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WATCH: ‘It Was A Political Statement’ – Hilaire On Noise Pollution Complaint Letter


Acting Prime Minister Dr. Ernest Hilaire has described it as a political statement, an open letter that said it came from Rodney Bay residents concerned over noise pollution in their community.

The open letter to the government was copied to several stakeholders, including the police.

Hilaire felt the letter should identify the individual who wrote it.

He responded to reporters on the margins of a Cabinet meeting on Monday, where they raised the open letter issue.

Hilaire’s response and the letter appear below.


The purpose of government is to protect a country’s people, ensure domestic tranquility and promote general welfare. Why is it that in Saint Lucia, it feels as if our government is unable to provide any of these? The bold and blatant corruption that runs rampant through the government ministries and departments, the selfishness and the obvious lack of empathy towards citizens begs the question, “why did I even vote?” 

When we head to the voting polls as citizens, we hope to vote in an individual who promised to be our voice. A voice that can speak for us and help make positive changes in our community. However, what we don’t realize as citizens, is we were never promised that this voice would come with ears or a heart. Ears to listen to the residents of a community, and a heart to understand extremely imperative issues that are deeply affecting the families, businesses and peacefulness in a community. 

In the beginning of June 2023, 15+ letters were distributed to relevant parties, as well as a petition signed by 300+ residents to express the pain, suffering and damage that is currently being caused by noise pollution on the island. So far, they’ve been ignored, even after having several meetings with police officials. Residents expressed that they are losing revenue from long term and short term rentals, that children can’t sleep and struggle to focus in school due to exhaustion, that elderly people could not recover from medical procedures and sleep peacefully in their home, and that individuals were beginning to suffer from heart palpitations, hearing issues, mental health issues and suicidal thoughts due to sleep deprivation. 

Saint Lucia currently has a mile high pile of disgusting and shameful issues in its government. The on going St. Judes hospital fiasco, illegal and obscure real estate deals, money laundering, fraud, and the list goes on. How can we ever trust that any of these issues will be addressed, if something as simple as the noise pollution that is severely affecting its citizens on a daily/nightly basis can’t be addressed? The Saint Lucian government has made it apparent, that they don’t care. The only concern our government has is, “what’s in it for me?” 

Mr. Philip J Pierre, sleep is a basic human right, and a basic human need. How can Mr. Moses Jn Baptiste proudly call himself the minister of health when he is well aware that citizens in numerous communities all over the island can’t have a peaceful night’s sleep and are suffering from the health consequences of loud music every night? How can Mr. Shawn Edward proudly call himself the minister of education when our children can’t go to school refreshed because they’ve been exposed to loud, usually vulgar music all night? How can Mr. Enerst Hilaire proudly call himself the minister of tourism when citizens who own businesses that generate tourism revenue are receiving reviews from their guests that they wouldn’t return because of the noise? How can Mr. Alva Baptiste, our minister of foreign affairs, not feel embarrassed that representatives of other countries who are based in Saint Lucia can’t sleep and are forced to relocate? How can Mr. Kenson Casimir, parliamentary representative for Gros Islet, be so oblivious and callous to the residents of Rodney Bay, particularly, that he could make such an outrageous public statement saying “people moved closer to the noise”. 

The false narrative of the residents of Rodney Bay choosing to live in the area “to be closer to the nightlife” is absolutely preposterous and absurd. These hardworking, tax paying individuals would much prefer to head to a local establishment where they can sit, have a drink and actually be able to have a conversation without screaming. Rodney Bay is the only place in Saint Lucia with access to private waterfront, and many of the residents have lived in the area long before the bars and clubs that currently exist, some properties in fact, being passed on through generations. It is unfair that citizens all over the island who are working regular hours are subjected to having their peace and sleep disrupted because establishments are simply playing their music too loud.  

To the government of Saint Lucia, it is time to do something. The most encouraging thing is, our law enforcement officers actually want to assist us. They want to help us, they understand our frustration – but their hands are tied, and they are handicapped because the government continues to fail in addressing this issue. Please allow our law enforcement officers to do their job, and provide them with updated and clear legislation so that they can help keep peace, and serve the citizens of Saint Lucia. The balance between commercial properties and residential is possible, and that is all we desire – balance and compromise so that residents and businesses can all co-exist. We wouldn’t be the first in the world to do it. We have grown and developed so much as a country, and this third world approach to the very serious problem of noise pollution needs to stop. 

