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Police Commissioner Says RSLPF Determined To Hold Gun Crime Perpetrators Accountable


Amid a surge in gun crime, Police Commissioner Cruscita Descartes-Pelius has warned perpetrators that the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) will hold them accountable.

Descartes-Pelius spoke as Saint Lucia secured special operations equipment and more than $400,000 from the Republic of China (Taiwan) to equip the Forensic Services Unit with cutting-edge firearms examinations and analysis capabilities.

The Police Commissioner explained that assistance in tracing firearms was vital now.

Descartes-Pelius declared that criminals often believe they can act with impunity and escape.

“But today, we are letting you know that we are determined to put whatever we are going to receive today to use to hold you accountable for your actions,” she stated.

The Police have, in the past weeks, announced a slew of successful operations during which they seized illegal guns and ammunition and arrested several suspects.

But senior officers and members of the public are known to be concerned over what they deem to be paltry bail granted by the court for illegal gun and ammunition possession, equating it to a ‘slap on the wrist’ and a potential source of discouragement to the Police in their anti-crime battle.

However, the Police Commissioner has encouraged officers to continue working hard to make Saint Lucia a better place.

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  1. Madam Chief, It is nice to know we are getting all the required support from China and Taiwan. Apart from the nice presentation to receive the hardware and whatever else comes along with the package, what do you have in place with the government to make use of the equipment. Is SLU ready to collect, manipulate, store the data from those hardware devices. Raw data means nothing if they are not going to be used to get results. Do you have a team dedicated to use those equipments and get the require results from them. Again, it does not make sense to blow your horn and after six months those same pieces of hardware becomes a piece of furniture in your office. Please tell us what results you plan to get from those devices when they are finally implemented. Let us know your time line to start collected data and then turn them into useful data so you can get results – thank you.

  2. All Illegal Firearms Should be Handed over to the Firearms expert for Testing to find out whether these Guns have been involved in Shootings. (Homicides) .The Fines for illegal Guns and Ammunition is a Joke in St.Lucia


  4. Police Commissioner, we all know you mean well but you should hold back this article and first focus on revamping this ridiculous court bailing system we have in existence. As a police commissioner you need to step forward and demand that this judiciary system be changed even if it takes legislation. I think the police are doing an exceptional job, but what a shame to send them in harm’s way just to give a criminal a slap on the wrist (easy come, easy go, I’ll be back soon). Some of these criminals have killed 3,4 people and are still on the streets. We are having all these crimes because our judicial system is piss poor. Fix it and you will see the change. I have stopped reading articles on crime cause it’s so disgusting to learn that another Wild, Wild West Man will be roving the streets again pretty soon.

  5. The Commissioner and the cops are doing their fair share in seizing illegal guns. What they can’t control is the quick exit on bail on the other end. It must be very frustrating to see a person arrested for an illegal weapon out the next day. Also, knowing that person is returning to the same old tricks. That loophole has to be closed by the government. Absolutely no bail for people discovered with illegal guns should be the law.
    To see Pierre in the media after grisly gun homicides. He looks frazzled, as if he expects the solution to drop from the skies. He has not recognized the effects of letting gunmen out on bail, who will be immediately returning to their core behaviors. Somehow, this simple thought flies over his head. Worse, Pierre is clueless about the effects of deterrence. At present he has very little. A security professional he is not. While he dabbles in the business, others will pay with their lives.

  6. Madame commisioner, the criminals are always being held accountable. We been doing police raids after raid, seizing guns charging ppl and ………. The real criminals are actually those in the house of parliament and jackets in the courts.

  7. Again … intelligent public comments which should be put in place by the so-called “powers that be”.

    Every comment on this article is on point and “touchable”. If we the public can think it, and know it – why not the judiciary, top police and the minister for security of the country?? This is incredible … just incredible. It is time for action, and not lip service.

    Tough times for touch crimes.

  8. Lang Lang Shu October 12, 2023 At 1:02 pm

    The police are not the ones responsible for the judicial system. THEY DON’T WRITE LAWYERS. JUDGES/MAGISTRATES DON’T WRITE LAWS. POLITCIANS CREATE THE LAWS. Judges can only operate within the framework of the law. If politicians write laws that set bail for gun crime at 1,000,000 then judges will abide by that. As is always the case, the problem starts and ends with the politicians.

  9. “V- noted: We know who writes laws”. If you read carefully I am saying “demand that the judicial system be changed”. Everyone knows she cannot make laws. However, because of her position and authority she can have input, she can make recommendations to her boss PJP or even to her Parliamentary rep. People in high position should not be just getting paid big salaries to manage. Their job should always consist of a broader scope as to create ideas to improve their community or the country. This is how we move forward.

  10. “V- noted: Of course you are quite correct, but everyone should know that legislators write laws”. If you read carefully I am saying “demand that the judicial system be changed”. We know she cannot make laws. However, because of her position and authority she can have input, she can make recommendations to her boss or even to her Parliamentary rep. People in high position should not just be getting paid big salaries to manage. Their job should also consist of a broader scope of responsibilities such as to create ideas, improve their department, improve other areas of concern, their community or their country. This is how we move forward.

  11. she can make recommendations to her boss PJP or even to her Parliamentary rep

    She certainly can. You certainly can as well. We have been screaming to high heaven that current bail is not a deterrent. POLITICIANS HEAR. THEY CHOOSE TO DO NOTHING ABOUT IT. Unless you people start laying the blame squarely where it belongs there will be no progress. For decades now gun crime has been increasing. Have you seen any change in the law addressing gun crime? No politician has put any motion to change these laws. They remain unaccountable and this shit show continues. The problem starts and ends with politicians. St. Lucia is a circus masquerading as a country. Nothing works like it should in a civilised society.

  12. Do our Judges and Magistrates have that same level of determination?

    With the examples of individuals caught with firearms, bailed and caught again with firearms, committed murder by firearm it doesn’t look like they do.

    We need to start seeing convictions that said if the convictions do start happening we will then need to expand on Bordelais!

  13. I would not advise anyone to trust the police. Richard said last night that he has a big folder of information given to him by police officers. If that level of corruption exists in the force then no one is safe. Anyone reporting a crime will be betrayed by the police and RF and might end up dead.

  14. The police and police commissioner and all the high ranking officers needs to keep their flappers shut and go after the criminal elements in this country and they know very well who these criminal elements are those who don’t know knows someone that knows who they are so enough of the talking we want results


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