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Student Injured As Masked Individuals With Machetes Show Up At Ciceron Secondary


Masked individuals with machetes showed up at the Ciceron Secondary School on Wednesday, traumatising teachers and students.

According to reports, three males wearing masks entered the school compound at about 2:45 p.m., apparently in search of another male.

According to reports, they hurled a bottle that shattered, resulting in what appeared to be minor injury to a female student.

” From what we were told some students came into the school masked with weapons, and the Principal and Vice Principal tried to mitigate the issues,” Saint Lucia Teachers Union (SLTU) President Don Howell told reporters.

He said it was all the information he could give then.

Nevertheless, Howell reiterated that the authorities must give school security urgent attention.

The SLTU President explained that as a result of the incident at the Ciceron Secondary School, teachers and students had experienced trauma.

Ciceron Secondary School staff.
Ciceron Secondary School Staff gather on the school compound.

Howell said the SLTU called for an emergency meeting with the Ministry of Education, telling officials they needed to correct the situation.

“The SLTU will not allow its members to operate in those circumstances. We want to see some tangible action at the Ciceron Secondary School,” the Union President told reporters.

Howell recalled that the SLTU heard certain pronouncements when the academic year started.

” We are here today and don’t see those measures in place,” Howell lamented.

“School security for the SLTU is not just about the teachers. It is also about the students and all who occupy the school compound,” he noted.

“Our teachers need to feel and know they work in a safe environment. We will do what is necessary to ensure our members feel safe at work,” the SLTU President asserted.

Howell said the Union had asked for a debriefing at the school.

He also called on all education stakeholders to join the SLTU in advocating for better school security in Saint Lucia.

Saint Lucia police are investigating the Ciceron Secondary School incident.

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  1. Our kids need to be safe at school. The violence in St Lucia is now permeating down..this is madness. These individuals are known…throw them in jail..throw the key away

  2. This madness is getting out-of-hand. Our students and teachers need to feel safe at school. There need to be armed security in every school or introduce legislation that will severely punish criminals on school grounds who threaten or interrupt the learning environment.

  3. what kind of a world are we living in today especially in saint lucia just like the bad roads unless someone dies is the only time you people in charge will take things seriously and fix it and then the Minister of education and others will come and pour their sympathies when in all they never hastened to remedy this type of situation. first is cutlass what next yall going to walk in a school with guns?

  4. What is going on in Saint Lucia. Parents pray with your children. Spend more them with them, children needs to be more educated like when I grew up in the 1960’s
    Prays should return in schools including teaching civic laws regarding social living and solving issues.

  5. I am not surprised about this revelation, the lease expect place you will expect violence to happening it is on the go here St. Lucia. We don’t see these important to curb at its infancy it is often being ignore and continue to do so at the decision of the criminals of when to execute. For ions now I have been mentioning about the manifestation of young criminal mind set at primary school level, it goes unchecked so now it has reached a new level and more yet to come. Even if a security guard is place there it served no purpose because the said criminals can at anytime over powered one individual. Failing to put proper and effective system in place does seems to be of any interest to the Minister. Giving out laptops he even want Jesus Christ to know about it. Sad but it’s reality because what we have to live with is the outcome of authority neglectful behavior.

  6. Yet ministry of education more concerned about allowing sexually confused to wear braids and clothing that not for them cause instead of dressing like boys they want to dress like apatchi attack helicopters! LGBTrash more important than safety of our children in saint Lucia.

  7. How many parents actually sit with their children and talk to them to get a feel for where their minds are at? How many actively try to steer their children towards positive characteristics such as kindness, empathy, hard work or honesty? Stop making excuses. Individuals who will go into the school with weapons to attack a child must have had some wayward tendencies from young! It is not normal, neither did it come from nowhere. I can tell you that for all the stories that make it to the news, there are many more you don’t hear about. We have male AND female students exhibiting questionable behaviour island wide. Parents stop expecting the government or teachers to undo years of YOUR neglectful parenting! We all need to do better!