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  1. How is that a political statement? Nothing in there warrants that designation. This has been
    an ongoing problem for a very long time. SLP is the current custodian of leadership and all such queries must be addressed to them. Were they supposed to address the letter to Allan Chastanet and UWP? A party ousted in the last election? Are these moronic politicians the best St. Lucia has to officer? Is Hillaire now what passes as leadership? This country is doomed.

  2. If the authorities don’t solve problems facing the population the population will eventually solve these problems themselves. Usually with violence.

  3. Notwithstanding that it may may have been a political statement, the fact is the people have a valid gripe. So, mister minister, it would be wise to choose your words wisely. Because you may alienate people who are neutral but have this noise problem.

  4. Who pen the letter? I am tired of reading lies on Facebook. The truth is what you believe the truth is.

  5. Mr Hilarie,Just put in place for national security’s…. “2:00 AM volume reduction” “closure”…..across the island and police they playing in any establishment commercial or residential above that certain decimals levels that disturbs neighbors sleeping properly than make RSLP a couple C notes and ticket the Phock out of everyone night,y. If need be till they learn and listen … in RB especially every establishment making needless noise after hours and sundays!,,,,…… what about coco palm they not noise complaining?… smPH this is like Childs work get it done officers! Make monthly financial quotas for RSLP funds and I believe there should be a lot more Female RSLP officers all around Island!…..

  6. “In the beginning of June 2023, 15+ letters were distributed to relevant parties, as well as a petition signed by 300+ residents to express the pain, suffering and damage that is currently being caused by noise pollution on the island. So far, they’ve been ignored, even after having several meetings with police officials.”
    Typical small-minded response from an extremely defensive individual. By the way, this is not a case of loud music or out of business. Many of the readers who live overseas, can attest that people reside in commercial areas, have a good night’s rest. This guy can only deceive people who are limited. What a clown! Finally, who says that every section of Rodney Bay experiences the same level of noise? smh

  7. Mr Hilaire is VERY IGNORANT of the laws and policies governing the island!! Apparently he does not read the St Lucia Gazette.

    In another “story” earlier, I pointed out that Noise Pollution is against the law.

  8. Noise pollution is a nuisance through the length and breadth of St. Lucia. Residents come home from work amd cannot enjoy a peaceful evening, children come home from school and cannot focus on their assignments. It is ridiculous and unbearable. There’s a place in Dennery called Vice city, with something called loud Sundays, I passed through Dennery and cannot fathom how the police would give a permit for something like that. I feel for the residents there. I literally stopped just to soak in what was happening and I couldn’t understand how this is allowed. How do those residents, watch their television sets or even have a conversation in their own home? Then as if this is not enough, another friend mentioned to me that on top of the music pollution, bikers come around and add insult to injury with the reving of their bikes.

    I love to lime, go out and have a good time, but have little tolerance for noise. I lime everywhere and can tell you, noise pollution is truly a problem. Government do something about it.

  9. I give you all some recommendations, kick is arsh out of ruling next election and let him come and say the people don’t like him. Well yes they don’t want some jackass for tourism minister who sells the country for anything at anything! This fool was a diplomat in UK, he’s well aware of noise pollution in neighborhood there… ashish to the max!

  10. It’s so sad that in St Lucia if you’re asking for help within the governments power that you have to go to the media to get their attention and when you do they paint it as a political adgender. We as St Lucians complain or report something and when it falls on deaf ears we just give up. Well this group will not give up no matter which government is in power. Ernest you missed the whole point of the letter and it’s sad this is your response I am sorry you felt attacked but you responded so clearly now we’re being heard again. You’ve attented meetings with these people the police themselves have reach out and had meetings this isn’t something new to you. We just want to co exist they don’t know what goes on in our homes so we shouldnt be affected by what’s going on in their establishments. It’s sad we cry for help and this is the response.

