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‘Go To The Polls’ – Chastanet Responds To Pierre’s Plan For SLP ‘March Of Marches’


Opposition leader Allen Chastanet, responding to a recent call by Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre for ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) faithful to take to the streets in support of the government, has urged the Prime Minister to call elections instead.

“The only way you could truly test the support you have is to go to the polls,” Chastanet told St. Lucia Times.

“I think the Prime Minister shouldn’t waste his time with a march because I don’t know that the march is going to achieve anything,” the United Workers Party (UWP) leader declared.

“If he wants to reassure himself of his own popularity and the popularity of the government’s policies, go to the polls,” Chastanet asserted.

At an SLP event in Laborie on Sunday, Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre announced plans for a ‘people’s march’ in Castries to support his administration.

“I am calling on the troops of the Saint Lucia Labour Party to take to the streets to support the government of the Saint Lucia Labour Party,” Pierre declared to applause.

He said it would be a ‘march of marches.’

“We are going to show them that the people of Saint Lucia are Labour and the people of Saint Lucia are happy with the government of the Saint Lucia Labour Party,” Pierre stated.

He said next year, before independence, the SLP would have the march in Castries.

Pierre’s Labour Party surged into office by a landslide after the July 26, 2021, general elections.

His administration currently enjoys a 15-2 majority in the House of Assembly.


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  1. The SLP party is so juvenile. do the job the people hired you to do. Stop the distractions! If you were focused on helping the country move forward you would not have had time for this nonsense.

  2. Mr Pierre tell us who the real Prime Minister is. Richard demanded he was going to have a march in Castries with or without the blessings of the party on his show. Three days later, Pierre announced the same march. Is Richard the one calling the shots.

  3. Question why is there a need to show the UWP that people support the SLP party? I don’t get it. i just don’t. Off course ppl support SLP. Those who are now PSs, those getting their contracts renewed, those getting promotion, those getting handouts, those travelling to Dubai and other parts, etc. Off course they support SLP. I myself support SLP. I well want my contract too and my favor too. I don’t expect a booming economy, scores of jobs or anything major for my SLP. I mean we being headed by a man who has lead Marchand to basic ruins. Jus pass by the Marchand field this afternoon. Beside is a man who has turned vfort into one big ghetto. But I do support SLP. just waiting on my handout too. So I will march make them see me and after they can’t sau no when i ask for my favor.

  4. Apparently you keep forgetting, you were voted out 15_2. You’re not in any position to say call election. You’ll have to wait for the full 5 Years and to spend another 5 Years of tears and being in the wilderness.

  5. Honorable, we are more than happy. The roads are good, they do not affect our vehicles. Crime is under control and contained in the crime zone. The youth are fully engaged. Business is booming, we had a full cruise ship off season. All your initiatives and projects are full steam ahead. We will follow you.
    Blind sheep

  6. Like really, asking for the people to March in support of the Administration? really? We are doomed but when you have a vast majority of low IQ voters, they may think this a brilliant idea.

  7. The current administration should not cower and call snap elections. The government should just continue with its fiscal policies and take care of the people’s business…

  8. I voted slp but not anymore and it’s not even a out contracts. Apart from being disappointed in what’s happening I thought that slp would govern different from uwp. They were seeing the wrong when they were in opposition said they would fix it but doing worse. I thought victimization would stop. I thought they would bring ppl together to work for the betterment of our country regardless of whether u were uwp or black or white once you could contribute meaningfully but that is not the case. If anything some of them don’t promote peace nor togetherness. Imagine politicians being vex and blocking their constituents off their phones simply for the fact that they don’t side with them when the are doing wrong and say it to them. No wonder our people resolve conflicts the manner that they do. Politicians are no example and I am tired of our country being a football field to them. Politicians put on a conscience and for the love of God be human, do what is right,treat others the way that you would want them to treat you or your children or family member. Hon Pierre should realize that many of their supporters have left their fold. It’s high time they stop taking people for fools and believing that people are saying that now but close to election they get back on the field. Petty calling match that is not the slp you once knew. You chose the wrong set of people to be in your group. Some of them especially the women are no role models but then again you should have done greater research in finding out their true characters instead of what u saw on the surface. In truth the people you think are aggressive on the surface are kind and loving in their hearts and actually love people and their country and those you find are quiet on the outside are actually demons in their hearts with no feelings. So it’s time to put pettiness aside and do the work, bring people together in peace and love and not only slps together so we all can work as a team for the betterment of st.lucis. I hate hypocrisy and frankly I am tired of it. Peace

  9. He just took a trick from the North Korean and Iran’s play book. No need to contest this March

    However that’s just for the uneducated people on the island…. it’s unbelievable how the Politian s can underestimate the people on this country.

  10. It’s the first time this fool open his mouth AND I AGREE WITH HIM let’s have the the election TODAY…. I personally been calling for a SNAP ELECTION for the longest you and Felix would be in for the shock of their yellow lives……. especially that Felix you better watch what you wish for fool, YOUR OVERCONFIDENCE is what got you in opposition and I am predicting it’s going to keep you there INDEFINITELY.

  11. If you are so confident why demonstrate? Everyone can feel the tension . If you think the voters are stupid you better think again. We want to fish for ourselves , not the ones who fish for us only to take all the big tunas then give us sardines. You all showed us how to wise up.

  12. Allen is your maTches that will never achieve a thing 15 2 call it now you’ll will be wiped out

  13. The next election results are clear as day. I hope yall heart strong because zorte caye peirde.

  14. I am prepared to have a change if Chas will clarify the following:
    How many passports were sold during your reign?
    Slp will give pensioners $600 this month if you win the next election will you stop it or continue with it?
    Will you stop the material money given to teachers?
    Slp given scholarships to young people to attend Monero College will you stop it?
    If you can clarify this I will support election now.

  15. Now, I really believe Chastanet is right. You don’t test a government’s popularity on the streets. That is tested at an election. If you really want to prove how popular you are, do it through the ballot box. Not that I believe Chastanet can win. But it what makes. Otherwise, cut the nonsense and focus on running the country – fixing the roads.


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