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‘Remarkable’ – Dr. Kenny Anthony Welcomes Return Of Horse Racing To Vieux Fort

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Parliamentary Representative for Vieux Fort South, Dr Kenny D. Anthony, has welcomed the return of horse racing in his constituency. According to him,

“Last Sunday’s horse racing event was not only remarkable but hugely successful. It defied all expectations

None of what happened would have been possible without the generosity and interest of Rayneau Gadjadhar whose company prepared the track and even after the event rolled the track to allow grass to grow evenly on its surface. It really was a pleasure to see the army of employees of the company in attendance at the races.

Spectators at horse race
Spectators at horse race.

SLASPA too, deserves the thanks and commendation of all. SLASPA understood the yearning of the young people of Vieux Fort for horse racing and yielded the site to them for the event. That decision made all the difference.

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Then too there were donors, the many individuals and commercial establishments who called the organizers and offered their support and assistance. They too understood the value of horse racing to the community and its significance to the young people of the south.

Not to be forgotten were my constituents and the patrons who attended, not only to express their support and solidarity but simply to enjoy the event.”

According to Dr Anthony,

“I can only hope that the time will come soon when our horsemen, who for years nurtured their love and passion for horses and who kept the sport of horse racing alive, will have unimpeded access to the DSH Horse Racing Track.”

SOURCE: Office of the Parliamentary Representative For Vieux Fort South

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  1. To be honest, while I would encourage the horse racing scene in Saint Lucia, it is appalling that this jokey in the picture does not have a riding helmet, nor is there a comfortable seat for the jokey therefore compromising the welfare of both rider and horse…why is it that everything done in Saint Lucia is done without class, always shabby and mediocre….a sure sign of the decay in our society….if you gonna do something as serious as horse racing, atleast do it well….and consider the welfare of the riders and the animals….

  2. Oh Kenny, that’s all you want for Vieux Fort. Mediocre horse racing that wasn’t the highlight of the afternoon. The patrons were there to drink rum, not to partake in the races. You are so happy to see a substandard racing track in the very area where an international Airport was supposed to be built, while on the same Sunday, the mainstay of your economy was in shambles in an 18th century plane landing facility. Three flights landed within 15 minutes with a total of about 500 tourists and three quarters or more were standing outside in the scorching sun. Tell us Kenny, what is your priority for Vieux Fort.

  3. I think KA doesn’t know which century we are leaving in now but again it’s not his fault i blame the ones who keep on voting for him.

  4. @SLP to the Bone If you have nothing good to say, remain silent. Your heart is filled with bitterness, and it will come out in your words.

  5. Ppl doesn’t eat horse track and grass but SLP will take the props and stardom for any success it brings along….not too long there was a press release stating DSH is taking the Gov’t of the day to court over discontinuing their contract.

  6. An individual is sold prime harbor front land for a small percentage of its real value. A gift worth MILLIONS. The individual then grades a piece of land for a horsetrack with his machinery let’s say at the cost of $50,000. People then cheer after they have been completely ripped off…..robbed. The SLP take their followers for fools. Many of us are quite a bit wiser.

  7. If it wasn’t so serious it would actually be quite funny. 27 year rep– two term prime minister, lauding as “remarkable” an initiative sponsored by a private citizen who has received millions in government contracts when I’m fact he had an opportunity to transform lives in the community. He is no relegated to self proclaimed “backbencher” status lauding a non sustainable/ one off horse racing initiative. Wow!


  9. @Sigh, that’s my intention to make my bitterness come out in my words. I’m a born and bred Vieux Fortian, from a family tradition of supporting SLP through thick and thin, in good times and in bad. When Kenny came back to St Lucia in 1997 and wanted to run the Laborie seat to Velon John’s dismay, we were the ones to convince him that Vieux Fort should be the seat cause we needed someone to revenge us against Josie who had kicked an SLP shirt off his platform and had taken a chunk of SLP supporters with him. Don’t you think after all this effort from us Vieux Fortians and the returns from Kenny that we should be bitter.

  10. All the negativity is from United pac. When will you’ll get it- these same lies will next election is 17-0
    Because of you’ll I’ll deeds

  11. This guys is a Joke, it’s evident this man has no intentions to unchained the people of Vf. He wants these people to be at him and beg for crumps like our fathers did back in the slavery error. How the hell this man sleep at night? Oh I forgot, he sleeps in a king side bed with his full pension ever month. Disgusting, please just retire. We the people of St Lucia is sick of you.

  12. Looking at the above photo, was this the opening act for the actual horse race? O,O
    No shoes, no saddle, no helmet, no blinkers, etc. etc. I’m not even gonna ask if there was a Vet on site. Lord this is a mess LOL

  13. @ Angel; no kidding anything goes at the kaka-beff. There is or was a second Runway built by the Americans at about a 30 deg. angle to the main one. Many years ago a young boy on his father’s horse flipped over, not wearing anything broke his neck end of story. The sister who told me, both had an Indian mother but his father was a white Land owner in V/Fort. Back then I witnessed some crazy things with horse rases in V/Fort.

  14. I eh lieing uh,every time a moron commenting chas give the land to tayo king for 99cents but still the ports would b developed n the south would probly b a larger version of rodney bay,according to Christopher hunt “LUCIANS!”

  15. KDA has failed Vieux Fort for over 2 decades. The barons run VF and like it so. The population should get to hear what Richard and Kenny know about each other. Campaign finance for the MPs in the South should be scrutinised by foreign intelligence agencies, especially the French. Maybe somebody like Apa would at least try to bring VF forward.


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