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Soufriere To Welcome Over 80 Cruise Calls

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As Saint Lucia gears up for an exciting 2023/24 cruise tourism season, the picturesque town of Soufriere is excited to welcome 88 cruise calls as part of the cruise schedule.

The Soufriere experience has received accolades as one of the top 5 cruise experiences in the Caribbean, and this season is poised to continue that tradition of excellence.

With its breathtaking natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and a myriad of tourist attractions, Soufriere is all set to offer cruise passengers yet another unforgettable experience.

The first cruise call to Soufriere for this season is on Sunday 5th November with the visit of Royal Clipper.

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As Soufriere prepares to host an array of cruise calls and visitors from all over the world, this scenic destination stands ready to showcase its unique charm, warm hospitality, and the remarkable experiences that make it a Caribbean treasure.

The Soufriere Regional Development Foundation (SRDF) operates the Soufriere Jetties and has been a key player in enhancing the cruise experience in Soufriere, ensuring the smooth arrival and departure of cruise passengers, and working closely with partner agencies to safeguard the cruise industry.

The upcoming 2023/24 cruise season holds great potential, benefiting not just Soufriere but the entirety of Saint Lucia. Cruise tourism serves as a fundamental pillar of the island’s economy, positively impacting tour operators, artisans, taxi drivers, and bolstering local businesses.

The Member of Parliament for Soufriere, Hon Emma Hippolyte, has expressed excitement and optimism for the season, emphasizing the commitment to engaging with local groups to ensure that the community appreciates the importance of the cruise industry.

SOURCE: Soufriere Regional Development Foundation

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  1. i can conclude that these persons who form the govt are grasping at straws and clueless about Lucia. SOUFRIERE HAS ALWAYS HAD CRUISE SHIP CALLS as early as back in the 90s. Star Clipper would visit Soufriere and Marigot, Rivage Martinique and Club Med would also visit Soufriere and Marigot from the 90s. Sad reality is NOTHING has changed or improved. Govt has not enhanced the product in Soufriere or the south, but this lady who has been living in a “bubble” up north for the last how many years seemed to hv only heard or known about it and thinks is PJP or Hilaire that cause that to happen. SMH.

  2. @ wow so how do they do this? is it the cruise vessels dock out and they send the guests on the little boats to the main land in Soufriere cause i dont see no warf as big as Castries for these boats to come in when they say Soufriere is going to get 88 cruise ship calls

  3. I want to know what new policy the UWP will introduced if they were to win the next election.
    Are they going to give the teachers monies to purchase materials or will they stop it.
    Please tell us.

  4. @WOW, are you saying Soufriere usually get 80 Cruise calls every season? Your comments are very confusing.

  5. @Lucian Traveler the season is for about 5-6 months. 88 cruise ship is customary. That’s about 3-4 cruise ship a week on average. I have worked there as a Customs official. I hope the perople of Soufriere makes good use of it because we do not know what will happen after as we have seen before.

  6. Supposedly this is the worst cruise season ever according to people invested in pt seraphine shop’s not 1 ship all summer….. now there are 2 shops next week, maybe another 2 week after, an there aren’t the good ships!…. So what u sayin der’?.. come on provide more revenues for people dependent on these ships comin in Castries!

  7. @WOW, Thanks for clarifying. St Lucia has always had a problem getting tourists to spend more.

    I’m in Seattle; our cruise season runs from April 15 to October 30. The Port of Seattle expected 289 sailings to carry 1.4 million revenue passengers or 700,000 travelers. During November and March no cruise ships. Our season ends when your season begins—same cruise liners and they sail to Alaska and back. The European cruise season also runs from April to October.

    I get that people want all-year-round ships, but the off-season for Caribbean cruises is from May to September. During this time, fewer tourists lead to lower prices for cruises, hotels, and tours.

    I am not complaining that there are no ships during the off-season because there is less traffic in and around the waterfront area, but that’s just my bias. I am headed to Europe over Thanksgiving and am happy I won’t have to deal with cruise ship tourists.

  8. @That Wow one can ALWAYS depend on you to throw cold water on anything positive. @Lucian Traveler I am currently in Seattle Stop your crap…. from my visual perspective you are mixing apples and oranges you are making it seem that this vast city during cruise season is so overrunned by tourist so much the locals complain about the quality of life in the downtown area of which I have experienced many times. It’s a joy for the locals and merchants here.

  9. @The Most Honorable Lucian Highgrade I run downtown at the water front and I dislike the cruise travelers always in the especially at pier 66 near the Edgewater. I am happy the seaon is over and done with.

  10. I rhink wat was meant to be said was,88 calls with some at 2 or 3 times for the week ,be as it may some 5 calls for a month,some vessels may be overnighting and the “jetty” can accomodate small vessels jus like marigot and pigeon island.

  11. @Lucian Traveler hold your ass with your Bougie self you are a tourist in the people’s place and you chat about how you are apauled to run into cruise passengers on the waterfront when that time of year is when you have the most activities and vibrancy taking place to take their money. Nothing much happening without the boats thank God Burna Boy up at pledge today should be interesting


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