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Pierre Condemns Desperate Opposition, Says ‘Most Of Them Unemployable’


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre, asserting that Saint Lucians are excited about national developments, has condemned the opposition United Workers Party’s ‘desperate men,’ most of whom he said were unemployable.

“Saint Lucians are excited about developments in this country. But you have a group of desperate men, desperate men, most of them unemployable and I know I am going to be quoted on that and I am not afraid to be quoted on that. Most of them are unemployable,” the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) leader asserted.

He said they need politics to live.

“Since they have lost elections and they have understood now that the people of Saint Lucia have rejected them so they have all kinds of calumny,” Pierre stated.

He said the most the opposition members could do was continue attacking him.

However, the Prime Minister declared that he would stand for the people of Saint Lucia and remain focused.

He described the slander and hatred from the opposition as uncontrollable.

But he said he has never seen a more focused Cabinet of Ministers.

Pierre’s party surged into office by a landslide in the July 26, 2021, general elections.

He recalled that the UWP predicted that an SLP administration would not get investments, would be unable to sell Saint Lucia, and he, Pierre, did not have the needed charisma.

“When last has there been more investment in this country that’s happening now? Remember they said we would fight among ourselves? Our cabinet would be divided?” Pierre asked.

In this regard, he told reporters that the Cabinet is stronger and more united than ever.


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  1. Says the man who has been employed by SLP all his working life. this begs the question: are you yourself employable? I guess not. Hilarious!

  2. PM like you will spend the balance of your time in office to become venomous similarly to your fellow minister in power rather than working on fixing major issues. It’s not fair generally for fooling us to vote for you.. then in turn you treating us worst than fools

  3. The longer you stay in politics, the harder it is to stay corruption free. Just imagine all of the criminal elements trying to get a hold of these guys. These hard backs must be full of fleas.

  4. Please tell me, exactly what “national developments” are we excited about??? The horrible roads? The childish bickering between the SLP and UWP? The murders? The exorbitant prices everywhere? The fact that neither party cares about the country or the people?

  5. Mr. Pierre you are absolutely correct. That is why they are dogging after politics. Though they are rejected they are still in it.
    If it is not politics, one of them has to go back to mini bus driver.

  6. The are hungry to get back in power a bunch of rejects its like is politics alone that they know to make a dollar. They are desperate to come back in power to milk the bull….

  7. Most Honorble SHOUT IT OUT LOUD “THEY ARE UNEMPLOYABLE”. THEY NEED THEIR POLITRICKS TO LIVE, THEY ARE WICKED, THEY ARE DESPERATE, and so are their Operatives/Cabals/dysfunctional Rabble-rouser (of course they know themselves). They have all kinds of names for you, to the ABSOLUTE SHAME OF IT The Archie Bunkers within some of them are finally coming out of their pours. You have not even done a term in office, and their relentless attacks on you are unbelievable, and a lot of Big People are began to take notice of their vulgar traversty some I heard and know are of their own party and are becoming DISGUSTED by the day. You see when you cut deals with the devil and The Mafia, sooner or later they cash in their ace cards so it’s either you pay up or prepare to be laid out. Never in a million years would they have imagined that your claim to fame would manifest itself to put them in opposition. All my grown life since 1979 this is the nastiest of politics I have ever witnessed in St Lucia’s History: but it won’t last for long, it’s a few aggittators that’s been around too long causing problems, they were very copasedtic in their disposition and mindset, that no little Black Boy Marchland should or could run this country YOU ARE NOT A GREAT RED MEN of the Caribbean to HELL WITH THEM I SAY, Just KEEP FOCUS time is not on their side; the history books will judge you well. You have NO MIX UP about you, Keep putting the people first, IGNORE THE HATERS and the people will always reward you.

  8. Those on the SLP side are employable? King is employable beyond politics? Where?

    Can the PM PLEASE BE REMINDED that he is supposed to be a STATESTMAN? He is standing behind the Office of the Prime Minister photo spewing this kind of cheap rhetori No class. He does not know when to separate the roles of PRIME MINISTER and LEADER OF A PARTY.

    PJP come on already. You were “most readied” and this is what you have to offer? No wonder DR ANTHONY kept you in his shadow. He is no fool.

  9. Pierre you are very classless, embarrassing statesman, stupid, uncouth and we really don’t know how a university graduate can be so uneducated. Every single candidate on the opposition is more articulate than you. Never forget what your party and hacks did to win the last election. There were over 5 talk shows slandering UWP. This was the nastiest election to date. Desperate people do desperate acts.

  10. Honestly, Pierre, you are lawyer by training? I would have liked to hear you deliberate in the court of law, defending or prosecuting your case…I mean for Coco Joe’s sake, man have some panache about you…you are the Prime Minister for froggy Jack’s sake…you don’t stoop to the gutters like this when you are the PM, leave that for the opposition, so the nation see how low they will stoop to offend you…as it stands, you are actually doing the opposition’s job for them by stooping so low… don’t the PM have advisers? This kind of political illiteracy reflects.on our society where individuals can hardly express themselves…their vocabulary is limited or poor and their imagination non existent…

  11. @Oh Really and Observer…… when you live a structured non dysfunctional life you are able to make Clear choices, which in earnest enables you to make profound equitable choices, which in earnest enables you to live off the dividends of these profound choices which makes you unemployable (by choice) to anyone who will pay you peanuts compared to those equitable choices that was made for ones self. Don’t ever get it twisted, The SLP doesn’t employ me, rather I profoundly donates to the SLP.

  12. If one has a leader as a professional Liar, he automatically becomes a liar too.
    I am of the opinion that we need new blood in the uwp now. This Guy and Allen should be out the UWP. They had us to lose the last election. Guy, as seventh day, you are tarnishing the church.

  13. Dishourable Lucian low grade … your writing is ungraded and you should start illiteracy classes. Hope the PM ca accommodate you.

  14. Mr Pierre is NOT a politician, for less a prime minister. THAT IS WHAT OPPOSITION PARTIES DO!! … OPPOSE!!! That is their job! Put on your brave face, and move on … in fact, make lemonade with the lemons they hitting you with? Eh?

    So hush-up, and do the job you were elected to do – rule the country!!

    And secondly – you should NOT BE answering to the opposition’s cries and claims. You’re belittling yourself. When SLP was in opposition, UWP could not even spit in a cup, if the SLP did not oppose that the spit did not hit the cup … that is what y’ll did, when SLP was in opposition.

    So hush up, and d the job you were elected to do – rule the country!!

  15. Wow, the level this man has descended to is unbelievable. I hear the contributions of the government Minister’s and it has never been this way in Saint Lucian politics. They are so full of hatred and vitriol all directed at one man. Castries central has truly tainted my beloved party.

  16. John cepal stop the hatred guy is a working man you all need to stop the hatred against chas and guy ask your pm stop forcus on the opposition..did Pierre forget when he was in opposition worse pm for st lucia


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