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Pierre Voices Concern At The UN Over Illicit Small Arms Trade


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre expressed concern over the global illicit small arms and light weapons trade during an address to the United Nations on Friday.

Pierre, responsible for National Security, observed that the trade attracted billions of dollars in 2022.

He explained that the illicit trade not only fueled lesser conflicts worldwide, but illegal arms facilitated criminal activities in Saint Lucia and other Caribbean Community (CARICOM) member states.

“Illegal firearms were responsible for seventy percent of the homicides in the Caribbean Community in 2022,” the Saint Lucia Prime Minister told the General Debate of the 78th Session of the United Nations General Assembly.

However, he noted that neither Saint Lucia nor other CARICOM member states manufacture small arms, light weapons, and ammunition.

Pierre observed that continental neighbours to the North and South of the Caribbean were the sources.

He voiced Saint Lucia’s continued support for international instruments to prevent and curb illicit small arms and light weapons trafficking.

The Saint Lucia Prime Minister also welcomed the United States announcement that Washington would provide technical assistance to combat illegal weapons smuggling into the Caribbean and solve gun-related cases.



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  1. Wait til the weapons given to Ukraine make it to this place. The Mexican cartel already some of these heavy weapons.

  2. Yeh blame the trade and don’t blame yourself and your incompetent goons for not creating opportunities and sending home 100s maybe even 1000s from earning a salary to fuel your political ego and yet cannot and will not be able to create a safe environment for your own community. Get back home you likkle black boy and go to school… reel and come again.

  3. You can’t take control over your house but you want to tell others how to run theirs. The same people that destroying the earth are rhe same ones you expect to fix it. All these meetings are just a big show for you’ll world leaders to fool the people. None of you’ll have the answers to any of the problems you’ll made. Fire burn you’ll.

  4. Pip(squeak) has failed to fool anyone into believing that he does not know which ‘northern continental neighbour’ (every primary school child can say – USA) is responsible for the manufacture of light weapons, and thus the biggest (99.999999%) player (read as state sponsor of terror) in the illicit arms trade in the Caribbean! He then compounded his blatant hypocrisy with outright venality in pretending that the US can be an honest actor for eradication of illicit trading of arms they manufacture, via interdiction, prosecution & penalization…n1gg@, please!

    What is plain to see is that Caricom leaders have colluded with the US to destabilize the entire region by fostering gun violence (black on black crime – what sweeter than that). Together, they wanted to create the scenario for US invasions in the region (just like Grenada & Panama), under the false precept of ‘responsibility to protect (R2P)’. The current target of this R2P fakery is Haiti! There, CIA gangs are having a hard time overcoming local civilian groups who resist them in protection of their communities, amid calls for the removal of the non-elected prime minister forced upon them by the US.

    Currently, the US is actively seeking additional UN sanctions on Haiti, and hope to con(vince) the UN to allow a military invasion there, by participating countries whom they’ve already bribed (Kenya & CARICOM) to act as proxies. The real prize is unfettered access to Haiti’s untapped resources (oil; natural gas; gold; iridium -the 2nd largest deposits in the world & more than 3 times the value of gold) for the Clinton Global Initiative (aka Clinton Grift Initiative).

  5. In st lucia everybody knowns everybody or knows somebody that knows you people its its a very small place
    some what am trying to say is someone knows all or sum of crookness that’s going who is responsible and how and where all this crookness taking place and that includes members of the government members of the public members of law enforcements member of customs and duties members of the churches and all in between but instead of doing the right thing everyone is mentaining their silence so the end result will be no bed of roses that I can tell you


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