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‘Enough Is Enough’ – UWP Condemns Richard Frederick’s ‘Disgraceful’ Behaviour


In recent weeks, Saint Lucians have been appalled by the continued barrage of threatening, derogatory, misogynistic and sexist remarks made by Richard Frederick. These unrelenting attacks on private individuals, particularly women, have become a matter of grave concern.

In a troubling pattern, the Minister has repeatedly used his platform on a televised talk show to publicly berate, belittle, bully and speak blatant untruths about female citizens, calling them out by name.

Such behaviour is not only intolerable but also poses a significant menace to the values and progress of our nation and the right of all citizens to a peaceful existence.

His public platform is under scrutiny by an international audience and the Caribbean diaspora has already, via social media and other platforms, called for an end to this crass, disgraceful behaviour, unbefitting of a government Minister.

Need we remind the Minister that he is paid by the public purse, that the highest standard of private and public behaviour is expected of him, that he is not a law unto himself, and that he answers to the citizens of this country.

The United Workers Party, along with countless citizens, stands firmly against misogyny, sexism and bullying. We believe that every individual, regardless of their gender, must be treated with respect and dignity. Sexist and derogatory remarks made by public officials undermine the principles of equality and fairness that our country holds dear.

The question that now demands an answer is: Where is Prime Minister Pierre in all of this? The disrespect for women by members of this administration has reared its ugly head once again and Prime Minister Pierre must condemn such behaviour unequivocally.

His silence on this matter raises serious questions about whether he accepts and condones the Minister’s misogynistic conduct. Prime Minister Pierre needs to address this matter promptly and in a manner that reflects his commitment to equality and respect for all citizens.

The well-being of our society depends on this commitment and the leadership must set an example by condemning any behaviour that falls short of this standard.

The United Workers Party calls on all responsible citizens to join in denouncing misogyny and sexism, and to demand accountability from our government officials who engage in such behavior.

It is time for us to take a firm stand against and to call for an immediate stop to intimidatory, sexist, bullish behaviour by anyone in the public domain far less a Minister of Government.

Enough is enough.

SOURCE: United Workers Party. Headline photo: Stock image of Richard Frederick speaking with reporters.

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  1. Get a woman in power as PM I’m sure a woman would do a better job than these men who seem to just enjoy playing games with our citizens and our St Lucia. And I’m damn sure a woman could sort this country out better.

  2. And to think this guy is equating his garbage show with shows hosted by Skerrit. I am quite sure that Skerrit and Mia that he tried to compare himself to do not use their shows to denigrate persons.

  3. To the Editor,
    Would it not gave been better to preface this article with the identification of the source, or at the very least, entitled it as a “Guest Editorial?”
    Just a suggestion…but then who am I to make such a suggestion.

  4. Eh eh let me laugh first hahahahahahahaha haha woooie bojay…….so to the UW pee pee’s what was Allan Chastanet titled when he belittle and disgraced our Black singled women from a foreign soil do you remember ??? St Lucians seems to forget everything HE WAS THEN PRIME MINISTER ALLAN CHASTANET NOT MINISTER ALLAN CHASTANET. I rest my case; CLOWNS. Extra credit….(fact)…and he did this on MORE THAN ONE OCCASION.

  5. Richard Fredrick is no bigger than God he thinks he still says the lord the longer rope has an end..all I know I’m very shameful of Phillip Joseph Pierre pm. RF don’t want you will turn out you will be sorry for your own your attitude is a pig pen

  6. Who is worse, Richard or Allen with all the lies he is telling St. Lucians on a daily basis?
    Up to now Chas has not revealed the number of passports he sold during his term in office. Isn’t that corruption to St. Lucians?
    Richard ,continue you have our support.
    St. Lucians are suffering because Chas gave away too much of our money to foreigners.

  7. On the contrary his shows continue to gain popularity both at home and abroad. The only objection to his productions are coming from the opposition party because the truth hurts. I dare them to disprove the facts. RF is a thorn to them and they simply do not know how to legally get rid of this unbearable thorn.
    We need this alternative source that RF provides and which his expanding audience is always anxious to hear.

  8. But Wait, this man will always be in power and he will never die. The people who help put him there will pay for it. And please do it blame the youths when they behave like him. We should not complain cause someone at the head is setting the example. We should abuse, harass , curse, disrespect out fellow neighbors cause if someone is given the time to do it on social media so can all of us.
    Our little country has gone down the drain. Who can clean up all these dirt?

  9. thats what u get when u vote for bad man to be part of gorvenment very embarrassing they all no his story no need to explain a conutry with no direction crab in a barrel mentality let god be yur direction when i look around and i see the achievement of our women they need to praise

  10. Jello November 3, 2023 At 6:33 am
    On the contrary his shows continue to gain popularity both at home and abroad.

    Testament to how people in this country are low IQ, tribal, simpletons. If a roro, mud slinging, value detracting show is what is popular in this place, don’t complain when the politicians do the same thing. It is what y’all like.

