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UWP Accused Of Wanting To Return To Office ‘By Whatever Means Necessary’


External Affairs Minister Alva Baptiste has accused the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) of seeking to return to government by all means.

The electorate voted the UWP out of office at the July 26, 2021 elections, which the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) won by a landslide.

“We are now caught in a situation where the labour party is developing the country while they are angry because they want to get back into power by whatever means necessary,” Alva Baptiste declared.

The Laborie MP spoke Sunday at the annual general meeting of the SLP’s Castries South East constituency on the theme – ‘Unite In Caring For A Better Future’.

He told his audience Saint Lucia needs a stable and harmonious environment for growth and development.

Baptiste, however, observed that people seem restless in every constituency.

“People seem to want things and want it now. But you know what? The more people are like that, the more you need God to intervene. The more you need unity in our society,” the Minister stated.

According to Baptiste, the restlessness was a symptom of how much Saint Lucians suffered for over five years under the previous administration.

He said citizens paid taxes to benefit a few people in the society.

Baptiste recalled the destruction of the laptop and National Initiative to Create Employment (NICE) programmes.

He said NICE employed thousands of families.

“They increased the price of fuel,” Baptiste observed, adding that food became more expensive as a result.

He said people were calling for systemic change everywhere and seeking relief.

The Laborie MP said the SLP came in focused on addressing the social issues impacting the most vulnerable.

Baptiste said increasingly, people are seeing the light and understand that the labour party ‘is the way to go.’

After outlining several relief measures the SLP had implemented since taking office, the MP told his audience that they are always better off under an SLP administration.

“And you must ensure that those policies continue,” Baptiste noted.

But he said the only way to achieve that is to unite behind those policies and the party introducing and sustaining them.

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  1. Alva, either you have not understood the cry of the people and you do not care. I believe in my opinion it is the latter. The people are hurting financially, spiritually and mentally. He who feels it will know it. They do not want short term employment such as “NICE.” They are tired of that – there is no future for the youths. They want to earn a living and not have to depend on your government. They want to decide their own destiny and not depend on you and your government to control it for life. Is that too much to ask ? How long do they have to wait when all they see is one four steps backward and one step forward. Nothing seems to be be moving in the right direction and to make it worst, they are being taxed. Lord put a hand for us

  2. Mischief,
    Rome wasn’t built in a day. Everything, EVERYTHING, takes time build, to see and achieve results. And yes, we have been suffering for years, upon years. From the outside looking in, I see the current admin have done good things which benefits everyone. As with everything, there will be some who aren’t satisfied, which is expected. Let’s call a spade a spade; I’m pretty confident there are those in opposition who can attest to the good things this admin have accomplished.

  3. These guys don’t impress me anymore. A bunch sweet talkers., in reality they are empty yawns yawns 😴😴😴

  4. So what is wrong with that? And yall want to protect the victory by any means necessary and alva how you lieing so about they increased the price of fuel? Under uwp people were paying way less fuel than we are now aa you think people forgot that smh.

  5. SMH. To me the price mechanism was put in place by KDA yeasr ago. So how did UWP increase the price of fuel? ARE YOU SERIOUS said that Good things have been done that benefit everyone. maybe u should hv mentioned ONE thing that has benefited everyone. I don’t know. Before elections Emma, Alvina and Poyotte were on a show talking about NICE and STEP. It’s damning when that is the main economic focus NICE and STEP. Short term lil paying jobs that one cyah afford to even buy a mattress at COURTS on hire purchase from those jobs. SLP wanna protect victory at any means and UWP wanna return to power by any means. Difference- One will paint railing yellow the other will paint the rialing red and white.

  6. The Labour Party is so incoherent and incompetent that the Laborie MP, and so for umpteen years, says that all constituencies are restless BUT people are seeing the light that Labour is the way to go. So why are they restless?
    In one speech he cannot be coherent because he is incapable of comprehending how incompetent his party is and has always been.
    Then to top it off the buffoon calls for UNITY. The party that damaged St Lucia during Covid with 24/7 aggravation, marches, weekly news conferences, refusal to support any government intervention, physical violence, maypuis , reputational attacks, now calls for UNITY.
    In the face of cratering tourism, joblessness, crazy inflation, increasing onerous taxes , food prices throught the roof we must have UNITY because Labour need to fill their pockets and take care of family and friends.
    So pierre alva fredericks hillaire king feeling the heat, not from the opposition but from their mismanagement, incompetence, bleeding of the treasury, lack of planning or policies. Like kenny saying VF is a “Mecca of Peace” and within 72 hrs 3 people get gunned down.
    History just repeating itself!

  7. Another food fight. Alva slinging a ham bone after Chas. Fedee is throwing bouillon on Pierre’s pants. Hilaire is getting ready to hurl a slice of breadfruit after Spider.

    The theatre never ends. If the price of gas was increased under Chas, why doesn’t he lower the price? Another bs artist.

  8. So Alva since you are so good at Maths please explain the following to me.
    Scarce Harbour front Land gets sold at Bannans at $25.00 a square foot.
    Subsequently one of your notorious ministers declares that another piece of land just 900 meters away is worth $1,000 square foot. Millions of dollars difference in price.

    Who is the beneficiary of the millions of dollars in the difference between the two valuations?
    So family and friends are what matters not the ordinary Lucian.
    Maybe that is why we suffering because you all Maths is so deficient!

  9. Unbelievable. What incredible hypocracy. The SLP and its press acolytes used misinformation, lies and inuendo to get the UWP out of office. They used their absolute control of the unions for their own nefarious misdeeds. They still have their rabid mongrel making useless noise on Thursdays despite his numerous fetid skeletons in his closet. They own most of the media houses with proises of contracts, positions on boards and other reckless promises. Have they traded, government-owned, waterfront land for peanuts to satisfy their campaign financiers? Even the pot banger raises his head now and then to ensure his name is booked as a passenger on the gravy train. There is no boundary that SLP won’t cross to keep power in St. Lucia including changing our constitutional guarantees as they have already proved.

  10. i believe St,. Lucians should look for a different platform of leadership. These 2 parties done a lot of damaging things to its own citizens, causing mass migration after utilizing the government scholarship programs. It is in not mass volume but those who enjoy it are not on our soil… look at the reality

  11. Alva from July 27th 2021 they have been trying to come back in power with their propaganda and evil. They don’t like you because you are like a lightening rod from hell to them. I like where you emphasize “the SLP came in focused on addressing the social issues impacting the most valuable.” The laptop program all little Ishmael’s in the heights can do their homework. They assuming food is cheap and the government can buy it for next to nothing the government is not in the business of importing groceries to begin with they only issue licenses to do so. Things expensive all over just now they will see less barrels coming down and wonder why, just the cardboard barrel alone is US $70 don’t ask how much for the blue one and damn near $200 just to send it here and that doesn’t include the groceries to put in it.

  12. When it is their power to act promptly with ⚖️ justice for a minun wage to untie the colts of the donkeys ❓

  13. Your tinted windows are right up again when passing through laborie. When you all lose and you are in opposition your windows right down and you even hanging out by the market. Alva, you must learn one day.


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