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Chastanet: Waiting For the Next Election To Vent Frustration Won’t Work ‘In This Situation’

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Ahead of a planned protest march on Saturday against the government, opposition leader Allen Chastanet told a news conference on Thursday that the traditional wait for elections to vent dissatisfaction would not work.

“I know, and I hear of the anger that people have. But the traditional way of waiting for the next election to vent our frustration and our dissatisfaction with the government in this situation is not going to work,” the United Workers Party (UWP) leader declared.

The former Prime Minister said what was occurring in Saint Lucia was unprecedented.

He described the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) administration as untrustworthy, incompetent, incapable, and heartless.

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Saturday’s planned opposition protest march will take place in Vieux Fort.

Chastanet explained that there were multiple reasons for choosing the venue, while stating that what was taking place at St. Jude Hospital was a travesty.

“It is taking place in the South because I don’t think there’s any place where we have seen the policies of this government to be so oppressive to the citizens,” he told reporters.

The Micoud South MP referred to the ‘unconstitutional (crime)suppression Act’ as taking away civil liberties from people in the South without any accountability.

“No one has said anything. No one knows to what extent the Suppression Act has been used. There is no proper reporting of how many people’s homes were walked into, how many cars were set aside, how many people have been confined to their homes,” Chastanet observed.

He also stated that a development plan for the South had been dismantled with nothing to replace it.

Chastanet said Saturday’s protest march was to convey to the government that ‘enough is enough’.

“No violence. Simply to come out on Saturday and show this government that you are involved and you are engaged and you recognise your rights,” he asserted.

Headline photo: Allen Chastanet (File image)

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  1. I willill not say that all of them are heartless but indeed slp has lots of heartless politicians among them especially the new comers. All they do is create discord among people. These new comers are not there for us or the betterment of the country. If you can’t have love within you for people how can you ever do what is right. We need a new party with God fearing people who will inject spiritual aspect in the country. Unless we learn to love and fear God nothing will work for us. Peace and love

  2. St.Judes is not a travesty by any stretch of the imagination. The hospital will be completed under this current SLP administration. There is no oppression in St.Lucia and no trampling on civil rights. There is a judicial system to address legislation that is in violation of the constitution. Politicians need to stop exploiting the people for their selfish polical interests. This political protest march is unwarranted.

  3. Who is complaining ? I am not complaining . I haven’t heard anyone complaining, except a few in opposition who will oppose for opposition sake. We need unity, not division at this time, when the world is turning upside down. I forgot this was politics and will never happen, even though the heavens may fall.

  4. Life is hard but then again why complain. The opposition just wants to get back in power to make more bobol useless match that will be . When the elections is call in 26 Chastanet will lose the micoud south seat chastanet has Jewish people in his family

  5. We are not complaining life is hard even in America mate think that black people will vote him back in power Chastanet need to go learn a trade…

  6. I have a few questions. 1. Why didn’t the former Prime Minister complete St Judes under UWP? 2. Why was St Judes stopped for so long? Why few months before election a work was started on a new section of St Judes with no roof or partitions or electrical works or plumbing? But it would be completed in a short space of time. What did he do in the five plus years of he leadership of the country? Where did all the hundreds of millions go? I’m no qualified auditor but something is not right with the accounting.

  7. @For st lucia no one is afraid of the LOO-HOO-ZUH-HER Allen Chastanet 15 2. Next time he’ll be wiped out, cry salty tears

  8. By God’s Grace St Jude’s hospital will be completed. In 2026 we giving UNITED WRECKERS OF THE POOR 17-0.

    All Chas have right now is a bunch of lies that ain’t going nowhere. Even a grade 1 child knows a fibe from the truth and the grade 1 will tell you every word that spew out of Chas mouth are blatant lies.


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