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‘We Need Elections Before Independence!’


The first Deputy leader of the opposition United Workers Party (UWP), Guy Joseph, has called for general elections before independence.

Joseph urged Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre to announce the poll rather than undertake a planned ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) pre-independence ‘march of marches.’

Pierre told an SLP event in Laborie earlier this month he was calling out ‘the troops’ to march in support of his administration amid opposition abuse and lies.

“Philip J. Pierre, you don’t need a march before independence. We need elections before independence,” Guy Joseph declared to a UWP town hall meeting Sunday at the Gros Islet Primary School.

“If you so confident that you are going to win all seventeen seats, call the election,” the former Castries South East MP asserted.

The electorate voted the UWP out of office at the July 26, 2021, elections, relegating the party to two of the eleven seats it formerly held in parliament.

UWP leader Allen Chastanet retained the Micoud South Seat, and Bradley Felix held on to Choiseul.

Guy Joseph told Sunday’s UWP town hall meeting that Prime Minister Pierre did not want Chastanet and Felix in the House of Assembly, so he should call the elections.

Citing a litany of the SLP’s shortcomings, including failure to cushion the impact of escalating commodity prices, Joseph declared that citizens could not continue to overpay for items for another two years and would not survive under the SLP government.

“Saint Lucia, if they do not want to call the election by choice, we have to force their hand to call the election by coming out on the 30th and making our voices heard,” the former Economic Development Minister told the audience.

He was referencing a planned November 30, 2023 anti-government march.

The protest would be the second such opposition event within two months.

The first occurred in Vieux Fort on October 14.

Pointing to fuel prices, Guy Joseph urged drivers to participate in the November 30 UWP protest.

“I expect every driver to park their vehicle on the 30th and join the march to save Saint Lucia,” he declared.


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  1. Guy we all know by now there is many people who realized it was a huge mistake to vote for the SLP government in the last general election. However Pierre will never call election before 2026

  2. Guy, I want to support you, but what new policy is the uwp having to influence the people of St.Lucia?
    I am not hearing anything of substance. Is there any fresh blood in the party?
    Tell us the plans all you have so we can take a decision.

  3. You see this is why I have no confidence in most leaders today, you look left, its sh!t, you look right, its also sh!t.

  4. lol politicians, you guys are the worst. you’d swear he and his boys are new to this and wasn’t just in office 2 years ago. Both sides are fooling people and playing with the emotions of people. it’s up to us to not allow ourselves to be fooled. I’m not a supporter of any of those parties. whoever has Saint Lucia at heart, the Development of Saint Lucia at heart and Saint Lucians at heart has my support. Tired of the Games

  5. Why are y’all so desperate for power guy that y’all can’t wait for the political process?
    What are y’all afraid of?
    Tell us, how will y’all bring down the price of fuel, goods, inflation and crime?
    And most importantly, how comes y’all didn’t do it when y’all were in power?
    The truth is y’all just a bunch of liars and greedy politicians (none like we’ve seen before) that can’t wait to get their hands on our money. Damn

  6. Hahahahahahahahahag! Ok Guy, I will call elections tomorrow. Get your assortment of clowns and I will personally endorse each one.

  7. Man accept defeat and exit politices. You and Chas are not wanted by the nation to lead them. Same as they rejected Kenny Anthony…
    Its clear so smell the coffee. Get out of lucian site.

  8. Well people that’s what we get for being simple folks. U W Pwee and Gwess L Pee. Rubbish on all sides. The question is: Would’ the simpletons of this country elect another group of individuals not from the political kwass to lead them?

  9. Five wasn’t enough for the majority to stay alive. We may need twenty five this time around to stay alive. People are crying even in the industrial countries, including USA and UK about high prices on all commodities, those that we don’t produce. To run a campaign on high prices is beyond me.

  10. They want to come back in power to milk the fat cow. I thought that He was fired by the people …

  11. Is the weekend here yet? There will be no elections unless major unseen events take place.

    Looking past the opposition member show of public dissatisfaction, there are other gems to be gleaned. Why were they discarded like soiled underwear a mere two years ago? Evidently, they were doing something wrong. Have they recognized the error of their ways and changed course sufficiently? I don’t think much has changed; beside the ferocity of the drumbeat. The opposition urgently needs to return to the drawing board to chart a course that would return them to victory. Their money wasting habits should be first for reevaluation.

    Labour is running scared beside its big lead. They are busy shooting own goals and are unsure about their effects on the public. The party has remained in opposition mode despite handsomely winning an election. Their insecurity is showing by the need for mobilization despite a tremendous lead. The message should be look ahead and stop glancing rearwards. It seems there is a sense within the party that the voting public is ready to shuffle the deck of cards.

  12. The insatiable human greed of se pa sa flambeau. Mahatma Gandhi’s famous quote stating that there are enough resources to meet human needs, but not enough to meet human greed, was never more true.

  13. Guy, Pierre is giving the pensioners $600, I understood you said if all you get in power you will stop this.
    My father is a pensioner, do you believe I will be against him?
    Guy sorry for you.


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