  11. I don’t know the person Richard Fredrick but when I started hearing this name I have heard nothing but negative comments about him so if he is all that they saying about him why is he a government minister in this current administration after all aint the prime minister himself hearing these complaints or is he the prime minister is part of this nonsence or is he scared to get rid of this person or maybe when you become an elected official anything goes and I mean anything goes
    the people I was raised with use to say show me your friends and I will tell you who you are its like the government is birds of a feather flock together and just for the record I am not supporting chasetanet or anybody but what’s wrong is wrong regardless who might think otherwise

  12. Had it not been for RF st Lucians wouldn’t know what we know especially it come to our money the people money, so ALL YOU SELFISH PEOPLE GO PUT YOU’LL HEAD IN A SAC CHERBON. HYPOCRITES THATS WHO YOU’LL ARE.


  13. I don’t know why the labour supporters jumping on their high horses, when all the criminal allegations about RF came from the same slp, Kenny and company. When Claudius Francis was crying on his talk show about hit man coming for him was it a big joke? Politics, what a dirty game.

  14. Willpower disclose your name. I noticed you are engrossed to corruption. Oh my, what a corrupt person you are. Sorry for you.

  15. @Josephine. It’s OK to support who you want, but dont be so blinded that even when truth is in your face you deny it. You should be able to call out wrong doing and still be loyal to your party. You seem to be regurgitating everything you’ve heard RF said without thinking for yourself critically. It’s people with your narrow mindset that scare me.

  16. At a time such as this, we should embrace peace and love to one another; none of us know how long we have to enjoy the abundance of all the pleasures that we have today; but some of us use that which is given to us, to abuse others, mothers and sisters and loved ones. It appears we are living at a time, similar to Hitler’s Nazi regime, to instill fear, intimidation and racism against the ones who stand in our way of total control, not only of the mind but give it time, your property, Government Lands and every thing you allow him to own and to control. St. Lucia is that you? the Land of the Government of George F.L. Charles and the ones later? so I ask again, what has changed St. Lucia, isn’t it anymore beautiful? now you have lost the respect of your neighbouring Island States, you are being laughed at because of this one minister. WAKE UP PHILL, HE CANNOT TOUCH YOU. FIRE HIM NOW, LET HIM SIT AS JUST A MEMBER WITHOUT PORTFOLIO. May St. Lucia be Blessed.

  17. Its true that the Minster is a loud mouth, but he is working in the interest of the people and his constituency. Chastanet was distrustful to women and the people of st lucia . The people elect him and he is working even if he is a loud mouth

  18. Really Josephine… how comes you know me so well but don’t know my name.
    Food for thought 😁

  19. It is high time we stop looking at color. It is time that we demand transparency from these so called government ministers. The reason why this country is backwards is because we tolerate too much crap from the government of the day. Some os us are so blind by politics that we support everything that these ministers do whether good or bad. But tell me, what good do we expect to come out of this? In my humble opinion, if a government minister operates like he/she is above the law, then this individual should be kicked out of cabinet. We need humble and honest politicians in order for this country to thrive, and not those who behave arrogant and believe they can’t be stopped. Remember, the longest rope has an end!

  20. once RF is in politics the RSLPF will always be tainted. It start from voters and the legal parameters to start isolate this toxic individuals. He can talk wide and loud that’s his business, but lock him up in a small sound proof room, give a mic and let him talk I bet he will go lunatic with hearing his own voice echoing in his air drum.

  21. Richard was first tainted by the same guys he seats in cabinet with today. He was the scourge of the SLP government back in the early 2000’s, but today the tables have turned. I remember Richard accusing Kenny, Pierre, Alva, Musa and the likes of corruption. Josephine maybe you too young to remember. He accused the Minister of both Finance and Infrastructure of embezzlement during these years. He described Kenny as the MIGHTY DECEIVER. Today he accuses the UWP of the same most times like in the past with no evidence or false documentation. A PM who claims that he will not tolerate any such deviant behavior in his Cabinet is conspicuously silent on Richard’s deviant behavior and now King has joined his bandwagon. President of the Minibus Association you too have become conspicuously silent on the abuse and allegations that King made against your members including you. If you are silent because it is true why haven’t the police been involved?

  22. The members on both sides of the House of Parliament are brothers in the same fraternities. So why are we Lucians fighting against each other over politicians? Even households are now divided because most of us rejected our slave master’s decendant at the last elections. En bien.

  23. Even those who eat my bread together with me is against me…
    Never mind,just give me a hug and love…
    God can change my bad character and brighten my face 😍


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