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Five Thousand Saint Lucians To Receive $1,500 In COVID-19 Relief


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has announced that five thousand Saint Lucians affected by the COVID-19 pandemic will receive $1,500 this month.

Pierre, responsible for Finance, spoke at a ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) event in Laborie on Sunday.

He recalled that when the SLP was in opposition, he said had the party been in government at the time, a Labour administration would disburse $1,500 instead of $500.

“We are in government at this time, and in November, we are going to give people who deserve it $1,500,” the SLP leader said to applause from the audience.

He explained that the Ministry of Equity would administer the initiative.

The Castries East MP asserted that his Labour party was presiding over the greatest number of social programmes ever in Saint Lucia’s history.

He also told the Laborie event that the SLP would complete St. Jude Hospital and finish the stadium for young Saint Lucians.

In addition, the Prime Minister declared, “We are going to have a wonderful Christmas.”

However, he told the audience the details would come later.

“Can’t tell you everything,” he said.

Pierre invited the audience to check his promises, go to the SLP election manifesto, and ‘tick off the boxes.’

Regarding the next budget, he revealed that he had instructed the negotiating team members that public servants mean a lot to the government.

As a result, Pierre said he told the negotiating team to ensure the negotiations would be as seamless and quick as possible so civil servants could receive what they deserve.

Headline photo: Philip J. Pierre stock image

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  1. Aa..Oh OK. So he’s finally remembered that he made a promise to the people, but is only 5000 that were impacted by covid…oh ok.

  2. You were in office two years ago when COVID was raging. Why didn’t you distribute this COVID relief money then to people who were suffering? Exactly what are the criteria that define the deserving individuals who will receive this money and are you going to publish those criteria so all who qualify can identify themselves? How do you know only 5000 people are deserving?

  3. How did he came up with that figure?. And who are those people. I know of people that has nothing but depend on selling a $50 of provision at the market and couldn’t do that during COVID? Are those people being helped. Never have and looks like they never will but the God that they believe in is a wonderful God hence why they are still alive, good health and happy without any material things. What was the process in being qualified for such

  4. The the Pee on Em PM is going to give away 7.5 million dollars to persons affected by the COVID 19 pandemic…if that is the case, since this is public money, can the names of the recipients be published so all can see who these lucky receivers of the Pee on Em’s largesse… One would think that every Saint Lucians were affected by COVID 19….but, let’s be caring citizens and say the least fortunate among us deserve 7.5 million dollars from the public purse….the PM feels good and tactically gives money like Santa Claus just in time for Christmas….Ho!, Ho!, Ho!

  5. Is there dengue fever relief? What about sore muscles relief? I need to get into the action fast before the cash ran out.
    I eh even see the health and security tax on the manifesto. Can someone tell me where it is?

  6. Thank You Mr.PM. I hope this is not your strategy to forget your shortfalls. As the saying goes: If you give a man a fish, you feed him for the day. However, if you teach a man to fish, you have taught him for life. You have also given him an opportunity to be independent and to take care of his own.
    With the way things are in SLU, this will last for less than a day and then What ? These same people have backlog of bills. We want economic activities so we can own our own pay check and determine our destiny. We do not want any dependency on the government. Again we are still waiting for you to start to work after 2 plus years

  7. I am all for the strategy behind the youth economy where you undergo business management training and then get funding for your business but just giving money to undisclosed individuals can be seen as paying for votes in the next election, this is corruption.

  8. Heeeeeeeee another nail in that yellow coffin. For all who was bitching that this was an “ELECTION LIE” well you know what they say you spit in the sky it falls back finish it fool…………………..ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. CLOWNS !

  9. Nice strategy 5000 thousand votes to secure the victory disguised as a handout, covid is no longer a distress ppl are not confined to their homes under lockdown,this is an obvious bribe.

  10. This man is shameless! From “Where did I say this” prompting all the hacks to defend that he said it by spinning his statement into all different ways to now 2 years later admitting that he did say it. Is this your King, Saint Lucia?

  11. Only 5000 were impacted?
    Check the records. What about the other 20K?
    Election gimmick again.
    This is corruption st It’s best.

    Please release the names in the interest of transparency.

  12. But Mr PM how can you make such a promise already when u haven’t finished paid off the farmer’s who got affected by hurricane bret.50% of them haven’t received the little $300 and $500 that you’re giving as compared to the $3000 of the previous administration during hurricane Elsa…by the looks of it that 50% might not even get it


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