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Pierre To Attend AfriCaribbean Trade And Investment Forum


Prime Minister Hon. Philip J. Pierre is set to attend the second annual AfriCaribbean Trade and Investment Forum (ACTIF2023) in Guyana.

This esteemed initiative resulted from the partnership between the African Export-Import Bank (“AFREXIMBANK”) and key stakeholders from the Caribbean region.

ACTIF2023, scheduled to take place from October 30-31, 2023, is a critical event aimed at fostering stronger economic ties, encouraging trade, and facilitating investment opportunities between Africa and the Caribbean.

It provides a unique platform for the AfriCaribbean business community to establish new commercial relationships, enhance Government-Business relations, and promote inter-regional trade and investment through effective business matchmaking.

ACTIF2023 holds several key objectives:

Identification of Bankable Projects: The event aims to provide access to market and investment information, encouraging strategic partnerships.

Promoting Economic Diversification: By encouraging technological innovation, knowledge exchange, and capacity-building initiatives, ACTIF2023 seeks to support economic diversification.

Fostering Cultural Exchange: This event celebrates the shared heritage of the African-Caribbean region through cultural exchange programs, creating a deeper understanding of our connected history.

Participation in ACTIF2023 offers unparalleled opportunities, including:

Networking: Attendees will have the chance to meet high-level government officials, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors, forming strategic connections and collaborations.

Access to Investment Projects: The event presents opportunities spanning various sectors, including agriculture, manufacturing, renewable energy, oil and gas, infrastructure, tourism, and more in Africa and the Caribbean.

Brand Visibility: Showcase your products and services to a global audience, bolstering your brand’s reach.

Trade and Investment Support: Benefit from specialist support services and access to financing facilities.

Last year’s event saw remarkable achievements with:

  • 1267 delegates in attendance.
  • 22 heads of government and representatives.
  • Participants from 108 countries demonstrated the global significance of this forum.

The Prime Minister is honoured to join other distinguished leaders at ACTIF2023 to explore opportunities for strengthening economic ties between Africa and the Caribbean.

This event presents a unique chance to engage in fruitful discussions, establish partnerships, and work towards a future of increased trade and investment opportunities.

In the absence of Prime Minister Pierre, Hon. Dr. Ernest Hilaire will act as Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Economic Development, and Youth Economy until October 31, 2023.

SOURCE: Office of the Prime Minister

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  1. Do we have a foreign affairs minister? A ministry of commerce? Like this PM is obsessed with aircraft seats and hotel beds. While RF is collecting files on people as it happens. Thank you for taking my vote and making it your luxury passport

  2. Covid left us with one good idea. Heads of states can can cut on travelling cost such as airplane tickets and hotels. Have Pierre and his ministers ever thought of doing some cost savings ? There are so many software – off the shelf which can help to achieve that goal or is it too good to be true to them.

  3. It’s almost like the article is trying to defend this trip. It’s like they realise ever so very often they writing about PJP travelling. And whoever asked about other minsters travelling. PJP is making sure he collect enough per diem in his 5 years and get rich off tax payers. Anyways Whatever the best PM ever does he is right. Travel PJP. U safer out there on a plane than Lucia roads and u safer in foreign lands than in Lucia. Just check the stats they prove that for sure.

  4. What the hell is wrong with this guy? do you think for one moment that ‘West African Traders, Bankers, Businessmen etc are stupid? I was at College (different studies) with a lot of these guys where we met to discuss politics; you just get into business with any of them, the worse is Nigerians, if you don’t have a strong financial back-up, not at all ‘Matchmaking’ you better stay out. My advise to Pjp St. Lucia is just a small Rock sticking out of the Ocean, you seem to jump at any opportunity involving travel, you left a Conference in Canada rushing to St. Lucia because of the threat of bad weather back home; what’s wrong with your thinking? now you want to go make business with West Africans? well good luck with that, don’t say you were not warned, in the interest of St. Lucia.

  5. Africaribbean Trade? Why can’t this man stay home and do Zoom meetings? We learned through COVID that this is possible, effective, economical and safer.
    I will never forget learning about Afrocaribbean Trade in school days. Back then they referred to it as the Transatlantic Slave Trade. These West Africans sold us out, and we are not even smart enough to demand reparations from them. That’s our heritage, and we are still feeling it, being sold out by politricians left and right. Our heritage for a pot of stew.
    Any excuse to get on a plane before the pathetic 5-year passport expires. Who would not do the same? Anyway, the EU will soon kill that noise, and the rest will follow.


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