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Bradley Felix Urges UWP Supporters To Unite In Voting The SLP Out Of Office


Choiseul-Saltibus MP Bradley Felix has told opposition United Workers Party (UWP) supporters to unite to ensure that the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) suffers defeat at the next general elections.

“Too many times, I see us squabbling and fighting each other,” Felix told an opposition Town Hall meeting on Sunday.

And he said the squabbling was over petty matters.

However, the MP indicated that the common goal was to get rid of the labour administration and the misery the government had caused the country.

Felix said the SLP administration never anticipated an opposition with the tenacity and fighting spirit the UWP is currently demonstrating.

“We continue to highlight the victimisation, the discrimination and the propaganda and the deceptiveness that they continue to spread,” he told UWP supporters.

However, Felix warned that when SLP operatives feel cornered, they launch personal attacks.

“But we must never forget united we stand, divided we fall,” the MP declared.

Felix thanked the people of his constituency regarding their faith, trust, and love.

“I am grateful and I am humbled,” he said.

In this regard, Felix revealed that there had been several ‘conscious battles’.

But he said the battles were no more.

“These battles have been put to rest because when the people of Choiseul-Saltibus confront me, they look at me and they said to me: ‘ We put you here. You will stay here. And until we tell you to go, you not leaving here’,” Felix asserted to applause from the audience.

He indicated that he could  not go when the people had such confidence in him.

Felix also addressed the matter of political floor-crossing.

“If Bradley Felix ever decides to cross a floor, put him in the centre of Choiseul, and I will be the one saying: ‘Crucify him! Crucify him!'” The MP stated.

Headline photo: Bradley Felix stock image.

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  1. I wish you Bradley Felix was the opposition leader. I would be the first person to vote for you, sadly i do not trust Allen Chastenet and Guy Joseph. So for now i will not be voting

  2. The sad thing is: there is a balance to be recognised. BOTH administrations have done good, and not so good (OK – “bad”). Mind you, the SLP are making small strides (one day at a time), but they are also walking through mud, because they indicate “mindless thinking” in what they say and do. The UWP did (and are still doing) the same thing. The SLP needs to take a BIG STEP back, breathe in, and LOOK at what they are doing, and where they want to go. But instead they are squabbling as though they are still in opposition.

    In my opinion – no political party is “BETTER” than the other, when they could do better; if only they would LOOK and LEARN.

  3. Good Bradly. I supported u the first time but made the mistake of supported of supporting that vindictive cruel slo candidate. But I say no more hence why personally I am one who has and will continue saying to you don’t give up you will be the representative for choiseul as long as the people and God decide that you gonna be. Rest assured that you will be supported by many of us who used to support slp. You will have all of our supports. Choiseul has no place for users, victimizers, biasness and wicked candidates with no conscience. We need a candidate who shares love and promote love and togetherness. Long live the united workers party in choiseul. Peace and love

  4. “United Workers Party (UWP) supporters to unite to ensure that the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) suffers defeat at the next general elections”. This type of rhetoric is the reason we will stay stagnant as a country – asking people to vote to take out one party and replace it with theirs no matter who makes up their party – as long as it is UWP or SLP in “POWER” at teh end. Never encouragement to the people to vote for candidates based upon the merit and capability whether red, yellow, green blue or independent only encouragement to vote for party…

  5. Mr. Felix.
    You are supposed to be a ⁷ bright minister but I agree with you on the matter of voting the SLP government out which is the call of the day for any opposition party. However here is my question.
    Who will take the leadership role contesting the next General elections? Who???

    I will be frank with you. Am from your constituency. With the current leader and co leader there is not a single chance to victory for UWP.

    It is similar to the defeat of the DKA. The nation rejected him long before the elections we held. Writing was on the wall.
    Please open your eyes and face reality. The vast majority of the populus do not want the opposition leadership and that Guy.

    Smell the coffee…its too evident.

  6. @ God is love really!!!!. How many more documents you want him to sign claiming the buy back clause was the only part of the DSH document which he claim was not clear.

    Let’s stay on island our Cabinet of misters and fine tune our constitution. We do not want and more trips to PANAMA….. on VOLAIR

  7. Mr Bradley Felix, if your so concerned about your people and the state of the country WHY ignore people when try to reach out to you.
    We have tried and tried but nothing has been achieved.

  8. Brad, I am of the opinion that once Chastanet and Guy are at the helm of the party, all fall down. Furthermore in all the town hall meetings I am not hearing anything new you all will do for the country. The Labor government is giving 50 scholarships, what changes are you going to make? They are given the pensioners $600 yearly, will you increase it. Tell us about these things.

  9. Just like all the politicians Talk is CHEAP. They say one thing then they forget. They sit on their hands and pretend to govern. No back bone just puppets for the Civil Servants. When will we get a government who can govern? Infrastructure? What Infrastructure? Address the roads, get people mobile. The roads are the ARTERIES of this island, they make a statement to every visitor and not a good one at this time and unhappy visitors mean LESS revenue. Think about that one Mr Prime Minister and your cabinet and of course the Opposition MPs

  10. Bradley Felix is one of just a few decent people in St.Lucian politics. I wish him luck and perhaps the guardianship of the ministry of infrastructure when the UWP returns to power.

  11. Show me your friends and I will say who you. If your leader is a professional Liar you are also a LIAR.

  12. bradley speaks of fear. why he knows his party will never make it again. if the slp had a more serious male candidate he would never made it plus here is the math. in order for uwp to get into power they need to bring back their own supporters who defected into labour camp plus they need a considerable amount of labour supporters to defect from labour and it nah go happen. bradley and chas poise to loose their seat


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