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Pierre Cites Need For Robust Security Help Counter ‘Murderous’ Haiti Armed Gangs

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has expressed the grave concern of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) over Haiti’s deteriorating political, social, humanitarian, and security crises while citing the need for robust security assistance to counter armed gangs.

In an address on Friday at the United Nations, Pierre said Haiti needs the urgent and dependable support of the international Community.

However, he lamented that, so far, the response had been ‘underwhelming.’

“UN efforts of a few months ago to raise $780m for humanitarian purposes have received low pledges,” Pierre recalled.

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In addition, he observed that the need for robust security assistance to counter Haiti’s ‘murderous armed gangs’ was clear.

Nevertheless, Pierre noted that the decision to enable this is meandering slowly through the Security Council.

He said CARICOM hoped the United Nations Security Council would fully endorse the establishment of the multi-national force, demonstrating the international Community’s commitment to supporting law and order restoration and improving the humanitarian conditions of Haiti’s people.

Pierre said CARICOM welcomes the Kenya Government’s willingness to lead such a multi-national force.

And he explained that CARICOM countries would contribute personnel as well.

In addition, Pierre said the Community would also continue its good offices efforts through its Eminent Persons Group to help the Haitian stakeholders find a solution to the political crisis.

Former Saint Lucia Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony heads the Eminent Persons Group (EPG), including former Prime Ministers Perry Christie of the Bahamas and Bruce Golding of Jamaica.

Earlier this month, the group said it encountered challenges on returning to Haiti to continue efforts to help resolve the country’s political impasse but remained hopeful.

According to the former Prime Ministers, the tone of the discussions had hardened, and the positions of some stakeholders had ‘regressed significantly.’

In his UN address, Prime Minister Pierre urged the various Haitian stakeholders to cooperate with CARICOM to find a political compromise for the sake of the Haitian people.

He also indicated that it would be in honour of their heroic and fabled ancestors, whom the Haitian people revere so much for daring to break the chains of slavery two hundred years ago and bring freedom to the black people of the Caribbean.

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  1. Pip & the other CARICOM leaders are nothing but the ‘house n1gg@$’ that Malcolm X warned us about, way back in 1963; he has been proven right, to this day!

    Malcolm X – The House Negro and the Field Negro

    Caricom leaders have colluded with the US to destabilize the entire region by fostering gun violence (black on black crime – what sweeter than that). Together, they want to create the scenario for US invasions in the region (just like Grenada & Panama), under the false precept of ‘responsibility to protect (R2P)’. The current target of this R2P fakery is Haiti! There, CIA gangs are having a hard time overcoming local civilian groups who resist them in protection of their communities, amid calls for the removal of the non-elected prime minister forced upon them by the US.

    Currently, the US is actively seeking additional UN sanctions on Haiti, and hope to con(vince) the UN to allow a military invasion there, by participating countries whom they’ve already bribed (Kenya & CARICOM) to act as proxies. The real prize is unfettered access to Haiti’s untapped resources (oil; natural gas; gold; iridium -the 2nd largest deposits in the world & worth more than 3 times the value of gold) for the Clinton Global Initiative (aka Clinton Grift Initiative).

    Here is an article targeting CARICOM leaders who, in regards to Haiti, have been bribed to be the black-faced overseers of the US’ 21st century plantation in the Caribbean:

    Haiti – Alternatives to US Sponsored Military Intervention

  2. PJP!!!! Don’t you think you should fixed your house before you fix someone else’s house..
    Did this man fall on his head since he became prime Minister
    I don’t know i don’t know i don’t know….

  3. Not just words but also their actions spell out who they really are. Leadership is when a person take matters seriously at hand and do whatever he can to fix it or try to solved it. Not just reading from a piece of paper. I said from day one when he was chosen to be the leader boy I was so correct, disaster! Another five years will pass and his tenor will evaporate, UWP will take power and the kavatamites will continue. We should give the NGP a chance I am sure the country will generate some money from agriculture. That’s my feeling.

  4. Murderous Gangs in Haiti is a Western Media Term, Now The Chickens Have Come Home To Roost; Because of The 350 Years Plus of Economic Plunder of Haiti’s Economy. It Is Too Late. No Intervention Would Have Any Solution, Until The Billions of Dollars Return To The People of Haiti. But I Have A Plan: We Are Going To Buy A Country To Create A New Country Call:
    “The New Haiti.” NGO’S In Haiti Are Scammers!


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