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Attorney Cites Prejudice In Murder Of Saint Lucian In Martinique

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An attorney for the family of a Saint Lucian national murdered in Martinique in 2019 has expressed his personal opinion that prejudice moved the perpetrator to shoot the victim fatally.

Attorney at Law Seydou Diarra spoke with St. Lucia Times after a Fort de France court jailed Daniel Marie-Rose for fifteen years for the murder of Saint Lucian Shereem Alcindor, also known as Terry.

Diarra said he was happy with the verdict after the three-day trial.

In addition to the fifteen-year sentence, Daniel Marie-Rose has to compensate the victim’s family.

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Diarra felt it was a hate crime.

“This is my personal view because for him (the perpetrator), all Saint Lucians are thieves and bad. They come in Martinique to sell drugs and commit crimes,” the Attorney stated.

He expressed confidence that had the deceased been a Martinique national, the perpetrator would not have killed him.

Daria said the perpetrator shot Shereem Alcindor multiple times.

The incident occurred in the Pays-Mêlé au Lamentin district.

The Attorney at Law recalled that Alcindor, 27, brought his motorcycle to a mechanic shop, and Daniel Marie-Rose started recording a mobile phone video.

The Attorney said his Saint Lucian client told Marie-Rose he did not want to appear in the video recording and requested that he desist.

Daria said eventually, a physical altercation ensued in which Marie-Rose sustained injuries Alcindor inflicted with a stick.

Someone stopped the fight, and Marie-Rose left, vowing to return.

Daria said the perpetrator  returned, shooting his client four times, at one point vowing to kill the Saint Lucian.

“It was awful,” the Attorney declared.

He said Alcindor had been living in Martinique for the past five years.

 Saint Lucians are believed to comprise the largest immigrant group living in Martinique, followed by Haitians.

Headline photo: Shereem Alcindor – Deceased







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  1. The St.Lucians guys living and Travelling to Martinique by boat illegally have one Agenda is Robbery. And Drugs so that’s the end Result. The French Shitstem and English Shitstem is very Different

  2. Some st lucians not all … We came here in Martinique to work for a better living …The leaders of our island …We ask u to open jobs for the young people …This is why so many st lucians entering Martinique by sea they call it back door…Doing horrible things on the french island..When ever things goes wrong in Martinique they would say oh st lucians …they have been putting all of us in the same box. St lucian do this and that sometimes it’s true..There are very good hard working people from St Lucia here in Martinique.

  3. @anony, lets face the facts, St. Lucia politics will never create a greener pasture for its younger generation, its all narratives NOTHING goes further. Additionally if lucians pay keen attention to go to school and learn what they can and move to another island or country to better themselves no problem. but what i would say will touch some hard facts, 80% of St. lucians do not believe in hard work and earnings, many make booms, jamets, thieve and robb to survive … blame the politicians no you voted for them because they support your occupation

  4. @anonymous of course it’s not all st lucians fortunately but too many tough…
    St lucians would never have accepted that people from another island do just the half that some of theirs countrymen do in Martinique. Dealing, robbing, killing, raping…
    It’s mostly the ones traveling back and forth all the time who are the problem. The ones established permanently in Martinique are mostly regular people and are welcomed.

  5. Lucian immigrants in people country doing crime. People in Martinique are right to think that way, if people from another county came to Lucia and did half the crime Lucians do in Martinique we would want them out by all means.


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