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Pierre Says Climate Change One Of Mankind’s Biggest Crises

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre said Friday during an address at the United Nations that climate change represents one of humanity’s biggest crises, the solution to which is no mystery.

“It is no longer breaking news or a matter of debate that climate change is one of the biggest crises facing mankind today,” Pierre stated.

” But the solutions to the universal climate change emergency are not mystifying,” he noted.

“From the 2015 Paris Agreement, where we agreed that limiting global warming to below 1.5° C would help us stay alive, to COP 26 in Glasgow, we have followed the science, negotiated, compromised and agreed upon the solutions,” Pierre recalled.

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However, the Saint Lucia Prime Minister said the agreements were either broken or ignored.

He declared that the biggest climate crisis perpetrators who should take the greatest climate action have not honoured their commitments.

Pierre also observed that the quantum of financing for climate justice, needed by Developing Countries and agreed upon by the Developed countries, has not materialised.

” Other issues of the Paris rule book are still to be implemented,” he stated.

In addition, Pierre told his audience that the Multilateral development financial institutions have yet to change their systems to make it easier for developing countries to access the financing required to adapt to climate change and build climate-resilient economies.

He disclosed that developing countries, already saddled with debt, must be given the means to deal with climate change.

“We must act together to save our people and our planet,” Pierre said.

However, he described it as ‘ regrettable’ that recent political differences between two of the biggest polluting countries had halted their cooperation on climate issues.

In this regard, Pierre declared that the planet’s future must never become hostage to the politics of superpower rivalry.

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  1. In that case, Mr PJP, get rid of:
    1. LUCELEC’s petroleum fuel, and put in SOLAR and WIND generated power in small, insignificant (on a global scale) St Lucia.
    2. The tourism industry as we know it now. Make AGRICULTURE our main industry, and here it can be tied in with tourism – the smart way.

    St Lucia needs to do this. It is time for YOU to take St Lucia out of the bubble, and go global. If YOU are the mouthpiece for CARICOM – who is responsible for some of the “sustainable development goals” (SDG) in the Caribbean Region (health & wellness, education, poverty eradication and clean energy, first and foremost), you need to advocate this to the nation with you wearing your leadership jacket . The SDG’s are one of the UN mandates for a healthier planet – on which we all live on. It might take a generation to achieve – but it’s time for St Lucia to begin LIVING IT, and not mouthing it.


  2. Dude the climate has been changing for 4,540,000,000 years. That BILLION years. The climate will change whether humans exists or not. This manufactured crisis is yet another scam to increase taxes and control the masses.

  3. Even though, phillip j p must do what the pope says he doesn’t have a choice. And it is the Sunday law they are trying to implement. It’s nothing about climate change. Wake up people. Christ is coming soon. The devil is the one behind this not phillip j p he is just a tool. It’s the sabbath of the lord they are trying to change. WAKE UP PEOPLE ITS TIME TO WAKE UP.


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