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United Workers Party Condemns SLP’s ‘Racist Tactics’ Against Allen Chastanet


The United Workers Party (UWP) vehemently condemns the ongoing attempts by the leadership of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) to employ racist tactics against the Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Allen Chastanet.

This disturbing political discourse undermines the principles of fairness and equality that are enshrined in our Constitution and crucial for a healthy democratic environment.

It is evident that certain members of the SLP leadership have resorted to racially charged language and insinuations against the Hon. Allen Chastanet.

The use of racism in political discourse is divisive. The UWP is a Party committed to promoting inclusivity and respect for all citizens and, in the strongest possible terms, denounces the use of racist language and behaviour against any citizen.

We firmly believe that political differences should be addressed through respectful and constructive dialogue that focuses on policy issues rather than personal attacks based on race or ethnicity.

The UWP calls on the leadership of the SLP to immediately discontinue any further use of racist language or insinuations against Hon. Allen Chastanet and we urge the SLP to engage in a more dignified and issues-oriented discourse that respects the democratic values we hold dear.

Political competition should be about presenting ideas, policies, and visions for the betterment of our nation.

Resorting to racism not only damages the credibility of the SLP but also undermines the trust that the citizens of Saint Lucia place in their political leaders.

The UWP remains committed to fostering a political environment that is free from discrimination and prejudice.

We believe in a Saint Lucia where the richness of our diversity is celebrated, where leaders are held accountable for their policies and actions and where a man is judged by his character and competence rather than his race or ethnicity.

The SLP is reminded that the Hon. Allen Chastanet has a robust track record in politics and he has already once proven and distinguished himself in the highest political office of this fair Helen.

SOURCE: United Workers Party

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  1. Oh well Cry a River suck on a lollipop and go and march……… it me alone did you all see the last paragraph “The SLP is reminded Allan Chastanet has a robust track record in politics and…………….” Ha ha ha ha ha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha lawd my belly hahaha hahaha.

  2. I have not seen the evidence of racism. Stop the racism talk. Chastanet has not experienced racism in St.Lucia. He is part of the elite ruling class. St.Lucians want a leader that is sensitive to Lucian culture and the plight of the poor and working class.

  3. This is insane . How can black people be racist when it is we that are being oppress. We are the majority in the island but who has the land and big businesses. It is the Chastanets and the Du Boulay family . We the people are working for them for 3 EC dollars an hour . Have we driven the minority elite out of the country no we have not . The local white elite, they are the ones who have a racist agenda …

  4. The SLP is reminded that the Hon. Allen Chastanet has a robust track record in politics and he has already once proven and distinguished himself in the highest political office of this fair Helen. Your having a laugh mate 15 2 that include Micoud north Sir John’s seat

  5. @The Most Honorable Lucian Highgrade your last statement Ikr, that clown Chastanet lost 15 2 that includes the Micoud north seat which never voted SLP until 2021

  6. Some Lucian’s are just disgusting they don’t like chas..but they want to build hotels to put white all think Richard Fredrick will saved you all the man divides st Lucian sad but the god above not sleeping tan toe tan toe

  7. The SLP in their racism against the uwp leader tend to forget st Lucia a former colony of the French and the English and as citizens of the Island nearly all of us have in our DNA a certain amount of colonisers blood in our veins some of us have more than others if we checked our DNA it will be verified our make up are of African and I suggest he Europeon if the SLP leadership don’t know this he should educate himself.mavine louisy


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