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Minibus Operators ‘Taken Aback’ & ‘Disgusted’ Over King’s Statement


Transport Minister Stephenson King’s assertion that minibus operators are violating the rights of young women has not gone down well with the operators.

The National Council on Public Transportation (NCOPT) Public Relations Officer, Spencer Mc Phee told St. Lucia Times that the bus operators were taken aback and disgusted over the Minister’s accusation.

“The whole sector was taken aback by that statement and I can tell you, operators are disgusted. They are very disgusted by that statement,” the NCOPT official declared.

“You basically are castigating almost every operator as people who interfere with children who are under age and stuff like that,” Mc Phee¬† stated.

Last week, responding to the NCOPT’s complaints about poor road conditions, King welcomed the organisations concerns.

But he had concerns of his own.

“I also would like the National Transportation Council to address the issues pertaining to minibus operators who are violating the laws, the laws which govern the operation of public transportation in Saint Lucia and others who are violating the rights of other people – the rights of young women and other people,” King told reporters.

The NCOPT Public Relations Officer said the former Prime Minister’s statement was unfortunate.

Mc Phee said the NCOPT did not want a war of words with King and has not so engaged with any government.

Nevertheless, the NCOPT official said King needs to understand that the regulations are clear.

“If he is very versed with the regulations, it states that the Minister is in a position to deal with this situation. However, if there is a situation like that, I think it could have been handled differently,” Mc Phee asserted.

He said King could have met with the NCOPT.

“Based on how he spoke, he seems to have some information which we don’t have,’ Mc Phee told St. Lucia Times.

“I think it is unethical the way he is going, and if it continues in that trend, it can be disastrous for the sector,” Mc Phee warned.

He indicated that suggesting bus operators were violating young women’s rights was a police matter.

“The Minister is equipped with information that we don’t know, so he should go to the police. But according to the regulations, he is the best person to act on that information, not the NCOPT. He can inform us and we can have a formal meeting,” Mc Phee started.

He noted that the NCOPT has always maintained a cordial relationship with the Minister, the Ministry, and the government.

Headline photo (L to R) Spencer Mc Phee & Stephenson King

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  1. Choice of words, interpretation, gesture and opinion are all foreign ingredients one is trying to formulate to make a recipe/story. It cannot work, if the minister said he also wanted the association to address unlawful activities, that is not saying all operators, get that clear PRO. Agreed and point taken that if he has information of unlawful activities or behavior are taking place, he is the fittest person to get the police involved not to shield it, and conveniently use it as a weapon to Respress an organization for his delinquency. In all organizations in St. Lucia there is degree of vengeance embedded deeply some will say rooted. If it is not politically connected it is politically motivated and such behavior is obnoxious for any growth regardless of its supposedly purpose. We aught behave in an acceptable manner, this is lacking tremendously, some people always wanted to be at the helm but equally believe he/she become autonomous, believing they can do what, when and however they wanted. And it is the core behavior that have this Country so broken, morally, physiologically, physically, economically, amongst others and added to that progressively. Coming back to the point of the NCOPT, sir, within the confinement of your organization I can say you have a high percentage of minibus operators who are predators to school children. You need to setup an online complaint form and you will find out how many sleepless nights you’ll have reading complaint and investigating. It EXIST!

  2. King is ALL and ONLY talk. He has join the tactic of Deflecting the Real and Serious issues by accusing the attacking body of something. So we sentimental ignorant Lucians will forget the real issue of road conditions and now attack the bus drivers. It baffles me that someone left their home to vote for this guy. After so many years in Politics is there anything of Note this man has ever delivered? Is there any significant upgrade in his constituency? The low blow by the Minister of Transport on Bus Drivers is not worth commenting on.

  3. Don’t play like you do not know that there are minibus drivers who actively scout and have sexual relations with young (some of them extremely young) girls and boys. This is nothing new!!! So, don’t try to bring your faux disgust in the conversation.

  4. The question for Stephenson King, since you started serving the St Lucian People.


  5. as much as this might be an issue king you should stay in your section and focus on fixing our roads this thing about violating rights of women has nothing to do with your or the situation of the roads at hand. So what because the bus drivers came to you on the condition of the roads you just placing this in the open as if to say they have to fix that situation before you fix the roads for them and everyone else?

