.

“So what we have is a selection plan and not succession plan,” the source explained, adding that most times, politicians look for loyalty to their party rather than competence, resulting in most times, the weakest individuals getting appointments.

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In addition to political interference, the source noted that the Police Commissioner and the RSLPF hierarchy would select officers they believe have the skill, knowledge, and ability to perform in particular roles.

According to the source, the officers identified would have been trained for years to assume future roles.

“However, when those roles become vacant and advertised by the public service, most times the Public Service Commission selects persons who were never in the fray,” the source disclosed.

“The Public Service Commission has no one who works along with the police force and does not know how the officers function,” the source told St. Lucia Times.

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  1. This is so so true, The police force, is like the customs department and the civil service department. When the UWP is in office, half of the police force don’t work. They forget how to work and behave like they don’t care. The same thing happens across the public service. They come to work at any time and have no regard for the public whom they have to serve. The public service commission facilitates that atmosphere of favoritism and partisan patronage, and gives promotion based on party affiliation. This situation will never end.

  2. We always know there’s lots of corruption in the police force but no one wanted to come forward and speak up this island is running on corruption you can add the government all the down on the BOBOLIST

  3. Lets tackle the core issue. The police force did its damage beyond repair and dwelling in politics just made it beyond coming back. The police force in general only serve those who fill their pockets, plate of food and pimping, couple with that, accepting favors from females who wanted to be vindictive towards a male or their partner. Sexually exploiting their own etc. The public lost trust so it will only be a system where it just rotates but with the same tune. Tourist who was robbed, burglarized and even rape accept what they received, place no fate or trust in the system return back home getting counselling etc. There is no independent body who secure the interest of all. I can say this a drug mule who use to transit Lucia to VZ and return back to his homeland in Nicaragua used to party heavy with the entire force from the Vigie airport, castries and gros islet police. Big parties used to be held whenever MR. transit this island. They are the known transporter of the illicit drugs and only pin some to make themselves look good. It is sad but it is reality.

  4. Let’s be clear on this : There is no color barrier on the public sector rampant corruption: It continues from party to party and everyone is included, from Top to bottom. The practice is so common, the party hacks have accepted it as the way of life. Everyone is trying to get a piece of the pie or β€œa cut” as they call it, legal or illegal. No one is concerned about the harm it does to the country as long as they benefit personally . In the private sector, employees are hardly trusted by their employers because of their experiences with sticky finger employees. Keep in mind that the employees are exploited by their employers. What we have left are the starving who will get theirs by any means necessary. It’s a jungle out there and you better know someone to survive in it !

  5. Re Article.. Finally, we are reading about politics..
    Dog eating Dogs.We need to adopt a fair living wage system to avoid Greed and Jealousy.
    The slave wages system created Our current problems and we should address it now.
    We cannot pay slave wages to your workers, and expect them to be loyal to you.. They will steal from you.. FACT..
    The Author of this article should speak up when he was in power.. The toothpaste have left the Tube Sir…We need a fair living wage system of $10+ per hour based on hours worked to everyone and we can solve most of our current situation..
    Fix the slave wages system to change the mindset of our young and old.. Fact .
    I endorse my thoughts and observations
    Stop blaming and do Something positive..

  6. It was time someone spoke the truth. Bravo!! Politicians always speak of how great things are with the police, not realizing that we know how they interfere with that organization to its detriment. This organization will surely take several years to recover, if it does at all. Politicians destroy everything they lay their hands on. This is a fact.

  7. The thing is All of this started with KDA. It’s all over the public service. Every ministry has incompetent ppl in key areas. the good workers who don’t show political preference or not yes – Yess persons have contracts not being renewed or not given promotion. So KDA asked all PS s to tender resignation in 1996 and then had All if not 90% of civil servants working on contract . So if u not doing as i ask you r contract is not renewed. The quicker we stop this BS the quicker things will improve in this country,

  8. Finally someone spoke the truth on what I have been saying all along, u go to interview and at the end it is true someone who was never interviewed getting the job. It’s who u know and the politicians are the one who has destroyed the police force. Again an outsider should be bought in to analyse and make fair and unbiased decisions and recommendations. To many persons that are at the top in the force do not deserve it. Those that needs to be promoted are still in the lowest bracket not even as coporals as yet. Just bring a name to the politicians or commissioner and depending on who you know you will automatical be promoted. Also the pm talked about people having masters in the force. Lol lol don’t the prime minister knows by now that some masters are bought. Somebother people do the work for the so call master holders to produce and some in all fairness the individual did their own work for the masters. It does not only happen in the police force. It’s all right people have masters but some of the contents of the theory work of these masters should be taken into consideration during interviews. My opinion is that an outsider be bought in ( one that cannot be influenced by politicians) to do the promotions in the force and train and select the right person. Too much corruption in the police force. Then again I have said unless the wrong that is done to the orc officers be made right then the wrath of god willl not leave thst institution. God is a just God and wants us to practice what is right. Stop sacrificing others for power. Peace and love

  9. Most politicians are Broke .. and they will say anything to fool the weakest link and that’s about 75% + of us and it’s time that the other 25% Speak up to help the weakest link..
    They are to keep you poor while their Families are taken care of by the weakest Links… They are all Snake oil salesmen.. Can Neve do what they promised… And created lawyers to defend them while the working poor pay’s the Politician’s wages..
    What A Sic society that we are currently living in..
    I endorse my thoughts and observations…

  10. Do not let our sins 😈 evil keep us away from God ❗
    Like a backsider who goes to church, moving backward until reaches the last row of seat and then dissapear !!
    “O we little faith,unbelieving generation.
    Are not God among us ❓
    Beleive !!

  11. From first hand experience, one could go before the Public Service Commission with the best paper qualifications, job knowledge, experience, backed up by best interview, the appointment is who get the votes. Who control the votes? Politicians. It’s an evil system that has destroyed the entire public service. And the people at the commission think they are doing such a wonderful sophisticated job. In reality, those people are complete idiots. Puppets.


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