  11. Political!!! Asking where the Cruise Ships are is political too I guess. Asking why the labour Tribunal can’t meet because they is no where to meet is political as well. What about why bail is so low for gun offenses is that political.

    Maybe just ask the blind sheep.

  12. Lol..My guy wants to tell people how to express their concerns! Wow.. Saint Lucia we are in trouble. In addition, you want to know who wrote the letter so you can victimize them.
    Earlier this year, these same concerns were shared with Kenson who agreed that he would meet with the residents to resolve, now look at the posture of the Minister of Tourism. Keep up the good work Kenson. Continue to remain humble and accessible..Never adopt this type of posture to feedback regardless of where it comes from or your perception of its intent.

  13. What, Mr. Minister, we cannot believe that is the response you gave to the citizens who voted for your government for change. That is how people are being put first. You Mr. Minister said you who have looked into our problem some time ago and now it is followed up by a letter you are calling the letter by us Political. Shame on you.
    I really expected better. I hope you are not seeking re-election.

  14. Noise pollution is a serious problem all over the island, which reflects the extent to the lack of empathy for one another, and the level of lawlessness and pervasive behaviors of a significant segment of the population .However I sense political overtones in the complaint . This issue has been ignored by both political parties and needs to be addressed immediately by this current administration. Who vex vex.

  15. You can’t make up this ridiculous show that continues in Saint Lucian politics. This Pillock has doctor before his name but his level of understanding is below that of a secondary schooler. The residents of Rodney Bay have a legitimate right to be heard and get a resolution to their issues. If Hilaire had any smarts he would quickly address the situation by looking into measures to reduce noise pollution in residential areas. The government can legislate that all entertainment institutions have sound proof interiors for one. If entertainment is kept outside, then it should not exceed certain decibels. government should also enforce mandatory noise reduction by 11pm to give residents some peace of mind. Monday to Thursday should be made days where
    should be kept to a minimum….Friday and Saturday nights entertainment should be by license and adhere to strict noise reduction guidelines… Sunday evenings entertainment noise should be done by 11pm.. There is a lot that can be done to address these valid concerns….but again, these clueless so called ministers never miss an opportunity to prove their worthlessness….

  16. Minister choose your words correctly. Honestly i expected better from you in this regard with a proactive approach to the issue if it really exist. Let us revamp the noise mitigation process and what the constitution says… the police must play their role as done in the past regarding time.
    Important is also from this complaint is which areas are being affected.
    On the other hand i do agree that there is some degree of political drive in this according to some parts of the wording. Neither the less let us fullfill our part of responsibility.
    Hiw do we go about addressing the complaint.

  17. BY the way, where is the ministry responsible for health? If this is not a health issue, then nothing is.
    Also, why are people’s names so valuable to that clown? He is most likely angling to victimize the crap out of them. You don’t need names to fix a problem.

  18. Though I support the residence , but stop making it a political affair. Wasn’t their had noise in 2016 to 2021? Did they ever complain?
    Anyway these people have to do anything for their massa boss.
    43% of St. Lucian are slaves.

  19. “According to the NYC Noise Code, music from commercial venues must not exceed 42 decibels as measured within a nearby residence. It also must not exceed 7 decibels over the ambient sound level during quiet hours (10pm to 7am), as measured on a nearby street or public area within 15 feet from the source. In addition, bass sounds must not exceed 6db above the ambient sound level to prevent nearby residents from experiencing physical discomfort from how the sound resonates.”

    Above is noise law for NYC. One would imagine it is a free for all up there but they regulate all noise. From construction to AC units. You can stand right outside clubs/bars in NYC and you will not hear the music from inside unless someone opens a door. 42 decibels is conversation level. To have people harassed in their homes by inconsiderate individuals is criminal. Imagine making a health complaint a political issue. No wonder they can’t build a hospital after 11 years. Noise is a health issue the world over. So much so there are laws everywhere. This country continues to embarass.

