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Grenadian National With 25 Rounds Of Ammunition Nabbed At George F.L. Charles Airport

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On Friday, October 6, 2023, about 3:30 PM, the Criminal Investigations Department [C.I.D] received a report of Possession of Ammunition at the George F.L. Charles Airport and the arrest of a Grenadian National regarding this discovery.

In response to this information, investigators proceeded to the George F.L. Charles Airport. Upon their arrival, they spoke with law enforcement personnel who were present, including the Customs and Excise Department.

Initial inquiries revealed that a Grenadian National, forty-eight year-old Francis David Lincoln Richards had a scheduled flight to depart Saint Lucia for Barbados, followed by a further journey to Grenada.

During the routine luggage screening of Mr. Francis Richards’ belongings, twenty-five [25] rounds of .22 calibre ammunition were discovered and seized.

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As a result, Francis Richards was arrested and subsequently charged with Possession of Ammunition and Attempting to Export Ammunition.

He was presented before the First District Court, where he pleaded guilty to both charges. A date has been scheduled for sentencing.

SOURCE: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force. Headline photo: Internet stock image

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  1. 2 weeks in prison?
    $500. BAIL?
    House arest?
    Pick one!
    Oh a slap on the wrist!
    The system is forever easier with foreigners…..

  2. The man plead Guilty and another date for his Sentencing which will be $2.500. and $1.000 .The usual fine .ST.Lucia is so advance in Criminal Activity. Criminals can purchase anything illegal and travel back to their Country

  3. You mean after pleading guilty he still cannot be sentenced? St Lucian magistrates are a waste of time. He is not from St Lucia to make background check. What a waste

  4. nah something not right here. Journalist follow this story, there is something fishy about this story. 1st off a man of this age will try to so something like that? there is a link to something either mentally or emotionally or stupidity

  5. Just wait till the Venezuelans start coming, some with Diplomatic Documents; can they be checked? some with some $.U.S. can you prevent any from buying Lucian Passports? Land? Business? will that trip to Venezuela spell trouble for St. Lucia?

  6. “Just wait till the Venezuelans start coming,”

    Indeed. They’re causing even more havoc in Trinidad than it had prior. The government here has no clue how to control our small time criminals and those in high places. Imagine when the cartel comes over.

  7. idk whats the big fuss about Venezuelans. Are they human beings? Haven’t there tax payer dollars built the vigi play field among others and also were once selling fuel to the island. Why we want to eat from the pot and bore a hole in it too? Some lucians are so selfish they does die and go with it, not even in hell they try to change their nasty selfish attitude. What did St. Lucia ever build for another country, name me one?

  8. @ anonymous I can tell its either you have never traveled or plainly stupid and definately haven’t lived closely to hispanics from south America its not just Venezuela but lots of other south American countries but those of you thinking its a great thing when shit stsrts to smell we all will smell it
    these people are like wild hogs anywhere they go they will destroy just like wild pigs you don’t believed me look south to trinidad and tobago these people reaping havoc don’t want to look south then look northwest to the usa big cities you will see crime and nastiness plus trash everywhere they live these people really live like wild animals like I said earlier a pig will be a pig regardless where that pig goes its just the nature of the beast full stop


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