  6. I feel the minister was ask to do something and he is saying something else.i feel if king thinks that the bus drivers are going around with young ladies why don’t he do something about it.the drivers are asking to fix the road and you talking about drivers with young ladies .I just dont know what is wrong with you politicians answer the question about the road.if you know things are not good with the bus drivers and young ladies then do something about it but I guess its not easy to deal with it because most of you all men are guilty of the act

  7. Spencer knows for sure that minibus drivers are ill discipline, will stop anywhere, anyhow etc. There is one particular driver M75, someone needs to teach him manners and also customer relations.

  8. Yol drivers trying to take all of King’s young fresh girls…bucket money talks! Ok, on a more serious note bus drivers are notorious for soliciting young girls…so too are male ministers in government , male police officers and male lawyers….many of them like to do that! We need to do more to protect our your girls and boys as adults…but it’s hard considering that the culprits mentioned above hold powerful roles in society!

  9. I’m happy that the NCOPT didn’t let King’s statement slide. Instead of addressing the issue of road conditions he shifts the attention to the behaviour of bus drivers. And it’s laughable how he can speak out against the sexual behaviour of bus drivers because like the old folks would say “pak yo bar”. But he will not condemn the same behaviour of those sitting on the same side with him. (Those who brag about their past relationships with the convent girl).

  10. A call to fix duh roads has morphed into accusation of predatory behavior. Whataboutism is alive and well. Forget about the roads that are terribly poor condition. Instead, focus on the minister’s accusation. That has been known to make roads smoother. Years ago, if you had proof of predatory behavior, you would report the incident(s) to the police. Nowadays, you simply hold back that info to blackmail your tormentors. I just love nowadays.

    King is a spent force who has run out of excuses. His thin-crust roads have finally returned to bite him in the buttocks. First it was the rain (blame it on the rain: Fake Milli Vanilli). Then the contractors. Followed by a wearisome list of inadequacies. Someone needs to get him a violin.
    The obvious truth is that there needs to be a paradigm shift…a whole new strategy for road construction. Presently, King is running from one hot spot to another like a fireman. The thin-crust roads cannot withstand the pressure of present day traffic. No sooner are duh roads repaired, no sooner they’re filled with potholes. King is on a treadmill. His bulbous frame cannot keep up.

    The answer is better roads. They cost more, however, they last longer. In the long run, better roads are cheaper. We must be prepared to spend a little more to get a better product. King is not the man to try better roads. He is in his comfort zone building crappy and small roads.

  11. We are playing the ball right into his court. The deflection really worked. This is exactly the reaction he wanted. Most persons know about minibus driver predators, it has been echoed for decades. Why choose to talk about it only when bus drivers are complaining about road conditions? What a coincidence! Open your eyes and your mind Lucia or you might get fog in both eyes and mind.
    Mwen meme

  12. @papa – your post says speaks truth from beginning to end – very well said and I agree wholeheartedly. Thank you.

  13. Mc Phee why are you crying foul ? You indicated you all have agood relationship with the minister and the ministry. Therefore I am sure that the minister’s plans for road repairs have been articulated to the NCOPT.
    You all decided to go public with the road conditions and now when the minister takes his concerns public you all are upset.
    There are bad apples in every organization and the issue of mini bus drivers taking advantage of women is nothing new. The present economic conditions are conducive for such behaviors.

  14. Labour did UWP a favour by keeping this same Minister of Infrastructure. His competence is laid bare for all to see.

  15. “Mini bus drivers taking advantage of women – How can that be? MIni bus drivers taking advantage of young girls? If u all know them report them to the Police not the NCOPT. After that we look at Lawyers, Teachers Business Owners who are taking advantage of women and young girls. Whiles we at it Let’s not forget the Parliamentarians and the Police. The irony of some is they wanna support King and support “accusations’ leveled at bus drivers. So what about the accusations leveled at the Police Officer – we know who? I didn’t hear King nor some of u all. How can we smart ppl allow a low IQ guy like this cause us to fight with each other while their buddies who deserved to be condemned are being promoted. ANYWAYS

  16. Minister King, my issue is the deep holes I encounter from Vieux Fort to Castries and back every day. Please resolve that.

  17. I think King must go. Unreliable, unpunctual, ineffective and simply a big talker. Road users deserve better.

  18. Let him finish the race to see that he is a good winner and my ackowledgement to those who are abused by the bus drivers…


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