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Police Investigate Fatal Stabbing In Bexon


Saint Lucia police are investigating a fatal stabbing that occurred Saturday in Bexon, Castries.

A Sarrot resident in his forties succumbed after being stabbed at about 8:40 p.m.

The circumstances surrounding the incident were not immediately apparent and police are yet to apprehend a suspect.

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  1. And little does he know,he will lie in wait for his own blood,and way-lay only on himself to be destroyed by another ❗

  2. I’ll assume rum was involved somewhere. Maybe we should gv the guys back the guns or start hvn search warrants to confiscate knives. The ppl are FRUSTRATED, Even driving the road is frustrating. 30 minutes to get from G. islet gap to Reduit.

  3. We are killing each other. Black-on-black crime. What’s wrong with walking away a coward and get to live another day? The media need to push the virtues of love, peace and non violence.

  4. Folks, our country has been lost since 1997 when PM Kenny Davis Anthony took over from the late Sir John George Melvin Compton. The shocking fact which most people do not realize is the homicide rate in 1996 was 8 per year and that increased to 40 per year by 2002. This represents a 400% increase. Similarly the Debt to GDP Ratio increased astronomically in that same period to little benefit for the country. The SLP government has be in power for 4 of the last 6 terms, they are responsible. You can find these facts with a simple google search, please go make yourself wiser.

  5. @smh, remember the article that was published sometime ago… St. Lucians are mentally disturb. Well it is because people don’t under stand life. Life is practical, its karma, what you do to others, other will do back to you. Under the influence regardless of its substance you will find negative people, and this will bring chaos to society. Instead we educate and help, we choose to neglect and degrade, instead of we support and unify we divide and dominate, instead we help one another we choose to take advantage of the situation. Walk through the ghettos of St. Lucia and it will spell out everything about our people who inhabit this rock. Our culture now is to kill your opponent to prove you are right. We lost every DNA of what it worth to survive and live in harmony. Its gone way gone!

  6. @ oh Really. Do you get engage ever in constructive dialogue? What does this stabing has to do with your political comments.

    Man post something of coh erance, value and substance to a good discussion.

  7. @carba I agree with you everything for those brain wash black lucians is political they got so caught up that their life and even the air they breathed seems to be political.

  8. The Realist seem to disagree with the political operative “Oh Really”. The political pundits have no alternative but to cry for their supper, unfortunately, while our country is sliding down a steep slope.

  9. . Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are !! If a government minister, has bad friends in politics from overseas, and local, the bad influences, become part of his island, and the good people,suffer !!

  10. @Carbay, I do not come here looking for discussion. Many persons on here are financially motivated to defend the political party they support. You can say whatever you want but my observations are still true. The red party has been running things in this country for the last 30 years and what is the result ?

  11. Most Lucians seem to lack conflict resolution skill sets. It is important to have some ability to be able to settle conflict and have the understanding that it is ok to agree to disagree. Knives and guns only make matters worst and it certainly not the way to solve any issue/conflict. Godspeed.

  12. A mun get stab n yrl deh talking abt politics which PM can stop crime? Get them jobs something happens at the job is still a problem..crime will nvr stop unless probably if they start hanging criminals for their crimes.


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