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Flood-Beaubrun Warns That Denigrating Women Could Be The SLP’s Downfall


Former Castries Central MP Sarah Flood-Beaubrun has urged ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) members to speak out against Housing Minister Richard Frederick’s ‘unacceptable’ remarks regarding certain women during his television talk show.

She spoke Thursday during an opposition United Workers Party (UWP) women’s arm discussion on Facebook.

Flood-Beaubrun declared that SLP women should take the lead in speaking out against denigrating females.

But she said the men in the Labour Party also need to raise their voices.

“The women of the Saint Lucia Labour Party should be the first to stand up and say, ‘ This is not acceptable in my party. I do not subscribe to this. I do not agree with what this Minister is doing to women’ and call on the leader of the party to take a stand,” Flood-Beaubrun stated.

However, she declared that SLP men also need to tell their party hierarchy that denigrating women does not constitute manliness.

“This is not what manhood is about. It is not what we want to portray in our society as representing manhood,” the former Minister asserted.

She said the issue was destroying the SLP government.

“If the Labour Party does nothing, this will bring their entire government down,” Flood-Beaubrun warned.

She observed there are times when people must put politics aside and do what is right.

In this regard, Flood-Beaubrun recalled the events of 2003, when she was a member of a former SLP administration and a member of the Cabinet of Ministers.

A devout Roman Catholic, she had railed against the government of which she was part over a new law allowing abortions in certain cases.

Her tirade in the House of Assembly brought her dismissal from the SLP Cabinet and her subsequent resignation from the party.

Flood-Beaubrun indicated that her situation back then was similar to the one facing members of the SLP.

She said they needed to speak up for what was right and not accept the denigration of women.

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  1. There are those in position now that have endless ongoing cases against them. Not just the Chastanet one. The Liar.

  2. San wont! It is so blindingly obvious that Sarah Flood-Beaubrun remains bitter and unreconciled to her electoral defeat in 2021.

  3. The hypocrisy is all too glaring. Shame on her for using women plight for political mileage. Did she not sit with Ubaldus?….Did she not sit with Ezekiel?…Fedee?…Didn’t she join a party that was founded by someone whom was allegedly engaged in not only extramarital relations but he loved them way too young? Selective morality if you ask me .

  4. I’m pretty sure even the National Mental Wellness Centre has a “underwear goes inside the pants” policy.

  5. Sarah the UWP never had so many women in top positions. NEVER.
    The senate , cabinet, permanent secretaries, boards, police, deputy governor General, parliamentary commissioner, CMO, CEO, President of the Senate,…..etc

  6. Sarah has no shame.
    Did you stand with Janine, Juliette Brathwaite, the other one who was thrown from the upstairs apartment by the, Walcott guy. Did you speak about the,Ubaldus saga. Why are you not calling on your surrogate,Dale. If you want to speak about mortality tell us,why were you walking hand in hand with the former prime minister, in South America,when you were supposed to be on official state business.
    Attacking,Richard Frederick isn’t the answer.
    The United Workers Party, to this date has failed to tell us as a people what they intend to do; if we were to vote them back into office.
    All they have been doing is to insult people,incite violence,by blocking roads,burning down our houses and telling our young men where and at which politician of the Slp to direct their guns at.
    Is that the way UWP intend to run a Country.

  7. To all our beautiful women out there I stand with you . The strongest of gods creation I stand with you . I loved you because I am woman . Remember the so called HEAD sits on the neck. That’s you woman . (The neck) .
    There are absolutely no movements for the head without you the neck . Keep strong women . You are beautiful you are strong . I love you .

  8. Instead of u all understanding her.position you all ignorant and place her under attack. You have useless men in st Lucia engaging in all kind of vicious acts, you name the crime st lucian men committ them all. And instead of seeing something seriously wrong with the useless things in st Lucia u all call men, you people prefer attacking a woman. San honte !

  9. Sarah, if slp is to be out of office now, which other party will replace it? The nation doesn’t want Allen and Guy for sure.
    The roro between Richard and Minova has nothing to do with St Lucian women. According to what I have analyze Minova is a trouble maker, even Gros Islet women agreed to that. So please Sarah consider this.

