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Pierre Vows To Remain Focussed On Developing Saint Lucia


Declaring that leading the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) has been one of his greatest honours, Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has vowed to remain focussed on developing this country.

” Now, as your Prime Minister, I will remain focused on the development of our nation,” the Castries East MP wrote on Facebook.

His remarks followed Sunday’s SLP annual delegates conference in Babonneau.

“We on this side believe in respect for the people of Saint Lucia, meritocracy, inclusiveness, good governance, and the value of trust,” Pierre, whose party won an election landslide in July 2021, stated.

“Our strength lies in our ability to include everyone in the shared progress of our nation,” the Prime Minister explained.

Headline photo: Philip J. Pierre stock image

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  1. I wonder if St Lucia Times has no editor with them spelling focused as “Focussed” so many times in one article smh

  2. I was a born SLP and I have supported SLP all through my life in St. Lucia. No one could tell me otherwise with SLP. Through out their struggles those SLP leaders had a message which resonated with me and many others. The support for that group was genuine.
    With you Pierre, you have driven me into the wilderness and I speak for many and you have not provided a path out of this. Your lies, disrespect, racism are just a few of the things which have caused me to disconnect my support for SLP. I cannot continue to support your agenda at this point. Somethings need to change with you and your government and it does not seem you are interested in doing anything. I do not have a dependency on the government and I am not interested in one. However, I was hoping you would promote a SLU for all regardless of your race, faith or appearance. We all know that is not the case and I am so very disappointed that I have to terminate my support for a party which I have supported all my life Thank You.

  3. Pierre if u could do the job and u were focused on development and doing the work u were elected to to, you would not have time for a political rally basically every Saturday of the week. Clearly u have time on your hands to concentrate on marjee. That tells me u not doing the job or can’t do the job. In fact not only u, the whole cabinet.

  4. Hon PM.
    Your struggles with English are well documented.So for clarity purposes,
    Is the statement ” that you will remain focussed, forecast or forkassed.”
    Hopefully this helps us all moving forward

  5. @anonymous sometimes it can be a typo error however I realized the SLT relates the articles exactly how the individual said it
    On the other hand our PM is not the best when it comes to articulating

  6. In 20 + years Marchand has become a place not to inihabit, a place not to visit etc. so Marchand has not developed in 20 yrs but U saying u “developing” Lucia. BY putting additional stress of traffic and pedestrians in the City of Castries which is over saturated already. SMH Anyways am not surprised. I look at Marchand and know exactly what u hv your head as development. Lucia still has an airport envisioned and built in the 1970s btw.

  7. Anonymous- stop your BS

  8. I am convinced that critique is not part of the formula for better governance on this island. There is just the title as PM aka Prime Minister and Minister. Just titles, the individuals who represents these portfolios are educated but stupidly wise. It hurt my heart, mind and soul how these so called leadership personnel’s have reduce their moral values, etiquette, professionalism, dignity amongst others to gutter rat politics. It is as if when in opposite you build venom to attack and when in power you unleashes pure vindetta, devilish attitude, wicked behavior, and total destructions not realizing the damage you are doing that will leave one inhabit that mind set and the cycle continues. Awa for St. Lucia. I am convinced that God turn his back on this banana republic island and all hopes are just fading. The motion to forward movement is somehow going backward and they are giving it more gas, loosing the sense of direction and dashing the compass out the window suggesting it is not working, because you refuse to understand the reality of your position, direction you are going completely out of control, hey why am I seeing the sun setting when so early it should be raising. Awa papa awa!



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