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King Responds Amid Criticism Of The Poor State Of Roads


Infrastructure Minister Stephenson King, responding to criticism of the poor state of Saint Lucia’s roads, disclosed a two-month programme to address islandwide maintenance.

The former Prime Minister spoke during an interview with reporters on the margins of the launch Wednesday of Energy Awareness Month.

He said the road maintenance program started a few days ago.

“It means a number of places where there is a prevalence of potholes, we will be addressing that situation,” King stated Wednesday.

The Castries North MP also spoke about the Millennium Highway project.

“The contractor, as I indicated before, encountered some issues – some difficulties and was forced to allow their workers to be laid off to allow them to organise themselves and to get the necessary resources to get back onto the project,” King stated.

“We have met with the CDB and the contractor. On Friday last week we met with the contractor, the consultant and the project office and we were satisfied that they have put all systems in place and promised to return to work on Monday which they did, in terms of beginning to prepare the road surface for continuation of the project,” the Minister explained.

“They have given us a commitment that the project will finish in March of 2024,” King stated.

He said the government is holding them to that commitment.

“We believe that notwithstanding the frustration it has imposed on many of us, including myself, the Prime Minister and the Cabinet, we are hoping that at the end of the day, the project will be delivered as a quality project and within budget,” King declared.

He revealed that next year, the government would commence an ‘even more aggressive approach’ regarding roads.

King said Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre would announce those developments ‘at the appropriate time’.

“We will attempt to rehabilitate most of the road infrastructure in Saint Lucia which has deteriorated over years. It didn’t start deteriorating in the last two years,” he observed.


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  1. If roads had been built properly in the first place, they wouldn’t need so many repairs. It costs so much more repairing inferior roads instead of spending the money to build them properly to begin with. St. Lucians never look to the future, only the “right now”.

  2. The government also needs to work on cleaning the drains, there is no distinction between the road and gutters its just grass. Take a drive around entrepot, cedars, careille bocage etc.. it’s impossible for some drivers to guage.

  3. I am tired of these comments…it did not start deteriorating in two years its an inconvenience now, do something about it. Smh. We need relief, please and thanks.

  4. that blocking potholes program just not making sense. I’ve seen these guys say they block a pothole in the morning when I pass back the area the same afternoon the pothole is there same place. that’s just wasting resources. if you doing something do it good . come on you mean who ever in charge of that cannot see that don’t making sense. they don’t realize how often they have to be in the very same area doing the same thing over and over ?

  5. Is the roundabout cul de sac they have to fix. When you passing there is like they had A meteor shower with all these holes.

  6. Wait did a journalist waste time and listen to this without asking questions. Haven’t we heard all that TALK before? Obviously there should be a plan, so then gv us the list of roads area, and dates when and the type of intervention. Is this a whole statement to say Infrastructure will do Potholing. Small minded

  7. Can the roads in choiseul be included. The debrieul. Montete road should be taken a look at. This road is a MAJOR secondary road. Recently the development committee enlisted the help of business places, the residents and the district rep to help provide materials to block all potholes however there is a certain area in the community of Debrieul that deteriorate with a slight shower. This area is very bad and needs drainage in order to last. Residents can recall the slp rep CV complaining as to why Hon Bradly had not fixed that part of the road while driving during her campaign episodes. We are asking her help to have an it done as she is in a position to do what she saw needed doing whilst campaigning. We are also seeking the help of the minister of infrastructure.

  8. I observed he is blaming the last Government for the present nastiness we are experiencing with our roads presently: No shame just guts

  9. The most ineffective minister ever. Can you believe his response that the roads didn’t only start deteriorating in the last two years. Man, you‘ve been Minister of Infrastructure for the last 7 plus years. Stephenson King and Richard Frederick will be the cause of the Labour Party‘s downfall. That’s quite ironic, isn’t it?

  10. Re Article,/ Road conditions . We should reinstate the PWD, island wide to create employment and a livable minum wage system of $10+ per hour based on hours worked..** Commonsense** The roads were built when our population of vehicles moving 24/7 ..365
    Roads infrastructure must be #1 to declog our current situation.. THINK PEOPLE. !
    Too many clogged and stagnation Brains are in our current government.
    I endorse my thoughts and observations.

  11. All the monies Chas borrowed during his reign, 863 million dollars, 24 million to Sandals, 54 million to Panama,7 million for vaccine, the list goes on. If the Government had these monies today things would have been better.
    Uwps shoose.

  12. That’s not my Job
    This is the story about four people named :
    Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody…
    There was an important Job to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it…
    Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did.
    Somebody got angry about that, because it was Everybody’s Job…
    Everybody thaught Anybody could do it, but Nobody realised that Everybody would do it…
    It ended up that Everybody UWP blame Somebody SLP when Nobody did what Nobody could have done…
    Who are you ?
    Everybody ?
    Somebody ?
    Anybody ?
    Both to be blame ?
    Or Nobody ❓


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