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Pierre Leads Saint Lucia Delegation On Official Visit To Venezuela


Prime Minister Hon. Philip J. Pierre and an official Saint Lucia delegation have embarked on a historic state visit to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela – the mission to solidify and enhance the longstanding diplomatic relations between Saint Lucia and Venezuela.

The visit marks a pivotal moment in the resurgence of cooperative efforts between the two nations following a brief hiatus in bilateral relations.

Prime Minister Pierre is set to engage in discussions and initiatives aimed at deepening cooperation in various productive sectors, fostering goodwill, and reinvigorating the bonds of friendship that have connected Saint Lucia and Venezuela for decades.

Key Objectives of the visit:

Renewing Diplomatic Bonds: Prime Minister Pierre’s visit underscores Saint Lucia’s commitment to rekindling its historic friendship with Venezuela. This trip serves as a symbolic gesture of unity and hemispheric cooperation.

Elevating Collaboration: The delegation led by Prime Minister Pierre will explore opportunities to elevate collaboration in the education, culture, commerce, and energy sectors.

PetroCaribe and Energy Sector: Discussions will focus on upgrading the PetroCaribe cooperation program, ensuring energy security, and promoting sustainable development in Saint Lucia.

Education and Language Training: Initiatives will be explored to enhance Spanish language education in Saint Lucia and provide educational opportunities for Saint Lucian students in Venezuela.

Cultural Exchange: The visit seeks to deepen cultural ties through initiatives in the music and arts sectors, fostering a stronger connection between the people of both nations.

Trade Expansion: Both countries will discuss strategies to expand trade relations and promote economic growth.

The Prime Minister’s visit represents a new era of collaboration and goodwill between Saint Lucia and Venezuela, symbolizing the commitment to a brighter future filled with cooperation and shared progress.

Minister for External Affairs, Hon. Alva Baptiste and Senior Minister for Infrastructure, Hon. Stephenson King will accompany the Prime Minister on the state visit. Prime Minister Pierre is scheduled to return on October 7, 2023.

Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Ernest Hilaire will act as the Prime Minister from October 6, 2023, to October 7, 2023.

SOURCE: Office of the Prime Minister

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  1. While millions are fleeing their country you all are going there. It just shows that politicians are just wasting their time and fooling the people. Venezuela is a fail state., where Mad Do Row looks out only for the hacks…putting people first.

  2. Jackass Chas tried (together with the big bully) to overthrow the legitimate government of the people of Venezuela. Shame on him.

  3. @Max, you have absolutely no clue about what you speak. The reason for the “failed state” and suffering of the people of Venezuela is because of the Mighty Bully. For heaven’s sake, do some research for yourselves and do not allow the “press” to think for you.

  4. Venezuela has poor economic conditions food shortage the Venezuelan are leaving Venezuela in the thousands to cross the border into the US what can the government of Venezuela can possibly do for pjp

  5. Venezuela has poor econom)ic conditions food shortage the Venezuelan are leaving Venezuela in the thousands to cross the border into the US what can the government of Venezuela possibly do for pjp

  6. The Venezuelan government should not allow Pip or the Pippettes to cross their borders. Why should they trust Pip after he has betrayed Haiti on behalf of his master, Brandon? It’s not too hard to imagine how much more malevolent the level of treachery he is capable of against Venezuela!

  7. venezuela has helped st lucia, along with cuba. these are not countries to turn your back on and act like you’re a big boy and looking down on the country and it’s people. only fools would develop that mentality. our health care system sucks here, nurses from st lucia flee to the uk for bigger pay, these country help with the health care sector and it would be wise to appreciate their efforts before it’s too late and we have no health professional to help you when you’re sick and need attending to. Yess you who criticize.

  8. According to a study in 2021 three in four Venezuelans are living in extreme poverty. As of the writing of this post Venezuelans are fleeing in droves and risking their very lives to enter the US. Not sure what collaboration can be accomplished with St. Lucian leadership???????

  9. To the Anti Bolivar Folks those who worship the actions of their oppressors are destin to fail. Venezuela was good to the St Lucia and the greater Caribbean and the country was totally destroyed just like Libya and so many other countries that had prosperous economies and great leaders like Murmar Kadafy and the great Fidel at on point by the Devil America. Now they are feeling the backlash of their evil deeds tons of Venezuelans are crossing into the US and rightfully so they created that monster of instability. Now the Samson Hamas is tackling those same oppressors I wish them well in their endeavors no revolution is won by deplomacy

  10. Tread softly PjP, the U.S. is watching your move; I don’t see what is there to gain by this sudden trip. Remember for the sake of St. Lucia, you have a Tourism Industry and the bulk of the visitors are from the U.S. so don’t get Uncle Sam mad at you.
    Now, see who you are bringing with you – two dead beats – the worse, King & the other one, no habla. CUBA I don’t mind but Venezuela? you must be kidding.

  11. Go visit them but let the Venezuelans stay in their country please or they can go to Trinidad of they can accommodate them. We are I’ll equipped to deal with our own issues farless what they could bring here.

  12. Are you stupid??? there’s nothing more the Venezuelan government would love more, than to allow their citizens to come to St. Lucia. Once they are in, they will not return – return for what – back to the poverty they left? no jobs, no food for sale on the shelves? who is to house them in a St. Lucia with a chronic shortage of housing; will they take away the few jobs available for our people at the most minimum of wages? PjP are you mad? or do you want a revolution? they may come like Sheep, but with clothes covering the Guns.

  13. What ever jean Pierre wants to do that’s fine but openning the flood gate to the Venezuelan people will bring nothing but chaos and distruction to st lucia these people are wired differntly and think differently ask united states and ask Trinidad ? Or please watch crime watch on youtube

  14. THE CROW thanks for the words of wisdom “DO SOME RESEARCH”. Currently the world is seeing a great shift. B.R.I.C.S and the African revolution. Are you not looking and listening?
    We need to start looking in a direction where two legs can stand and backup is available.
    Are you not tired of being subserviant?

    What does Mexico, Venezula, and Guyana have in common?
    Do you really beleive the news on American TV about these places?
    What is the real reason for a trade embargoe?
    America the great really likes you? Go back and lsiten to the speach from the American at the UN Assembly on wanting to devalue our EC dollar. Let us know how you felt after listening.


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