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Police Seek Help In Identifying Headless Body In Dennery


Police have appealed to the public for help identifying a man’s headless body in Dennery.

Dennery Police Station officers learned about the discovery at about 6:20 a.m. on Thursday.

According to a police release, investigators went to an open grassy area with a few Cedar trees in Bois Jolie, Dennery.

“They observed the lifeless body of a male individual lying on his back with his head completely severed,” the release said.

It disclosed that the officers searched in vain to find the man’s head, and his identity remains unknown.

The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) said officers are actively investigating the matter.

In addition, the RSLPF has invited anyone with information to come forward.

Individuals may call anonymously at telephone number 555.

The police have promised further updates as the homicide investigation progresses.

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  1. A Whole Headless Body? SMHhhh
    Phillip We Need To Implement Jobs Fr The Young Men
    Jobs That Dont Overwork And Barely Pay Us
    Look Out For Us Mr.Prime Minister
    It Wont Stop … Thinggs Are Getting Worst Day By Day. .. Lord Place Your Hands Over Saint Lucia.
    Please Save Us


  3. Anonymous,
    That’s bare nonsense you are posting there. For one or more persons to completely decapitate someone, lack of employment has nothing to do with it.

  4. Start off by verifying individuals unable to reach their boyfriend,brother,son, father and then deduce from that a description of said missing person….have them come confirm the body is them.

  5. Our society is riddle with devilish people because we place the enemies 1st. Politicians and Money. Situation like these are the consequences of loosing our moral compass to think straight.

  6. Justice for Chris “Black Jesus” found in the Castries habour.

    Justice for Tune ” murdered in her house.”

    Their lives matter

    They know, and God knows, JUSTICE!

  7. All that story of killing day after day after day, is enough to make one sick. Since when St. Lucia became that way? though there were always shootings, but since THAT WOMAN found it fit to invite INTERNATIONAL WITCHES for a conference in St. Lucia, all things turn upside down. Now not only shootings, but BEHEADING; when you deal with the Devil for power or for gain, you may get it but for a bitter price; maybe you won an election, maybe eliminate your ‘Drug rival’ by shooting but the Devil wants a body or a HEAD;
    You don’t know what you’re dealing with? don’t play games with the Devil.

  8. @jojo I agree with your post. I am very often confused with post which blame criminal activity on unemployment. The Lucians who have decided to become criminals by choice is certainly not looking for legitimate employment. These are demons and instruments of the devil without a conscience.

    I left St. Lucia at a very young age and during time I saw many drug dealers who are now deceased. They never worked a legitimate job and they were not looking either.

    By the way, the drug dealers who died and all their family members suffered tremendously when it was all said and done…they died penniless, great suffering and pathetic..choices have consequences and that’s the reality and the facts of life.

  9. Is the police dumb or what?….they are seeking public assistance in identifying yet no release of atleast a clothing description,complexion, identification mark of a scar or tattoo but already asking public assistance….just thursday a man got shot by Massy waterfront and the said victim was conscious on arrival and stated to the police exactly who shot him but still they calling for witnesses……I swear the whole law and judiciary shitstem is more evil than good,they are enabling perpetrators to perpetuate crimes……st.lucia doomed long time!…..most of you would never realize that Babylon is the devil’s playground and they’re design to destroy mankind and God’s plan…they making guns and flood our country’s and communities so that we can eliminate each other and then set laws to guide and protect killers,once you have enough money!you good to go.
    Question is who is really ready to repatriate and leave this shitstem and trod to a holy place back to the motherland cuz with Babylon the shituation only gets worse….call me crazy whilst losing your families, friends and the entire younger generation….other than this Babylon nice eh!…y’all will never wah leave because of the beautiful material Babylon things. …..Mi TYAD RASTA!

  10. Dem police on shate. I am sure the body has tattoos and other distinguishing marks on it. Take photos of these and circulate them, then we will assist. Make it seem like you incompetents know what you are doing. What a shame!

  11. Act # 1 – Scene # 1
    What makes me think that this first act, may usher a pattern of the same, and one may want to upgrade the previous by doing the ugliest; I suspect occult practices want payment for the evil gains he provided to some for worldly goods & power.
    Shot term gains achieved by unholy acts can destroy & bankrupt this nation. I fear greatly for St. Lucia – unless you all return to the S.A.V.I.O.R. by faith in Jesus.


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