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‘Known Individual’ Shot La Clery Resident In The Chest

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A police release said a La Clery, Castries resident informed investigators that a known individual shot him in the chest on Thursday.

Around 6:30 a.m. that day, Criminal Investigations Department officers in Castries responded after learning of the shooting.

At the Massy Supermarket, Waterfront, Castries, the officers observed a shirtless male in front of the supermarket.

According to the police release, the man had what appeared to be blood dripping down his abdomen.

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“The Officers approached the victim, who was conscious at the time. He identified himself as Carlton Biscette of La Clery, Castries. Carlton Biscette informed the officers that a male individual known to him shot him in the chest area,” the release stated.

It said Saint Lucia Fire Service responders assessed the victim and transported him via ambulance to a medical facility, where he was reported in stable condition.

In addition, the release said investigators’ attempts to locate potential witnesses were futile.

Amid ongoing investigations, the police have appealed to the public for information, disclosing that people can provide tips anonymously at telephone number 555.

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  2. Sin and punishment
    “Say Say to them, this is what the LORD says : Gather together (in the house of prayer,
    I have listened attentively, but they do not say What is right..
    They cling to decit ;they refuse to return.
    No one repents of his wickedness, Saying what have I done.
    Each pursues his own course like a horse charging into battle..
    Why then have these people turned away ?
    Why does 🇱🇨 St Lucia always turn away ?
    They did not ask where is the LORD, who brought us out of Égypte
    Therefore I will bring charges against you again.” dec… the LORD.
    “And I will bring charges against your children’s children…
    “My people have committed two sins :
    They have forsaken me, the spring of the living water…

  3. “Put down the guns!” Everyone is saying it so why not me. I know saying it changes nothing, however, I always wanted to say it…no matter how asinine it sounded. This is what you scream when come to the realization that you are trapped. You are only an observer watching events in motion and no input. I have heard almost everyone scream the obligatory phrase, from Pierre, to the man on the streets.
    By now it should be crystal clear that no one is listening to the exhortations. As a matter of fact we are on course for the highest murder count. So much for anyone paying attention to the chorus singers. The place is shell-shocked. A cowering population, who seem to think that the “de devil” is responsible, instead of the policies of people in charge. The politicians and religion have the people precisely where they want them.
    Within a period of three decades, we have been able to produce super criminals, serial killers, and many others with pathological behaviors. We have even spread our “goodwill” to Martinique and other Caribbean islands. It’s time to be assertive with criminals and recognize that beast for what it is. I don’t think Pierre is the man for that change. He needs to get out fast from that security role and hand the job to someone who is able.

  4. I thought the guy gave the police the information they needed. Why are they still asking for witnesses to come forward? Have they made an arrest or at least brought the person in for questioning? It sounds like a joke now. We are literally out of control. With a Police Force that has no investigative skills. Maybe most of them can’t even read or write and if you think I’m joking, listen to our deputy speaker of the house and his Pre-K speaking.

  5. ‘In addition, the release said investigators’ attempts to locate potential witnesses were futile.’
    The Richard ‘FILE BIG SO’ is having the intended effect. People are scared sh#tless to say anything to the police.

    Understand this,
    GOD :
    Who is not with me,is against me ❗
    The devil 🐍 was and is a murderer and a liar from the begining and does not stand the light (truth ….
    God’s word does not return to him without accomplish or fulfill…

  7. I am somewhat lost as the article stated the victim knew the assailant and he was conscious when he made the statement ????????

  8. the part in the article which says the police is seeking public assistance, seems to be a copy and paste from the publisher. Castries basin is packet with CCTV. Let the police do their job and lets hope the judicial system do not continue to fail the police work. Get raid of the cockroaches.

  9. Come on people, make it make sense. The victim knows the perpetrator, the victim gave a name, obviously, someone is harbouring the suspect. I’m hoping that person who’s giving him refuge don’t become a victim him/herself.

  10. How you expect witnesses to come forward when you have police officers giving out information freely to other known criminals, just think about it. Me myself wouldn’t.

  11. My dearly L❤️VE 🇱🇨 St Lucians, wether good or bad, I love everyone,and want to share with you, but I am not ashamed to tell you that I have a godless familly (s) but no doubt about it that God can change the bad into good,and my point is after death there is no forgiveness,and whithout (Sanctification it is impossible to see God…
    For God has no pleasures in the death of a (sinner)…
    Who can count the dust (inheritance)of Jacob or numbered (the fourth of Israël ?


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