  8. I can tell you one thing and that is, it is easier said than done when it comes to financing all that we are asking for to mitigate the crime situation in ST Lucia. I too would like to see all those things done but the reality is, can we afford it. Our police force is already stretched thin, there is a backlog of pending criminal cases due to under staffing of our judiciary, and there is limited space to keep criminals incarcerated for long periods

  9. Lol. Here we go again somebody say stay home and pray. Lol. Another say minister of education is concerned, another said they held meetings, another saying they hv a plan. Lol How long are we going to allow those Politicians to ruin our lives. They hv robbed us of proper Public Servants to ensure that their friends and families hv all the jobs in the Public Service. So KDA say put ppl on contract and if u not part of them they don’t renew your contract. So right now Ministries’ and key positions are held by people with NO expertise NO passion for their post and so NOTHING IS HAPPENING TO IMPROVE OUR LIVES. A murder, shooting will soon happen in a school. Be careful Teachers and Principals before Shawn respond about how many of u all breaking the law inteferring with young girls. Watch Out.

  10. It’s really amazing that no one wants to put the blame where it needs to be. If the gor gor ment are not to blame then who. The sheep will never admit that we need a firm hand to control the escalated level of crime and disorder we are witnessing. But I dear say if it was Chas an dem everybody would be upset. Stay tuned.

  11. We are in a bind, which is the mother of all binds. Answer the following questions and make your own assessments 1) Do we have enough policemen to guard every school on island ? 2) Do we have enough space to keep criminals incarcerated for long periods 3) Even if we had said space, can we afford it ? Why is there a backlog of pending criminal cases ? Is our judiciary sufficiently staffed ? What is the rate of criminal apprehension ? Why are criminals so brazen ?. I too would like better security for the nation and stiffer penalties for criminals even if it means changing our laws to do so . My last question is, what is the reality on the ground ? The reality is, there is a tough road ahead because the answers to all the questions above are just as tough. Those responsible for our security must get it done ! The reality is, it can’t be done in a few days and therefore, prepare to ride the tough roads ahead for some time to come. Responsible property owners with clean records should be legally armed to protect themselves.

  12. 1. Some parents have lost control of their children because they too are immature adults who had kids at a very young age – some kids are basically bullying and abusing parents.
    2. The laws on the book need revamping for sure – penalties must be implemented
    3. Children learn where they live and forget about where some of these children live?????
    4. I never thought it would have gotten to this in a school in St. Lucia?
    5. How could an educator focus on teaching in such a turbulent/uncertain environment?
    6. I would not risk my life to teach kids who are unteachable, violent and eager to rage war
    7. I really feel bad for the kids who really value their education and have to deal with this – sad all around.

  13. Some people do forget the attitudes of the little saints they send into the schools these days; The music they’re influenced by and the friends that their little saints keep. They also forget that heir little saints have a little screen in their hands at all times influencing their actions as well, I hope it’s telling them to pray!

    We reap what we sow. With the need to give our children the best and more of what we didn’t have we have inadvertently created a generation of entitled and uncaring persons who have no respect for people or property. No amount of government intervention can change these behaviors because of the freedoms which we as individuals command under the constitution.

    The criminals we are so quick to ask ‘de govament’ to lock-up do have individual rights which cannot be trampled and are also the saints of parents who sometimes make the most noise about the criminals who ‘de police’ need to arrest.

    All of it stems from a whole lot of moral and societal decay and nobody, I mean none of us, will point the finger at our own selves and say we are the real criminals for nurturing these types of behaviours in our children.

  14. We only demand change when there’s a problem so there will always be a problem, if carnival was cancelled we would find any and everything to make it work as a country we do not have our priorities straight

  15. Do Better I agree with you.

    If the government is serious about crime how about we forego carnival next year and pump those funds into bolstering crime fighting efforts.

    Then again that’s wishful thinking because 1. The bachanal crowd will be up in arms 2. The profit yielding government ministah and FFFs will be against it and 3. The gouvedmuh will afraid they lose the next election so they will protect the victory instead. Even if it means crime is crippling us.

  16. When things like that occurred at the nations schools the minister of education and chief education officer must come out in a press confrence and address the nation to assure the teachers and students also parents of schools students that the ministry is going to do everything in their power to guarantee their safety at those institutions and if that doesn’t happens its tells the nation very loud n clear that they are not up to the job but just out for the pay and therefore shouldn’t waste no time but resign from their post effective immediately


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