  20. Government too busy promoting the noise, check their social media for bacchanal and circus. It breeds misery pollution which affects their own enjoyment with constituents

  21. There is a law against noise pollution, therefore this matter is to be dealt with by the POLICE. People’s opinions DO NOT MATTER in this case!!!! Businesses or individuals that break the law MUST be held accountable.
    I can understand that politicians feel attacked. However the POLICE MUST ACT. Why is the police tiptoeing around the Businesses at the detriment of the residents?? My question is, is Rodney Bay designated as a commercial or residential zone? This may be at the heart of the problem. Can the residents file a law suit to stop the noise?? The last time this was reported in the media, the GI Rep had meetings with the parties concerned. Why has this not been resolved?? Why is it still happening??
    If it is political, then let the residents come out and say the letter does not speak for them.

  22. Hmmmmm……I NOT SURPRISED I read the letter twice these “YELLOW CULPRITS”. I have been saying it all along regarding their SINISTER ATTEMPT IN ARM TWISTING OF THE GOVERNMENT in addressing their so called “quality of life issue” in regards to noise in Rodney Bay Area was nothing more than impromptu to voice their political malice. I wouldn’t be surprised if these are not the he same CULPRITS that engage in their daily social media smear campaign against the hiarchey of the SLP. These Clowns need to be in court.

  23. So let’s assumebthe letter was politically driven, does it in any way take away from the legitimacy of the concern of the residents?

    I guess complaining about the state of our road network- the worse in the last 5 years has political undertones, St Jude’s not being completed has political undertones so let’s ignore. Wow! The things which pass off for governance here in Saint Lucia.

  24. While some persons are surprised at this guy statements, I am not. I walked around this guy back in 1996 while he shadowing Mario Michel every step and form then, thee is something about him that seemed arrogant and full of himself. Even as a supporter of SLP, I realise they politicians and hacks believe we HAVE TO ACCEPT any and everything they do and don’t ask or request nothing of them as we may make them look bad. It i sreally sad for this guy to call Noise Pollution in Rodney Bay a Political Statement. Smh I wonder if the noise pollution from those guys passing around with speakers on top their vehicles also a Political Issue. I hv been a victim of this noise pollution where my son and I couldn’e hear the commentary on a fball game last yr. All ppl like me want to do is Get up, go to work and spend QULAITY time with my family. Anyways and not surprised. It would be interesting to hear PJP, King and Shawn view on the open letter. I wonder would Kenson is thinking.

  25. It is an issue all over at lucia and the police is aware. If politicians claim o be unaware or unbotherd by the plight of residents, what a shame. During election caontmpaigns these same politicians are like termites showing up on residents door step promising all kinds of things, but after elections dont care to hear the sufferings of residents. It’s about time pit bulls lay in wait for them during campaign.

    Addressing a common issue does not require anyone identifying themselves over a known problem. To ask that the person identify his or herself stinks of the need to victimize.

    Politicians, whether red, yellow, green or blue continue to fail the people. Hence the reason I’m proud to say, I’m not voting again and I have an army of people with me. Who feels it knows, meanwhile the politicians sleep peacefully in their homes, their children are able to go home and study in peace, their dogs sleep in peace, even their devil’s sleep in peace. Residents are left hopeless, even properties are vandalizedz smh.

  26. St Lucia 🇱🇨 nice 🤩
    No broblem !!!
    A city of tumulte and revelery,a town full of commotions !!!!!
    I express my concerns for the residence and for those it affects…
    If the defenses of St Lucia 🇱🇨 are stripped away..
    Then the rod of God will be upon them,so that they will learn and respect the lives of others…
    The matter is in God’s hand…
    Liberty is expression !
    Peace of mind is better than wealth !
    And freedom is a priority ❗

  27. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did.
    Somebody got angry about that, because it was Everybody’s Job..
    Everybody thaught Anybody could do it, but Nobody realised that Everybody would do it..
    It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Nobody could have done..

  28. Anonymous October 31, 2023 At 12:34 pm

    Let’s organise a protest action. Prevent those politicians from sleeping peacefully. Everybody affected get in your cars, go to the homes of DJs, Bar Owners, Hilaire, Pierre and Commissioner of Police peaceful homes and start beating pans, honking your horns and blasting music. That’s the only way it stops. It has been done:


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