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WATCH: Pierre Denies Knowing IMPACS Report Implicated A Member Of His Cabinet


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has denied knowledge that the 2014 Caribbean Community’s Implementing Agency for Crime and Security (IMPACS) report on allegations of extra-judicial killings by the local police in 2010 and 2011 implicated a member of his Cabinet.

Pierre spoke at a nationally televised news conference on Friday.

He was responding to persistent questioning by Journalist and Communication Specialist Dale Elliott.

 Elliott is also the Executive Producer at The Independent Film Co.

In 2015 then prime minister Dr. Kenny Anthony revealed that the IMPACS report concluded that  ‘blacklist or death lists’ referenced by media, human rights organisations, victims’ families, and citizens did exist.

 Anthony said that all the shootings reviewed were ‘fake encounters’ staged by the police to legitimise their actions.


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  1. Thank you STLT for posting my last post addressing Cabot claiming Cap Estate to Cas en bas road is their private road not government owned road which it is….so any owners of these lots will have zero access to their properties !,,,, in regards to Orc , it calmed the violence down, these officers Have been ostracized and outcast for years now, I think we could use another ORC Frankly and how is it that….. Cabot is not allowing people to access donkey and secret beach which is ILLEGAL again like there cap estate to Cas en bas back dirt road is not Cabot’s it’s government property how will people access their lots?….? Why are they drudging on private lots sides? Please go see authorities!!! ASAP

  2. I’d just like to add congratulations and thank you from the peoples of St Lucia for changing the NEW BAIL REGULATIONS, this I believe will actually make a difference!

  3. What a shame. The people of Saint Lucia do not deserve an answer. We need more journalism like this, not those little hacks sitting in the front row asking pointless questions to appease their masters.

  4. So, PJP ws Deputy PM and didn’t know what the report had in it. Such an important REPORT. and then some hack will tell me believe dem fellas. To me it’s even worsy saying that u didn’t know clearly showing u had no interest in knowing. Which is RIDICULOUS for someone who was the Deputy PM. The flip side is the man boldface lying. Either one just hv me SMH

    Best PM ever.

  5. The Prime Mister who “knows nothing”, that’s when he’s not l*ing through his teeth of course.
    Just embarrassing. Why is he Prime Minister again!?
    This man is not fit to lead a herd of cattle, let alone a country. God help us!

  6. My dear Angel, he may not be fit to lead a herd of Cattle, but he has and is still leading a bunch of Sheep.
    May the Good Lord who gives wisdom grant him thus, for our sake. Amen

  7. @ # The Fox

    I hear you friend : )

    Unpalatable as it was, I tried to give him a chance. Sometimes the weight of the office changes a man/woman. I’d really hope he’d try to govern for all the people.

    Contrary, he’s in constant campaign mode, and l*es like he breathes. Not to mention his constant state of cluelessness about any and everything. I mean, what gives!?

    He’s downright rude, obnoxious, disrespectful, untruthful, destructive even. Frankly, he’s the worse thing to happen to island in the last bit.

  8. What an utter embarrassment for a man who was deputy PM, the most readied to be PM as he claimed, but now seems the worst individual who’s not fit to lead the boys scouts let alone a country, Lord put a hand.

  9. It’s the “That’s not your business for me…” The most readied PM ever, the 5 star General looking no more than a court jester right now!

  10. We definitely need more Journalists like Dale Elliot. Why is he not around to Quiz not only Pierre but all those guys who continue to insult our intelligence on a daily basis. The position of PM has not changed Pierre. Instead it has revealed the person in that position. The guy is clueless and has no leadership skills in him. Instead of creating jobs and help the people decide their own destiny, he is running a government who promotes donation for the people. He gives them something here and there in the hope he can keep a dependency on the government. We are smarter than that

  11. What a disgrace presenting himself as leader of a country. I have never seen arrogance and disdain in any leader before. Could you imagine a PM telling a reporter, that’s not your business. A question the entire country needs an answer to and your response is, that’s not your business. SHAME.
    I agree with him for not knowing the Minister of his cabinet implicated in the report. He knows better than to interfere with that individual, cause King’s slap across the face will pale in comparison and more so he could bring the government to its knees. Kenny warned him. Stay in your section Kenny.

  12. Since 1997, our country has faced serious challenges under the SLP leadership. In 1996, the homicide rate was just around 8 per year, but by 2002, it had surged to 40 per year, a staggering 400% increase. The Debt to GDP Ratio also skyrocketed during this time, with little benefit to the country. The SLP government has been in power for 4 out of the last 6 terms and shares responsibility for these issues due to their failed policies. You can verify these facts with a quick online search for “macrotrends Saint Lucia murder rate chart.” It’s time to get informed and take action. Let’s rally and urge our government representatives to do better, embracing proven strategies that can steer us toward a brighter future and not just jobs for the boys.


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