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‘We Don’t Feel Safe’ – Vieux Fort Residents Speak Out After Double Homicide


Vieux Fort residents say they are living in fear due to continuing gun violence in their community.

In the latest incident, two individuals died in a hail of gunfire Thursday night.

One of them, identified as retired teacher Carlyle Louisy alias ‘Ohms’, was eating cornflakes on his balcony when the bullets reportedly fired in a drive-by shooting struck him.

Relatives disclosed that Louisy taught at the Entrepot Secondary School and the Vieux Fort Comprehensive.

The other deceased has been identified as 44-year-old Jimmy Emmanuel.

A relative told St. Lucia Times that Emmanuel, though mentally challenged, was calm, helpful, and did not create problems for anyone.

The relative said the deceased used to run errands for people and do odd jobs.

“He was an innocent bystander. Everybody is shocked. We don’t feel safe. The residents of Vieux Fort are tired of all these killings. We can’t walk the road how we want. We cannot do what we want daily,” the family member lamented.

Two ambulances rushed to the scene near the Vieux Fort cemetery after learning of the shooting incident at about 9:16 p.m. on Thursday.

The responders transported both victims to the hospital.

Police have launched an investigation into the double homicide.

Headline photo: (L to R) Emmanuel & Louisy

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  1. Mr Prime Minister. We are entering record territory. Can you please try something different. Sadly while all this take place the political operatives are dancing to their political coloursΒ³.

  2. Sad state of affairs. I find it hard to be sympathetic for V. Fortians. U, the ppl of V Fort continuously gv me, from Castries a PM called KDA whose decisions are now coming to hurt us. He politicised the Public Sector, He started gvn handouts to supporters using tax payers money, caused all expenditure to go towards Politicians (2 terms and already pensioned), caused retired persons to start paying House and Land Tax, did zero in terms of development in the south. I eh even wanna continue. Universal Education, again by KDA has killed our Education System. No avenue for children who are not academically inclined. Anyways..

  3. How can crime stop when you have thousands of people working in the private sector for 3 to 5 EC dollars an hour

  4. I agree. We have to do things differently. Maybe,just maybe if they are hang they would desist.

  5. Ras Clayton allow me to understand you. Are you saying that because wages are $3 and $5 they turn to killing?
    This is such a myopic view because the persons responsible are by no means $3 and $5 workers. Trust me!

  6. Solutions:
    1. Bring back hanging or increase the sentence of major crimes…even withdraw bail according to the crime
    2. Reinforce moral education in schools and develop the stronger parental involvments in schools.
    3. Increase minimum wage
    4.More sensitization about programs to develop self employment such as Nelu..nsdc etc
    4. Reinforce rehabilitation programs for ex criminals

  7. Sorry for the families and the people of VF. However with out a plan what do you expect. We do not want to hurt the young boys feelings and what will their families say if we rough them up. Let’s not do anything cause they vote for us. Or better still let’s pay them to stop

    Falling apart…..

    But seriously I don’t like to criticize with out solutions, so
    1. Pick up the young boys in groups and finger print them.
    2. Let other young kids see the process, especially just after school.
    3. Institute a curfew for your designated crime area 9pm. Persons who have work get an official pass.
    4. Sweep the area twice a week for guns, ammo and hard drugs.
    5. Watch the movement of boats.
    6. Identify the ones who want work, training or to start a business.

    I could go on and on. VF is not that big.

  8. May the LORD’S favor rest on us, for a minun wage of$10/dollars per hour…

    The safest place to be is,within the dwelling of the Most High !!!

  9. Operation restore confidence was an effective means of curbing crime, but unfortunately if was criticize for political milage as if the criminals had the right to kill. And what makes it is the fact that 11-12 years later nothing has happened to those implicated in the impac report. Give me a little orc please.

  10. Where’s Dr. Anthony? Because of political expediency Kenny refuse to let the police raid and clean out BRUCEVILLE. We as Vieux Fortians need to wake the hell up!!!!!

  11. We lived in the mist of deception 😈in our deceit to cover the earth with blood…
    The promise of God,to be secured,is within the will of God…
    Bullet Proof Vest :
    Whoever obeys his command will come to no harm, for the wise heart will know the proper time and procedure for every matter for the things to come

    Condolences to the depressed famillies πŸ’œπŸ˜­
    Though you may feel that no one understand and shares your griefs,pain and sorrow..
    God does’nt gives us what we can handle..
    God Help us handle what we are given..

  12. Whether we want to blame SLP or UWP there are certain questions we need to ask.
    Why are the gun cases not going to trial.?
    I am of the opinion that once our leaders are LIARS our young people will continue to do crime.

  13. Banan you and Larry will die in a miserable way. All you gang are the ones doing all the shooting and all you saying nothing. Marlon speak to your boss..

  14. investigate the politicians see who is behind this let’s not be naive. remember those in their own words instigating the violence on platforms. you all not taking them serious

  15. The funniest thing is that a politician was mad at restore confidence and filled a report which I’m not mad at him if he looking out in the interest of the people. Now the people are crying for his help and he does nothing substantial to help the situation. Now is the time to go back to the same people for help cause evidently the criminals hv taken control and he won’t take the same step against those wicked fellers. If y’all don’t know what to do I can tell y’all. Surround vf and get the guns from those criminals. Is that too difficult for our police officers to do. If so we really need help. Jahhh

  16. The law of God is abolished so βš–οΈ justice (Jesus)is very far from us ..
    Satan 🐍 and company
    A wrap and 😈 evil generations self condemned..
    But as surely as the LORD lives,as you know the powers of the murderer will be broken, that they must give an account while death awaits them as the grave is hungry for them..
    God does not keep the murderer alive,and all his generations shall be wiped out..
    May the name of the LORD be declared in πŸ‡±πŸ‡¨ St Lucia and his praise in Vieux Fort..


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