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Headless Body Found In Dennery As Police Launch Choiseul Homicide Probe


Police are investigating the discovery of a man’s headless body on Thursday morning at Bois Jolie, Dennery.

The body was on the ground a short distance away from the road.

Police received a report regarding the discovery at about 6:00 a.m. and are seeking to identify the deceased.

At the same time, an autopsy Wednesday on a decomposing body found in a house at Piaye, Choiseul, on October 9, 2023, determined that the deceased had sustained a gunshot to the head.

The deceased has been identified as Danny Brown.

There are no further details at this time.



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  1. Cartel tactics. After decaps will be hangings. Then families being roasted alive. Then they will go after the politicians and police. Still some time to pull out these weeds from the garden. Window is closing fast though.

  2. The young men is st Lucia do not want to work is fast money that they are after to smoke their weed, crack cocaine and marijuana.

  3. Since 1997, our country has faced serious challenges under the SLP leadership. In 1996, the homicide rate was just around 8 per year, but by 2002, it had surged to 40 per year, a staggering 400% increase. The Debt to GDP Ratio also skyrocketed during this time, with little benefit to the country. The SLP government has been in power for 4 out of the last 6 terms and shares responsibility for these issues due to their failed policies. You can verify these facts with a quick online search for “macrotrends Saint Lucia murder rate chart.” It’s time to get informed and take action. Let’s rally and urge our government representatives to do better, embracing proven strategies that can steer us toward a brighter future.

  4. the man that came on the news and say he go in his window and he saw this one and that one pass he better be careful he not next. Just so I going to go on news and say I see this and that?

  5. Capital punishment, manufacturing jobs, revamp the education system and remembrance our values (not American/European)… an experiment worth trying!

  6. @ Fire burn you are absolutely CORRECT

    “The young men in st Lucia do not want to work is fast money that they are after to smoke their weed, crack cocaine and marijuana.”

  7. And I bet you this lovely Thursday night will be dedicated to Chastenet, Chastenet, Chastenet! Nothing on the crime wave currently gripping our nation! You think these guys care?

  8. @ Oh Really, trying to argue that the problems facing St. Lucia today are the results of SLP policies is pure sophistry. It’s disingenuous to attempt to convince anyone with this fallacious argument. There is a difference between association and causality (I will not elaborate). In 2019, St. Lucia recorded the highest homicide ever, 74, under the UWP-led government of Allen Chastanet ( St. Lucia Gazette). Meanwhile, from 2016 to 2021 the UWP-led government incurred the most debt ( foreign, regional and domestic) ever in the history of St. Lucia, $863 million, increasing the debt-to-GDP ratio to 95% (CDB). Also, in 2017 Transparency International rated St. Lucia as the most corrupt country in the OECS at 40% and one of the worst in the world. I can say without any fear of contradiction that your argument cannot stand scrutiny because it lacks merit. You should first educate yourself on the issues before asking others to verify your post.

  9. @ Truth be told – you took the word right out of my mouth.
    @ Max – agreed; Being eager to have Medals (Re: Ide Amin) grabbed the vacancy to be the ‘Chairman of the Council for National Security & Law Enforcement’, what has happened since? Some I know said, they’re ashamed to be called St. Lucian. The Devil is having a field day in St. Lucia, thanks to those who organized witch conferences here.

  10. @ harry Jefferson you expect Frederick to give a damn? Frederick is a narcissist!!! All these murders yet still he is on TV possessed with Chastanet’s name. Which minister of govt ever had a roro show? That’s what we paying for? Country burning down with crime but we pushing roro.

  11. I follow St Lucia news and the welfare of my country. The facts are there that the fist time St Lucia had 70 homicides in a year was 2021. The election year when both parties governed this country.
    All of a sudden, HTS has 2 spin doctors who have rewritten the statistics and are now claiming that 2019 the figures were 74. At the end of 2019, it stood at 68, so please tell us where the other 6 came from. I always say every year that we do not have the correct figures cause for some strange reasons the count stalls at a particular point in time.

  12. In true fashion Chastenet, Chastenet, Chastenet. Wish our politicians would use their platform to educate and elevate! Meanwhile the country is burning.

  13. @Ras Biko, you manufactured those stats and thought people would believe you ? Like Rest My Case said there were 74 murders in 2021 an election year which the SLP also won. Also you talk about debt increase during 2016-2021 as if most of this wasn’t due to covid. Before 2020 the debt to gdp did not rise by much. Let’s talk about the debt to gdp ratio going from 20% in 1997 to 50% in 2001, who was in power then? I will not come here and tell lies because it is very easy to disprove.

  14. Well said ” i rest my case”. I have been taking notes. Think we are past 70. The young intelligent people are watching silently. Watch or read the news daily and write down the necessary information. Do not rely on the media alone. Hhummmm i tell u! That is sll my saying……..

  15. With all that’s going on in dennery you would think the police would have made a number of arrest in that area
    I have a short video clip of some 4 or 5 young men in a room showing off their weapons st lucia is a very small place everybody knows everybody this video clip was sent to a friend in one of the smaller islands that sent it to me so am sure the video is out there going around the police should locate this no good and arrest and change them even if the police cannot find the weapons just like a couple years back the forestry dept saw a video on facebook of someone killing and cooking an iguana they figured who the person was and went and arrested him and charge him even though the iguana or the iguana meat had already been eaten and these fools should be granted no bail because they label them a terorist gang



    1. JUSTICE for “CHRIS” also called “BLACK JESUS” found in Castries harbour

    2. JUSTICE for “TUNE” murdered in her house

    3. JUSTICE for “KIM DELEON” murdered at her home

    4. JUSTICE for the mentally ill young man form Laborie whowandered off and was murdered



  17. We need these hotels to pay people more money so they don’t go sell drugs, if that’s what people think causing the crime

  18. We need these hotels to pay people more money so they don’t go sell drugs, if that’s what people think causing the crime


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