  10. This is long article is just one allegation of SLP’s denigration of women. There is lack of evidence and substance. The former cabinet member is disingenuous in exploiting women sensitivities to advance her political self interest. There are two prominent, successful, independent and efficient female members of SLP cabinet. This is just a lot of noise about nothing.

  11. Re Article and author.I agree with her, please put political issues away and support all women and move forward.. political issues are against the people who speaks the truth..
    The most hated people are the ones who speaks the truth.. We need a woman PM because the Men have too many baggages including rape etc..
    I have yet heard of any women Rapist or stalkers etc .
    To all the St Lucian women, Please stop following useless verbal excrement for your Male leadership.
    You are being used by the Men in the parties.. They are all Snake oil salesmen, keeping their followers off track..
    Wake up ladies and make your voices be heard..
    I endorse my thoughts and observations.

  12. Woman I support you ,
    Woman I love you ,
    Woman I cherished you,
    Woman I adore you,
    Woman you are precious,
    Woman you are favored,
    One thing that I asked of you is to save life.
    Save the poor soul, abortion is not our language. At the end of the day we hold the trigger . It’s either life or death choose one .
    ????? Woman is your name . 🙏 we also called you mummy . Respect a woman . I stand with you . One love ❤️

  13. ALLISON & CHASTY there is no question that some women in St Lucia have been and continue to be treated poorly.

    The fact is Mrs Flood has made it political singling out the SLP government which is quite disingenuous of her in her desperate effort to remain relevant.

  14. when will we learn as a people t be objective, think straight, and discuss issues on their merits without political bias? Sarah Who? Richard Who? One person mentions a woman by name and says her conflict with Richard has nothing to do with St. Lucia Women, another mentions the foolishness of a former Prime Minister who did despicable things, another mentions Sarah making political Mileage. Did Sarah yet say she plans on running again? The reality of the matter is a prominent member of Government is on the Airwaves engaging in a spat with an ordinary citizen and while his comments may be directed at her it is demonstrating his attitude and frame of mind as to how he views those who dare disagree with him and gives a view of how he see’s women in his eyes, and it sends a message to impressionable young men who are looking for guidance, telling them how they can treat women they have issues with, and giving credence to disrespect for our women folk. Now that is not to say Sarah is beyond reproach or might benefit from speaking out, and one cannot criticize her pass associations and or failures to speak up in times pass, but still objectively address the issues she raised. For too long we as a society have allowed certain behaviours to flourish due to our political blindness, giving cover to politicians while the moral fabric of the nation is destroyed by our willful endorsement of what collectively we all know is wrong. Richard needs to temper his comments in public, and show respect for this woman regardless of his disagreements with her, for human dignity should never be subject to personal feeling about each other, but rather by a moral code of conduct. Denigrating someone in public does not serve to make you better, superior, classier, or demonstrate strength, nor does it speak of the denigrated person but it such speaks volumes about the person doing the denegation and actually shows how weak a character he or she possess while trying to pretend they are strong {In the context of Lucian society it may seem that in terms of machoism the opposite is true}. One who can’t control oneself to show respect for another who may have yet to earn their respect is no better than the one they are disrespecting, and by virtue of their actions themselves have not earned the respect that they may be shown by others.

  15. Of course, after reading the article, I expected SFB to be thrown under the bus, in here, BY THE MALE “READERS”! So thought, so done!

    My .02 cents … SFB is very right in ASSERTING her grievances regarding the brazen, and classless manner of RF who sits comfortably behind a mike in a soundproof communications studio to spew his malodorous epithets against certain women (who actually belong to a “tribe” of women). That to me is “cowardice”! And to make it worse, his ministry and head of ministries has done or said nothing about it, or even to abate it. And yes – SFB is right; politically, RF can bring down the SLP government – women come in numbers of strength!

    I sincerely hope he is reprimanded – at least – behind closed doors. His manners are unacceptable and disrespectful.


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