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NCOPT President Reiterates Call For The Government To Fix The Roads


The National Council on Public Transportation (NCOPT) has reiterated a call to the government to do something about deteriorating road conditions.

“We are only asking for the roads to be fixed,” Council President Godfrey Ferdinand explained.

Ferdinand repeated an earlier complaint that drivers could not avoid potholes on the roads from Castries to Vieux Fort, especially to Hewanorra International Airport.

He explained that the situation is worse when it rains.

“We cannot tell them how to do their work, but at least drive through the road and see where the potholes are and block these first,” the NCOPT President told St. Lucia Times.

He suggested the authorities block the potholes before starting any major road repairs.

Noting that the government had announced a major road rehabilitation program for 2024, Ferdinand lamented that until then, motorists would have to endure potholes that can burst their tires and damage their rims.

“All we are saying is just make it priority to deal with those potholes persons cannot avoid at twenty, thirty miles an hour on a main road,” he stated.

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  1. Crying about the duh roads will lead to nowhere. However, it is necessary to go through the ritual. Offer praises to duh road God is the most direct method of achieving one’s wish. Be sure to let him know that he is unique and irreplaceable. Shout, “Kimsalabiba! Oh Great One!” and you might get his ear. He cares little about your sudden cash outflow to buy vehicle parts. Protecting the victory is the overarching goal of the God. Does your desperate cry jibe with it?

  2. Why fix their supporters were lamenting that the cant eat roads when it was being fixed. I guess they prefer to eat pot holes

  3. Well kat they aren’t eating potholes. The potholes are actually parts of the roads they’ve already eaten. So they ate the potholes and technically the roads. Potholes were roads too.

  4. What is ridiculous is that this morning some guys came and fixed the road lower down from my home and said they are not going to fix infront my house because I am not in their constituency. But we on the same roD just steps away.

  5. A lesson from history. The Romans were know for both their engineering feats as well as their military prowess. The emperor keenly recognised that roads were essential for Rome to maintain its military might. Therefore, the emperor endured the roads were well maintained so that the military could journey 1000s of miles in foot..the ancient roads can still be seen today in modern day Italy. Hence the phrase, all roads leads to Rome…this phrase has both a metaphorical and literal meaning. The government must acknowledge that better roads are fundamental to a growing economy. It means better roads ensures goods can journey from north to south easily and on time…bad roads coast time and money….good roads mean the man or woman who leaves in the north but works in the south can get to work on time and give a fair days work for a fair days pay….better roads means less vehicle damage and therefore, money can be redirected to other more essential things like paying bills, buying food, providing for the kids….bad roads damage vehicles the cause a man or woman to redirect funds and thus this vicious cycle of poverty continues…poor roads are bad advertisment for our country….better roads are far safer for road users as compared to bad roads…better roads reduces the import bill off Saint Lucia by allowing raids users to keep their vehicles in good working order rather than order parts from overseas to repair vehicles….so the government should get off their protect the victory pedestal and fix the roads…no if or buts about it…but in doing so, they must ensure those engineers fixing the roads give quality work and not shoddy road repairs….

  6. So they listened to yall 3 yrs ago. The roads were not important back then its not important now. We protecting the victory.

  7. C Wiz has a point, but roads littered with speed bumps would still mean man working in north frOm south cyah reach on time. I noticed they patch Corinth By Pass for umpteenth time. Next yr they will do it again, it mashing up jn, cause they’ve nvr dealt with the root of the problem it’s amazing a ministry which is supposed to be technical is headed by persons with NO TECHNICAL knowledge. The one technical head there the Chief Engineer is not quizzed and is doing what?? I don’t know. The biggest achievement of this ministry is called Potholing or Patching the roads. It’s been the same for the past 15 or 20 yrs. CARRY ON.

  8. It must be over ten times I witnessed these guys patching the cap estate main road with dirt and a crew of about 6 people with equipment as well. Can you imagine how much money has been wasted versus patching the thing with asphalt the first time. This can’t be right

  9. Looshan Shutup. A people get the government they deserve!!! You got what you wanted, now close your dam mouths and protect the victory. Its your Government, why mumur, and complain? Did you not elect them? Then I say protect the Victory!!!

  10. Qiet Loshan. oun Nacion juoin Goovedma you —— ou got what you wanted in a Government so shut up and protect the victory!!!!

  11. boy what slp said about people cannot eat roads is coming back to haunt them. the two damn big pot holes that are side by side in a corner going down to Marigot just high up the tyre shop on the left Yall road maintenance not seeing it t patch that? that has been there weeks. Any taxi driver that fall in those wholes and mash up their vehicle should sue the Government

  12. John Joseph, listen, this government does not have money to repair roads because the former prime Minister borrowed 863 million dollars and up to now we don’t know what it was used for. He gave away 7.3 million for vaccine, gave Sandals 24 million, if we had all this money things would have been better.
    Just thik of that. By the way how many passports did Chas sell during his reign?


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