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‘Let Them March!’ – Pierre Responds To Planned UWP Protest


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has declared that he has no problem regarding Saturday’s planned United Workers Party (UWP) protest march in Vieux Fort against the government.

“My perspective is, let them march. I have no problems,” Pierre told a news conference on Friday.

“If you have a situation where an opposition has been devastated in the polls 15-2 and you lost the Micoud North seat you can always have a march,” he told reporters.

“We have said that we live in a democratic society. It is everybody’s right to march,” the Prime Minister declared.

Pierre declared that he believes in Saint Lucia and Saint Lucians, who make the right choices.

“Saint Lucians understand the facts and the issues. Saint Lucians don’t get confused with noise and propaganda and anger and hatred and envy,” he asserted.

In this regard, Pierre said he was unperturbed by angry, frustrated individuals who believe they have a divine right to rule Saint Lucia and do not understand that the people have spoken.

He said his interest was in youth employment, the youth economy, education to ensure every household has a university graduate, paying more CXC fees for students, and expanding universal health care.

Pierre also said his interest is completing St. Jude Hospital and giving ten million dollars to small and medium-sized enterprises to expand and provide housing.

He declared that Saint Lucians were interested in moving forward.

In addition, Pierre said the Cabinet of Ministers focuses on developing Saint Lucia and is uninterested in anger, hatred, innuendoes, and threats.

“We understand the need for opposition. But we are not intimidated,” the Prime Minister told Friday’s news conference.

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  1. Most Honorable PJP you are a class act…you are staying focus on running the country and giving those who truly deserve a small chance which is so welcome and appreciated. Paying CXC fees for a poor malawy that’s just looking for chance to make it in society, expanding on healthcare eliminating ambulance fee, funding the police more than any other PM in St Lucia’s history, Lap top, helping small business. Don’t worry .with them fools you are doing your best, leave them for me they have the audacity to come and disturb my quality of life.

  2. Why would you worries if you know you doing a good job for the people you know you not so that why

  3. I remember when Compton was in power how much the then SLP very often kept meetings, demonstrated, banged metal pans, hauled unspeakable substances at the UWP politicians. Talking of doing childish & foolish things in the short history of Lucian politics, though silly, is nothing new. If one wants a good laugh, go to Soufriere during election time meetings; the kind of maypwee alone toward each other is laughable; so let the people have their fun in V/Fort its better than the sound of Gun fire. COME OH HOLY SPIRIT, COME.

  4. Please address Cabot the old Cap estate to Casenbas road they say is their road….they are drudging on the side of road on the land of privately owned lots on the right side of their land that they have been drudging 6-8 foot gutters for weeks now employing there own giant water pipes which is not on Cabots side of this government ROAD it’s on private land owners side of lands from cap estate to cas en bas ,it’s not CABOT road off of finch road…..,, Please proper authorities ,Housing and Planning come view for yourself the destruction of this cap cas en bas road Cabot is gutting on the side of private owned properties! And claiming to their neighborhood it’s their road an they can do whatever they please!…..Please post this STLT!,,,

  5. Agreed; talk to your Housing & Planning Minister who arranged the selling of that Parcel of Land to Cabot; I hope you agree that wasn’t under the table; who knows?

  6. I will not leave my home and go a d March in the hot sun 90 degrees Fahrenheit . The opposition is just hungry for power.

  7. Thanks # Fox, that’s why I posted it here so proper authentic authorities can come site inspection tomorrow!,,, it’s a govt road the old beach road from cap to casenbas so why are they not dredging on their side of the road ….?…? ….? But on the other side of this road?….?….?…..smPH

  8. Mr. Prime Minister, a democracy only allows peaceful protest. Let us not conflate the issue. If a group is willfully violating the laws of the land during a protest march then the perpetrators must be arrested and prosecuted. Democracy does not offer a blank slate to demonstrators to subvert or violate the laws. Many times, people have created mischief in the name of democracy ( Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA, in August 2017). Mind you, a democratic system doesn’t guarantee absolute rights.

  9. We all know the old proverb, ” Give a man a fish vs teach a man to fish”. The sad reality is that many people are content being handed fish. Generally speaking SLP supporters are happy with the crumbs given to them. I wish my people could see what they could be, the great potential they have as individuals and a people;instead of letting the malaway mindset control them.

    On a totally different note, I wonder who this highgrade person is. I picture some retiree sitting in his draws, smelling of bengay/fixion. This person is incapable of being objective.


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