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Government Commits To Sustainable Tourism As It Prepares ‘Groundbreaking’ Act

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Saint Lucia’s Tourism Ministry is working diligently on introducing a groundbreaking Tourism Development Act to improve sector standards and expand the scope of projects eligible for fiscal incentives.

The Act would also broaden the range of incentives available.

The disclosures came from Tourism Minister Dr. Ernest Hilaire on Wednesday in an address marking World Tourism Day.

“This bill will also make special provision for industry stakeholders committed to sustainable tourism practices,” the Castries South MP noted.

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Those practices include responsible wastewater management, plastic use reduction, using alternative energy equipment, and reducing the carbon footprint.

Hilaire declared that the bill was not merely a legal framework.

“It signifies our unwavering commitment to building a greener, more resilient tourism sector,” the Minister explained.

“Our commitment extends beyond our borders as we actively explore opportunities with international partners to enhance our green initiatives,” Hilaire said.

He noted that by pooling resources and expertise, Saint Lucia could amplify the impact of its efforts and set an example in sustainable tourism for the world.

“Our commitment to sustainable tourism is not merely a policy but a pledge to future generations. It is a commitment to preserve the natural beauty of our nation, create prosperity for our people and lead the world in responsible tourism practices,” Hilaire asserted.

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  1. How is it responsible for200- 300 acres to be utilized for golf instead of fruit and nut trees and local agriculture and now you are putting 1200 room hotel in Cas En Bas bay a phockin HYATT Smh …..who’s providing water for that?….? Certainly not Wasco …..!!!
    ……….woiii…… what you need to invest in and bring onto this island is reusable and recyclable garbage waste bags………

  2. aA, this says the man who drives a gas guzzler (range rover) damaging the environment. Why don’t the minsters all go around in Electric vehicles. Y didn’t u as a minister buy an electric vehicle. Anyone who preaches this and doesn’t hv an electric vehicle is ONLY TALK. BS

  3. The last three commenters have said it all!! Bayteez to the so-called “sustainable tourism”. I am not impressed by the ministers words! uh-uh!

  4. Hilaire, all your big words and all your high level meetings in the Bahamas and all over the region and international world mean nothing to the local hotel worker, taxi driver, market vendor and the list goes on. You need to break it down and explain to them how you will make this into dollars so they can meet their commitments.

    During your Campaign you spoke their language with lies and insuting their intelligence. The moment you won the election you changed your vocabulary so they do not understand exactly what you are doing.

    Hilaire, one more time you have messed another one up. Tourism was doing much better in time of Covid than presently. It is quite evident that you have mis managed the industry. The flights have decreased, the cruise ships have stopped, regional tourist have stopped completely due to lack of transportation.

    When will you admit that we are heading into the worst situation ever and stop using all your big words to disguise the situation. If you have any integrity left in you, please tell those people depending on tourism the truth. Nothing but the truth.

  5. Re Article/Jah Guide comments, you are so on track and can see and smell the verbal excrement coming from that mouth of him….. He should talk about a fair living minimum wage for the workers that will serve and take care of Tourists…. He is full of what the bull refuse… He is acting as a snake -Oil salesmen..
    Folks,, stand up against the people that’s using You as Fool’s and why should you tolerate that foolery ?


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