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Wayne Harrow Retracts ‘Burning Of Houses’ Statement


Attorney at Law Wayne Harrow has apologised over a statement regarding burning houses during what he described as ‘ a very heated and passionate political speech.’

Harrow made the statement at a recent opposition United Workers Party (UWP) Town Hall meeting at the Belle Vue Human Resource Center, while expressing concern over the neglect of Vieux Fort South under MP, Dr. Kenny Anthony.

He noted that Anthony had served fifteen years as Prime Minister, Minister of Finance, Minister of Planning and the MP for the constituency.

Harrow said he was disappointed in Anthony.

“Today, as I stand here, I am angry at myself and Vieux Fortians. We should be more militant. And I heard the young man saying, asking us to burn houses. Maybe we have to go down that route. I said maybe. Maybe,” Harrow told the audience.

However, he apologised in a written statement on Friday ahead of the Saturday, October 14, 2023, UWP planned anti-government protest march in Vieux Fort.

The complete statement appears below:

The statement I made in Bellevue Vieux Fort North, regarding “Burning of houses”, was made during a very heated and passionate political speech.

It was never my intention to incite anyone anywhere to burn any house or houses. It was also not my intention to incite, encourage or put anyone in any state of mind to legitimize any form of criminal activity targeting any citizen or political opponent.

If anyone anywhere, intends to engage in any criminal activity because of my utterances, I ask that you to immediately desist.

Although the words have been made and published, I take this opportunity to unconditionally retract every word regarding the “burning of houses” comment.

In the circumstances, I encourage ever citizen of St. Lucia to engage in peaceful nonviolent protest. Speak up, stand up for your community, and country.

Meaningful change is possible through nonviolent means.

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  1. Why don’t you go burn your own house? There is no reason for this kind of rhetoric. Do you think that the statement you made would have some kind of influence in the mind of at least one person? The words have been spoken and cannot be retrieved. Bunch of jokers.

  2. Run the Vieux Fort seat next elections. The people of Vieux-Fort South will retire you Wayne Harrow, just like they retired Hermangild Francis.

  3. politics as usual, first Kenny saying “there will be no peace in Vieux Fort”, now Wayne response is to ” burn houses “.
    that’s why this country will always have criminals, it always start at the top.

  4. You did something good, if all other leaders were like that I do believe st. Lucia would have been better off today. You can get consume into something unintentionally and once you erred you can equally fix it rather than decepting people

  5. @Anonymous. Unintentional? Just like spider was unintentional? Give me a break! He meant every word. And because of blowback he was forced to “apologize”. Whom are you kidding?

  6. Could you imagine an Attorney @ Law making such careless statements ?????????? – I am so thankful that I left a very long time ago. My God – it’s getting from bad to worst in St. Lucia…praying.

  7. ‘Recreation”, that doesn’t mean a thing. Anyone can make a statement and retract after,rest assured it’s not coming from the heart. One can sense the hatred in the UWPs heart,they lack empathy, however, they’ll soon come to realize their speech of hate and violence, shall be their destruction.

  8. Senior you talking about hate and violence man check out the slp camp some of you all Lucian’s are so hypocritical that is why st lucia is in that mess shameful

  9. When a political party is intellectually bereft and can’t provide the people with any meaningful change that party resorts to the actions of incompetence: violence and fear. Mr. Harrow seems to be as morally corrupt as the leader of the opposition. Analytically, he doesn’t seem to know how to dissect the problems facing St. Lucia today so he prefers to engage in violence and distasteful political rhetoric. The UWP and its henchmen cannot win the battle of ideas so they get comfort in inciting violence.

  10. @ Jay – Attorneys at Law make careless statements quite often; some win, some lose; is he any different? I remember as a young boy, the one people called, ‘Avoca ti papier’ but he still made a lot of money. It is said, he showed a woman two books on his desk, a large & a small; 10 Shillings for the large, 5 Shillings for the small; the woman picked the Small one for 5 Shillings. At Court He lost as usual. It was known, the big one was a Dictionary, the small one was a prayer book. Back then when you don’t know, you just don’t know.

  11. Oh boy…what an idiot…and you have a law degree? You must have gone to school on the 8th day of the week not to realise making such an inflammatory statement against private/public property is inciting criminal activity. And therein lies the problem with our society. If this numbskull is not wise enough not to make such a statement, where is the hope for the ordinary Saint Lucian? Although I suspect the ordinary Saint Lucian has some sense not to make such a statement….one hopes…boy you are a classical idiot… first they can’t speak properly to express themselves, second, their use of rhetoric is poor and third their use of violence is a sure sign that they have no control of their emotions…a reflection of our society as a whole…

  12. Kudos to you Mr. Harrow for your apology. Comment was in poor taste especially in our current climate. I’ve heard similar rhetoric from both sides with no retraction or apology… Peter Josie- Guns comment, Dr Anthony- No peace, we will fight you..RF- Yardie and Musa chopping story, the “Bandy” one, Claudias- Bazooka comment, PJP- Tall short, old women who can barely walk..Spida encouraging supporters to call PJP jackass..etc. All of this with zero apology; instead doubling down on their errors to try to justify thier comments.

  13. Re Article, unfortunately the toothpaste have left the Tube.. He is considering burning down Vieuxfort because the boys are talking about it..
    He should be arrested for such a comment/comments..


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